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14 Apps Like Ibotta for Saving Money

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Have you ever considered that you could be saving money through cashback offers on almost every purchase that you make? The next time you buy gas, groceries, or other everyday items, you could also earn points towards rewards like free gift cards or direct cash deposits.

Every day, smart shoppers are receiving cashback with the popular Ibotta app, a free mobile app that gives you rebates for different grocery store items. But now there are quite a few other apps like Ibotta available for both your phone and your computer’s browser that can save you money and earn you rewards every time you checkout.

Apps Like Ibotta for Cashback and Rewards

No matter if you’re into scanning in your receipts for rewards, clipping coupons, or finding direct cashback offers, I’m confident that you’ll find several shopping apps like Ibotta in this article that will save you money on your everyday purchases. 

1. Capital One Shopping 

Capital One Shopping is a free desktop browser extension and mobile app like Ibotta that automatically searches for better prices using rewards and online coupons at over 30,000 online retailers. Anyone can use the tool and you do not have to be a Capital One customer. 

Capital One Shopping saves you money in three different ways:

  1. Automatically applying coupons: Instead of searching around the internet for a coupon (that might or might not work) each time you check out online, this tool does the work for you. Capital One Shopping automatically checks the internet for coupons and promos codes and then applies each of them to your online shopping cart to see which one works and saves you the most money. 
  2. Instantly comparing prices: Capital One Shopping makes comparisons easy by checking prices at over 30,000 online retailers, including the applicable shipping costs and membership pricing in its comparisons. When it finds a better price, it then breaks down the price difference for you and provides a direct link to the other retailer. 
  3. Earning rewards for gift cards: Even if Capital One Shopping can’t find you discounts or a better price, you can still earn rewards. When shopping at popular online sites, you’ll earn Capital One Shopping Credits, which you can redeem for gift cards at large retailers like Walmart or eBay.

To get started using Capital One Shopping, all you need to do is add the extension to your desktop browser. Once you’ve signed up, it will start working immediately looking for coupons and better prices when you shop. Check out our full Capital One Shopping Review to learn more.

Best for: Anytime that you’re shopping online using a desktop browser and you don’t mind adding an extension to your browser.  

Cash-out options: Capital One Shopping helps you find coupon codes and deals online so that savings are applied directly to your cart when purchasing. However, you can also earn credits for purchases at popular sites, which you can then redeem for gift cards starting at a $5 cash-out level.

Disclosure — Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links provided.

Capital One Shopping Apps Like Ibotta
Source: Capital One Shopping

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2. Dosh

Dosh is an app like Ibotta that gives you automatic cash back at over 10,000 places where you shop, eat, or stay. Qualifying locations include not just regular retailers, but also restaurants and hotels. You can make purchases either online or in-person to qualify for cashback with Dosh. 

To get started, you’ll download the Dosh app to your phone and then link your payment cards to your account. You can also find Dosh within Venmo and Jelli. If you’d like to search a list of the available cashback offers in your area, you can do that within the Dosh app. 

Use the card that you linked with Dosh to make your purchases and Dosh will deposit cashback to you automatically. No need to send in receipts. Read our full Dosh review to learn more.

Best for: If you don’t want to bother with uploading receipts and you don’t mind linking your payment cards to an app. This is one to check out if you’re planning to book hotel stays.

Cash-out options: Once you accumulate $25 with Dosh, you can transfer the money to your bank, Venmo, PayPal, or donate to a charity.

 3. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is an app like Ibotta that you download to your phone. You submit pictures of your receipts through it to earn Fetch points. All of the points can be redeemed for rewards like gift cards for popular stores and online retailers. You can also use the points to enter monthly sweepstakes or donate to charity. Your rewards are redeemed as electronic gift cards that can be used directly within the Fetch Rewards app. 

Fetch Rewards guarantees that you’ll receive points for every time that you upload a receipt from either an in-person shopping trip or an online purchase. You’ll receive even more rewards when you purchase any of the thousands of items that are listed in the app from popular brands. Read our full Fetch Rewards review to learn more.

Best for: If you’re a regular consumer of some of the brands and items listed in the Fetch Rewards app and you don’t mind having to upload receipts. 

Cash-out options: Check the rewards options available in the app to decide which e-card you want to cash in your points for. Most e-cards start at 5,000 points for a $5 gift card, including Visa and Mastercard e-cards that can be used pretty much anywhere. 

Apps like Ibotta Fetch Rewards
Source: Fetch Rewards

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4. Shopkick

Shopkick is another app like Ibotta that lets you earn reward points (called Kicks) for shopping in-store and online, along with performing other tasks that do not require a purchase. You can then redeem the reward points for free gift cards. 

There are six ways that you can earn Kicks with ShopKick:

  1. Walk into a partner store.
  2. Scan barcodes of select products using the Shopkick in-app scanner.
  3. Purchase and submit a receipt from a partner store through the app.
  4. Make a purchase at a partner store with a linked card.
  5. Make an online purchase by visiting an online partner through Shopkick.
  6. Watch in-app videos on Shopkick to discover new products.

Shopkick says that most users can earn enough Kicks for a free gift card in a week for popular brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Lowes, and many others. 

Best for: If you want to earn points for actions other than making a purchase and you don’t mind taking the time to scan in-store products with your app. 

Cash-out options: Within the Shopkick app you can view the various rewards available, including gift cards and PayPal deposits. Once you have enough Kick reward points, you can redeem them for your gift card or cashback offer of your choice. Most e-cards are delivered to your app right away, while others may need to be mailed. Details are provided with each reward.   

5. Honey

Honey is a free Chrome browser extension and mobile app that searches for the best coupon codes available for over 30,000 sites. 

Get started using Honey by adding the extension to Chrome on your computer and simply shop like you normally would online. Honey will automatically look for coupon codes when you shop on one of its 30,000+ sites. Honey scans for all functioning codes and will then apply the one that gives you the biggest savings to your cart. 

Honey also has a few other helpful features, like Droplist. You’ll add an item that you’re thinking about purchasing in the future to your Droplist and Honey will notify you if it detects a price drop at that store. Honey can also compare prices from different Amazon sellers for your selected product, even factoring in shipping and Prime status, to help you find the best deal. 

Best for: Anytime you’re shopping on a computer using a desktop browser, or if you’re considering a large purchase in the future and want to wait for the best price. Also good for Amazon shoppers. 

Cash-out options: Honey is designed to save you money when you make online purchases by finding you the best coupon codes and deals. There is nothing to cash out later. 

Honey App Like Ibotta
Source: Honey

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6. Drop 

Drop is a phone app rewards program that allows you to earn points for every purchase you make within the Drop app, either online or in-store. You can then redeem your points for gift cards for popular places like Netflix, Amazon, and Starbucks. 

Drop also provides ways to earn rewards other than only making purchases, including playing games and completing surveys. Flash Deals are a way to earn 1,000 points with one purchase of a featured Flash Deal product. Some of Drop’s in-app offers do require you to link a card to your account, and it’s important to remember that you must make your purchases within the Drop app for them to count towards your rewards points. Read our full Drop review to learn more.

Best for: If you don’t mind making your purchases within the Drop app when shopping, and you want the option to be able to earn points without always making a purchase. 

Cash-out options: Drop’s gift card options start at $25 and go up to $100, so once you have enough rewards for a cash-out level, you’ll be able to select a gift card of your choice. After redeeming allow three business days to pass for the reward to show up in your Drop account. 

7. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback website and mobile app like Ibotta that provides savings for online shopping and does not require shoppers to scan in receipts. It’s simple to get started. All you have to do is install the Rakuten extension into your browser. 

The extension will alert you when you land on a website where Rakuten has a cashback deal available. Click on the “activate” button on the Rakuten pop-up window and you’ll receive the cashback in your Rakuten account while shopping the website as you normally would have. You can also link your credit card to your Rakuten account and you’ll be able to receive cashback from in-store purchases as well. Check out our full Rakuten review to learn more.

Best for: Anytime that you’re doing online shopping using your computer. Rakuten has offers for thousands of websites, so it’s worth using the extension to check for deals. 

Cash-out options: Every three months Rakuten will send you the cashback that you’ve earned, either via check or PayPal.

Rakuten App to Save Money Shopping
Source: Rakuten

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8. Checkout 51

Checkout51 is another app like Ibotta that helps you to save on groceries, gas, prescriptions, and other everyday items. Each week, Checkout51 adds new offers that you can view within the app. Add your selected offers to your account and then go to the store or gas station to make your purchases. Take a photo of your receipt using the app’s built-in camera. Once your receipt is approved, your Checkout51 account will be credited with your cashback.

Best for: When buying gas, groceries, or prescriptions. You will have to scan in your receipts. 

Cash-out options: When your account balance with Checkout51 reaches $20, you can cash out and they’ll mail you a check. 

9. Receipt Hog

Receipt hog is a receipt-scanning app that allows you to earn cash on the receipts from your everyday shopping trips. You’ll build up Receipt Hog coins by submitting images of paper receipts, connecting your online accounts, and taking surveys about your purchases. 

Best for: When doing in-store shopping. You will have to upload all of your receipts.

Cash-out options: You’ll need a minimum of 1,000 coins to redeem them for a $5 Amazon or Visa e-card sent to your email, or a direct deposit through PayPal.  

How Does Receipt Hog Work
Source: Receipt Hog

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10. Coupons.com

Coupons.com is a website and app like Ibotta that curates an online database of digital coupons and printable coupons. You’ll browse the Coupons.com coupon gallery, clip a coupon, and click the print button to print your coupon. 

You can also link your grocery store loyalty card to the Coupons.com app, which allows you to add coupons directly to your account and have them redeemed automatically at checkout. If your store doesn’t have a loyalty card, alternatively you can select your coupons, make your purchase, and submit a picture of your receipt through the app. 

Best for: If you like to clip coupons, especially for grocery shopping, and you’re looking for an easier way to find and organize the best coupons. 

Cash-out options: After you connect your PayPal account and you submit a receipt for a cashback offer, you’ll receive the money directly in your PayPal account once the purchase is verified. 

11. Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady app curates coupons and deals from several different sources and categorizes them by store. Within the app, you can pick your favorite stores and set up alerts so that you never miss coupons for products that you often buy. You can also keep track of your shopping lists and the coupons you plan to use within the app. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady app tracks three different types of coupons: 1. Printable coupons that you can print from within the app, 2. Newspaper coupons for which you’ll need to buy your own Sunday paper, and 3. Digital coupons that you can save to your store loyalty card. 

Best for: If you do a lot of couponing and are looking for a way to stay organized and find all of the best coupons available, including digital, printable, and in the Sunday paper.

Cash-out options: The Krazy Coupon app is designed to help you find coupons to save money and does not include any sort of cashback option. 

How does The Krazy Coupon Lady Works
Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

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12. Coupon Sherpa 

Coupon Sherpa is a website and app like Ibotta that collects in-store coupons and online coupon coupons that are verified discounts from a wide range of merchants, including grocery stores. You’ll enter your zip code to find offers available in your area. For coupons, you can either print the coupon directly through Coupon Sherpa or you can present it within the Coupon Sherpa app. 

Best for: If you enjoy couponing or want to be sure you’re finding all applicable coupons for your shopping trip. This app is useful for couponing at all retailers, not just grocery stores.  

Cash-out options: Coupon Sherpa helps you locate coupons so that you can get the best price on your purchases. There is no cashback option available. 

13. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal is an app that lets you earn gift cards and cash prizes for submitting your receipts. You can enter your paper receipts by snapping pictures of them using ReceiptPal’s in-app camera. For online receipts, you’ll connect your email or Amazon account, and ReceiptPal will credit you for your online purchases automatically. 

Within the ReceiptPal app, you’ll be able to see the reward levels that have been unlocked for you, and how many points you need to claim each reward. Once ReceiptPal validates your receipt and you submit the required number of receipts to your Point Card, you’ll then earn the points that can be used towards reward redemption. 

Best for: Anytime you’re shopping online since e-receipts are credited automatically. You can also upload receipts when shopping in-store. 

Cash-out options: E-Gift Cards are available for popular retailers like Target, Starbucks, and Walmart in the amounts of $5, $10, and $25. When you have enough points and are ready to redeem for rewards, you can pick the reward of your choice in the ReceiptPal app and it will be immediately sent to your inbox. 

ReceiptPal Apps Like Ibotta
Source: ReceiptPal

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14. Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy is an app like Ibotta that lets you scan products either at home or in the store to find online and local stores that provide those products. You can also use a name search if you prefer. You’ll be able to compare prices, check reviews, and look for deals and discounts on the products. Currently Shop Savvy has a partnership with over 40,000 retailers, including popular ones like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Best for: When you have a product in mind that you want to purchase, and you don’t mind checking multiple stores for the best price. 

Cash-out options: Shop Savvy helps you find the best price for a product by comparing prices, deals, and discounts through a product scanner. There is no cashback option available. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re willing to put in a little effort to download the apps or browser extensions for these money-saving and cashback services, you can earn rewards in the form of cash or gift cards for pretty much every purchase you make! While some of them do the work automatically for you by finding savings and cashback offers, others will require a little work on your part to upload receipts or perform in-store tasks within the app. 

No matter how much time and effort you want to commit to earning cashback from your everyday purchases, you should be able to pick a few options here that will work for you. As with most money-saving strategies like this, the key is to find several that you can use in conjunction with either other and stay consistent in your use of them. You’ll be earning free gift cards in no time!

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