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Atom Finance Review 2024: Investment Research Tools at Your Fingertips

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Atom Finance is a research platform founded in 2018 in Brooklyn, New York City. The company aims to level the playing field between institutional and retail investors who have been at an information disadvantage for quite some time.

You might have heard of Bloomberg and its famous Terminal product. Atom Finance could be described as a free (or much cheaper) version of it that provides a similar research experience. Just like Robinhood disrupted the financial world with its commission-free trading, Atom Finance does the same with institutional stock data.

In this review, we will have a closer look into Atom Finance and how the research platform works. We will look at the platform’s features, the available plans, its pros and cons, and which type of investor it’s best suited for.

Atom Finance Logo


on Atom Finance’s website

Quick Summary: Atom Finance is a freemium investment research platform allowing users to get access to institutional-quality research tools and resources for picking stocks. The platform is available via web and mobile apps.

Promotion: Join free (Atom Basic) and 30 day free trial (Atom Premium)


    • Basic option free to use
  • Easy integration with brokerages
  • Real time market data
  • Wide selection of investment research tools
  • Portfolio tracking and analysis


  • Free version is very limited
  • Limited news feed
  • Not the best customer support

What Is Atom Finance?

Atom Finance is an investment research platform that offers high-quality investing resources and tools to retail investors. The company focuses on stock market analysis tools and ultimately wants to empower casual retail investors to make informed investing and stock trading decisions.

How Does Atom Finance Work?

The platform was created for active investors who primarily invest in the stock market and need insight on which stocks to pick for their investment portfolio. To be up to date, Atom Finance provides you with real-time coverage of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds traded on US stock exchanges, which makes it easier for you to make informed decisions.

To open an Atom Finance account, head to the company’s website and sign up. From there, you can choose to join via the basic or premium plan. Enter your email address and personal data, verify your email address, and you are good to go.

You can also try out the premium plan for 30 days before you will be enrolled back into the basic plan unless you upgrade to premium.

Atom Finance Platform Screenshot
Source: Atom Finance

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Atom Finance Features

Active investors value features in a stock screener that make analyzing and picking stocks easier. With the right investing tools and stock data, investors are better equipped to find stocks worth investing in. Atom Finance comes with some nice features out of the box, some of which are free.

Stock Screener

A stock screener is one of the most vital tools for active investors. Using this tool, you can research stocks in real-time using key metrics. By using filters, you can ensure that only those companies that meet specific characteristics will show up in your results. 

With Atom Finance’s stock screener, you can choose from various metrics, including return, market cap, dividend yield, 52-week high and low, and many more. You can also apply multiple filters to find the companies that fit various criteria at once.

Atom Finance Stock Screener
Source: Atom Finance

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Once you have filtered the companies that fit your specific criteria, you can create custom hubs. Essentially, hubs are watchlists and places where you can track the performance of the filtered companies, compare them using metrics of your choice, and aggregate data. 

You also have access to important documents and a news feed covering only the companies included in your custom hub.


With the Sandbox feature, investors can create different models and scenarios to forecast the future of their companies of interest. The results are created from data on the company’s past performance and assumptions about its future. Changes in the markets will update your model automatically.

Users can also export that financial data to Microsoft Excel for easy modeling and manipulation. This helps users create models as they don’t have to set up complex spreadsheets themselves.

Portfolio Tracking

Portfolio Tracking allows you to get a holistic birds-eye view of your entire portfolio as well as your linked brokerage accounts in one place. That way, you can track your portfolio against benchmarks and reduce the misinterpretation of returns.

Through aggregating all your accounts on the platform, you can check your gains and losses in real-time, understand your overall diversification, and discover underlying holdings that drive the price of your asset.

Customization & Layout

Atom Finance gives you complete control over which companies to follow and what the tabs in your dashboard will look like. Depending on your actions, Atom Finance instantly adjusts the content you will see there. Your news feed and hubs will be tailored to the companies you shortlisted.

Atom Finance Customization
Source: Atom Finance

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The X-Ray Document Search feature allows investors to quickly find and search relevant information within SEC filings, event transcripts, investor presentations, and news articles all at the same time. 

You can type a keyword into the search bar and get an overview of all the documents that fit your query. This saves you a ton of time when doing your fundamental research and retrieving the necessary data on your favorite companies from all the materials.

From there, you can also set email alerts, which will let you know when new information regarding your search will become available.

Market News Feed

On the platform, you have access to a market news feed. After signing in to your Atom Finance account, you will find the feed list in your dashboard. This news feed includes updates on the companies you follow, top news, research, and macro news. 

The area will provide you only with the relevant information of your favorite stocks and financial industry topics. So you won’t drown in information that isn’t relevant to you. This is especially helpful if your broker doesn’t provide you with this kind of information.

Atom Finance News Feed
Source: Atom Finance

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Analyst Estimates & Recommendations

The analyst estimates and recommendations feature includes detailed consensus estimates for all major line items, growth rates, and margins from professional analysts. 

The premium plan further includes analyst commentary on major macro and business updates such as earnings announcements, mergers and acquisitions, and other corporate actions.

Brokerage Integration

The platform allows you to integrate multiple brokers to your Atom Finance account and lets you track (and evaluate) all your financial accounts in one place. This includes performance, risk exposure, benchmark comparisons, stats, and more.

This through Plaid, a popular third-party financial services company. Because Plaid integrates with many banks and brokerages, the collaboration enables you to connect your brokerage account to Atom Finance’s platform. The integration is completely secure as Atom Finance does not have access to your brokerage account credentials and login information.

Currently, there are various brokerages available for integration, including:

Atom Finance Brokerage Integration
Source: Atom Finance

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Exclusive Investing Community

Atom Finance also makes it possible to group chat and discuss breaking news with other community members directly on the platform. Doing so allows you to share your knowledge, exchange opinions on investments, and get a better understanding of your targeted assets with the help of like-minded investors.

The chat has hundreds of different channels, and every channel covers certain stocks, topics, and sectors. You can share your position, strategies, and how you feel about particular investments with other Atom Finance users.

Atom Finance Community
Source: Atom Finance

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Mobile App

If you want to use Atom Finance away from the desk, get the mobile app and have this powerful tool at your fingertips everywhere you go. The app is easy to use and provides you with a curated mobile experience. Best-in-class content, relevant news, and robust company data are also available. 

Atom Finance Pricing

As of this writing, Atom Finance offers two plans when using its services. The two options are the entry-level basic plan and its premium plan.


The basic plan is the free-of-charge slimmed-down version of the platform. The available features are somewhat limited but include important core features like the stock screener, hubs, chat, and three x-ray searches per month. Besides, news and research, as well as stock and company data, are included at least to some extent.


To get access to the full suite of core and portfolio features, news, and data, investors must enroll in the premium plan. The cost is a relatively cheap $9.99/ month and includes every feature on the Atom Finance platform. Still, this is a tiny fraction of the cost of other institutional platforms such as Bloomberg, which costs multiple thousands per month.

Atom Finance Visual Comparison
Source: Atom Finance

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Atom Finance Security

Atom Finance offers bank-grade security features. All data is encrypted and anonymized (until being unidentifiable to a specific user or account) before being stored on the company’s servers. Plaid (a fintech company that enables applications to connect with users’ bank accounts) runs Atom Finance’s security and data privacy protocols. 

Atom Finance further offers a security vulnerability bounty program where you can report severe issues to their developers and receive a reward depending on the severity of the issue. 

As you can’t transfer any funds to Atom Finance, there is no risk of losing money. 

Atom Finance Customer Service

Atom Finance’s customer support is available by email and contact form only. Unfortunately, there is no option to get in touch via live chat or phone. 

Atom Finance Pros

  • Quality of stock market data, research tools, and features is on an institutional level
  • Platform and tools are free of charge when using the basic plan
  • Chat opportunity with like-minded investors is available
  • Integration of brokerage accounts is possible
  • Encrypted connection when linking your broker
  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • 30-day trial of premium plan
  • The premium plan is fairly priced compared to industry solutions such as Bloomberg

Atom Finance Cons

  • Investors can’t execute trades on the platform
  • The free basic plan is very limited
  • Customer support channels are expandable
  • Only US stock exchanges are covered
  • Bloomberg or MarketWatch news aren’t included in the news feed

Atom Finance Alternatives

If you are actively picking stocks, stock screeners are a must-have tool to find the companies with the most upside. With their filters and search criteria, stock screeners help narrow down which stocks you should buy. Although Atom Finance has a robust offering, there are many other solutions out there, and we want to introduce you to two of them:

Stock Rover

If you are focusing on U.S. or Canadian stocks, Stock Rover is a great option for you. Like Atom Finance, the company offers a freemium model but allows you to screen stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds only in the premium account (starting at $7.99/ month). It is also possible to integrate major brokerage accounts with the option to look at portfolio rebalancing possibilities, correlation testing, and portfolio analysis.

Having said this, Stock Rover is better suited for long-term investors and not frequent traders. The reason is that there aren’t many technical indicators available, and the tool is known for its fundamental metric screeners. Read our full Stock Rover review to learn more.

Trade Ideas

An option better suited to frequent traders is Trade Ideas. The platform uses artificial intelligence to stream real-time trading ideas, offers a chart-based visual trading assistant, and lets you set up to 500 price alerts. The premium model further gives access to a virtual trading analyst, entry and exit signals, and backtesting. 

In contrast to Atom Finance, Trade Ideas only offers two monthly paid plans, which come at $118 per month (standard) or $228 per month (premium). Both plans carry quite a hefty price tag compared to Atom Finance but are still considerably cheaper than tools like Bloomberg. 

Who Is Atom Finance Best For?

As Atom Finance offers a free and a premium plan, the research solution is suitable for passive (buy-and-hold or robo-advisor) and active investors alike. The service is also perfect if your broker doesn’t offer much investment information, research, or screening tools.

If you want to have insights about the ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds you are about to choose as well as general information about markets, sectors, and trends, Atom Finance can provide a lot of value to you.

However, active investors will benefit the most. As a frequent trader picking investments, having the full range of features is a must. And this is possible for less than $10 per month, which is an absolute bargain for what you receive. 

Atom Finance FAQ

Although we have provided you with a lot of information about Atom Finance and its specific features, we will further answer two of the most frequently asked questions about the platform.

Is Atom Finance Worth It?

Using Atom Finance, you get access to professional investment research tools and features, which are usually only available in institutional-quality solutions. The significant benefit of Atom Finance’s offering is that you don’t have to shell out as much money as with the professional tools while receiving similar quality.

The available tools and features are worth it, especially if the basic version is sufficient for you. As you can try out the premium plan for 30 days free of charge, you can further check whether the full range of features makes it worth $9.99/month for your usage needs.

Is Atom Finance Safe?

Your data is safe when using Atom Finance. The third-party service provider Plaid uses encryption to help protect your financial data. In addition, your credentials will never be made accessible to Atom Finance when linking your brokerage accounts to the platform.

Besides, you can’t make any changes in your brokerage account from the Atom Finance dashboard, and no money is transferred to the platform.

In A Nutshell

  • Markets & Securities: Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds (US stock exchanges)
  • Pricing: Basic ($0/month) and Premium ($9.99/month)
  • Promotion: Join for free (Basic) and 30-day free trial (Premium)
Atom Finance Logo

on Atom Finance’s website

Final Thoughts

If you are actively picking your stocks, there is no way around using a stock screener offering such as Atom Finance. Its real-time data input makes it easy to keep up with trends and you will not miss a beat when it comes to the stocks you want to add to your portfolio.

The institutional-quality investment research tools and resources make it a much more robust solution than Yahoo Finance while being considerably cheaper than Bloomberg Terminal. That way, casual investors will benefit from the many available features and can make informed stock trading decisions without breaking the bank.

Already, Atom Finance democratizes access to institutional-level investment data with its comprehensive investment research platform.

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