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Bingo Clash Review 2024: Win Cash Prizes While Having Fun

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Looking to find a way to kill some time playing online bingo? Interested in a great way to win real cash prizes while having fun?

Well, we just may have the perfect app for you. Check out our in-depth Bingo Clash review, learn more about the game, and discover exactly how you can start earning real cash playing games.

Quick Summary: Bingo Clash is a skilled-based game app that allows users to win real cash prizes playing Bingo games online. Users can play free games or also enter real cash tournaments for a fee. The app is developed by Aviagames.


  • Win cash prizes playing Bingo
  • Easy to play and navigate
  • Free practice rounds and tournaments
  • 1 on 1 competitions
  • Ad free grames


  • Skill & strategy required to be consistently successful
  • Restrictions in certain states to participate in cash games
  • $10 withdrawal minimum

What Is Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash is a mobile application created by Aviagames and powered by Pocket7games. It is available in the app store on both iOS and Android devices and is completely free to download.

The app offers players the opportunity to play bingo-style game modes either for fun or to win real cash prizes.

All of these game modes are online multiplayer experiences in which users will be matched up with real players of a similar skill level.

Bingo Clash Screenshot
Source: Apple Store — Bingo Clash

How Does Bingo Clash Work?

When players first download the Bingo Clash app on their iOS or Android device, they will be prompted to create a profile by choosing a username and an avatar for their account.

Once this process has been completed, they will then be able to take part in a tutorial that outlines the basics of Bingo, for people who may not be familiar with the rules.

Next, players are entered into a practice game in which they will be matched up against an opponent of a similar skill level.

The game commences with two minutes on a timer. You are given a Bingo board or card, and the call numbers appear above your card.

Players earn points by finding the corresponding numbers on their own cards as they appear. The faster they click the corresponding numbers on their card, the more points are awarded.

Points can be lost by clicking on a number on the card that has not been rolled or by calling “Bingo” when a bingo has not actually been completed.

Players try to get as many bingo lines as possible before the time has elapsed, which will consequently rack up their point counter.

When time is up, the player with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, time remaining will be the tie-breaking statistic — speed is key in this game!

Depending on what game mode is being played, the winner will be paid out in the form of either tickets or real cash!

We will cover the details of prizes, rewards, and ways users can earn money in the following sections.

Bingo Clash Requirements For Playing

Bingo Clash is considered a casino game, and as a result, players must be at least 18 years of age to download the game and participate in cash games.

Like other casino-style games that involve real money, there are a number of states that prohibit the use of these apps.

The states and territories that have laws in place prohibiting online bingo are as follows:

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Puerto Rico

Bingo Clash Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process for Bingo Clash is quite simple:

  1. Visit the app store and download Bingo Clash.
  2. Open the Bingo Clash app.
  3. Choose your avatar.
  4. Choose a username.
  5. Complete the tutorial to learn the controls.
  6. Start playing!

Bingo Clash Features

Bingo Clash comes with many features out of the box, from free practice rounds to multiplayer games. There is something here for every style of play.

Free Practice Rounds

Bingo Clash offers players the ability to play as many free practice rounds as they like in order to learn the game, get familiar with the platform, and test out their skills.

These are technically not “free,” as they require 10 tickets to play. However, players will receive more than enough tickets from wins, daily rewards, and other ticket bonuses to play practice rounds as much as they please.

Practice rounds are a great way for new players to get the hang of how Bingo Clash works and get an idea of their skill level before choosing to get into higher-stakes cash games.

Free Cash Tournaments

Bingo Clash makes it possible for players to compete in real cash tournaments that do not require a cash entry fee. These tournaments involve multiple players, with the player who posts the highest score taking the prize.

Free cash tournaments are a great way for people who don’t want to deposit money to rack up some cash and start entering cash games that require cash entry fees.

1-on-1 Competitions

Players can compete in 1-on-1 cash competitions where they are matched with someone of the same skill level in a head-to-head game of bingo.

The entry fee for 1-on-1 competitions is typically quite reasonable. For example, a match with a $0.60 entry fee pays out $1.00 to the winner.

Win a few of these, and you could be well on your way to making some money. Keep in mind that these types of games are not meant to make you a log of money but just to make a few extra bucks on the side. Check out our side hustle ideas post to find ways to make serious money on the side.

Multiplayer Games

Bingo Clash also offers multiplayer games, which come in the form of the tournaments that we spoke briefly about earlier.

These multiplayer games feature upwards of three players, with the top performing player of the group taking the prize pool.

Obviously, your odds of winning are not as high in multiplayer games as they are in head-to-head games, but the payouts are significantly larger!

Ad-Free Games

One of the great features that Bingo Clash provides is a completely ad-free experience for its players.

Unlike many other applications that subject their users to constant ads, Bingo Clash does not run any ads and allows for smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

Bingo Clash Screenshot
Bingo Clash Screenshots

Ways to Win With Bingo Clash

When it comes to winning, Bingo Clash offers multiple ways to win, from cash to tickets redeemable for a variety of things.

Cash Prizes

Players on Bingo Clash can win cash prizes for playing and winning cash games. These can be head-to-head games, multiplayer games, or tournaments.

At first, players will start as a “beginner” and will, as a result, only have access to cash games with smaller prize pools. However, as they continue to play games and gain experience, games with larger cash payouts ($5 – $10) will be made available.

Bonus Cash

Bonus cash can be earned by collecting tickets and redeeming those tickets to receive free bonus cash. This bonus cash can be accumulated and then used to cover the entry fees into cash games for cash prizes!

One thing to note is that bonus cash cannot be directly withdrawn to a PayPal account. Instead, bonus cash can only be used to participate in other cash games.


Tickets are essentially Bingo Clash’s digital currency and are used in a number of the apps that Pocket7Games delivers.

These tickets can be earned by playing games, collecting daily bonuses, and opening lucky boxes that are offered through the ticket store. Users must play a minimum of three games on Bingo Clash in order to unlock the ticket store.

Tickets can be used to enter ticket prize games but can also be used to enter certain cash prize games that have a ticket entry fee.

Tickets can also be accumulated and redeemed in the ticket store for bonus cash, which can then be used to participate in real cash games and tournaments!

How Much Can You Make Playing Bingo Clash?

It is definitely possible to make a few bucks, or maybe even more than just some pocket change playing Bingo Clash. If players can win their games and leverage the bonus cash feature, they can even do so without investing any of their own money.

Payouts can range anywhere from a few cents to upwards of five dollars, depending on the game mode and the stakes.

Skilled players who figure out the nuances of the game and use their knowledge to win high payout tournaments and head-to-head games can potentially earn hundreds of dollars.

Aviagames also runs a prize pool that involves all of its apps, including Bingo Clash.

Players can earn stars by playing, which will accumulate and increase their standing in the pool.

When the competition has elapsed (typically one day in duration), players win cash based on their rank.

First place has been seen raking in $1,000 or more — not bad for playing Bingo!

Bingo Clash Fees

Bingo Clash games require an entry fee of some sort for players to participate, whether it is a certain amount of tickets or cash.

Users can use the tickets they accumulate to enter cash/ticket games or redeem them for bonus cash which can be used to cover entry fees to cash games and tournaments.

Bingo Clash Pros

  • Simple and straightforward gameplay
  • Cash games and tournaments
  • Affordable entry fees
  • Multiple ways to earn tickets and bonus cash
  • Potential to earn cash without making a deposit

Bingo Clash Cons

  • Skill & strategy required to be consistently successful
  • Restrictions in certain states for participating in cash games
  • $10 withdrawal minimum (to avoid a $1 processing fee)

Bingo Clash Alternatives

There are many alternatives when it comes to bingo games, but here are a couple that stand out from the crowd.

Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash is another bingo-style game that is powered by Papaya Gaming.

This alternative to Bingo Clash offers a wide variety of different versions of bingo, including Showdown, Holiday, and Blitz Bingo. Read our full Bingo Cash review to learn more.

Blackout Bingo

Formerly known as Blackout Blitz, Blackout Bingo is another bingo-style game that was developed by Big Run Studios and is also powered by Skillz.

Blackout Bingo offers online bingo games against other players for fun or for real cash. Read our full Blackout Bingo review to learn more.

Bingo Cash
Our Rating




Game NameBingo ClashBlackout BingoBingo Cash
DeveloperAviagamesBig Run StudiosPapaya Gaming
PlatformsiOS and AndroidiOS and AndroidiOS and Android
HighlightNo ads, uninterrupted gaming experienceGames only take about 2 minutes to playAbility to receive daily gifts and bonuses
Best ForPeople that like playing BingoPeople that like playing BingoPeople that like playing Bingo

Who Is Bingo Clash Best For?

Bingo Clash is perfect for people who enjoy playing mobile games, especially those who are fans of bingo. It is great for people looking to play an online game and test their skills against other similarly skilled players.

Bingo Clash is also great for people who are looking to make some extra money by playing games, having fun, and killing some extra time!

Bingo Clash Review FAQ

We’ve found some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Bingo Clash, and here are our answers.

Is Bingo Clash Legitimate?

Yes, Bingo Clash is a legitimate game. Users can earn and withdraw real money by way of a PayPal account by playing cash games and building up enough of a balance to withdraw ($2 minimum $10 withdrawal to avoid $1 processing fee).

Bingo Clash has been rated a 4.6 out of 5 stars and has more than 50,000 ratings and reviews on the App store.

How Much Does Bingo Clash Cost?

Bingo Clash is completely free for users to download and play.

Players can choose to play casual games for free or accumulate tickets to redeem for bonus cash, which can then be used to participate in cash games real money payouts.

Users can also choose to make a balance deposit and play cash games using their own funds.

Is Bingo Clash Safe?

Yes, Bingo Clash is safe.

Any banking information divulged in order to make deposits or withdrawals is protected and will not be used for anything other than what is intended.

In order for users to play for cash, they must allow the app to track their location in order to verify state gambling laws are not being violated.

Do Bingo Clash Points Expire?

Bingo Clash points do not expire and can be redeemed by players for bonus cash or other prizes whenever they so choose.

What Is the Minimum Age to Play Bingo Clash?

Anyone over the age of 16 can download and play Bingo Clash.

However, users who wish to participate in cash games for real money prizes must be 18 years of age or older to do so.

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On My Bingo Clash Earnings?

Players will only have to pay taxes on their Bingo Clash earnings if they end up winning and withdrawing more than $600.

In this case, they will be sent an IRS Form W-9 and 1099-MISC to fill out, claim their winnings, and pay the required taxes.

Will I Be Matched With a Player at My Same Level With Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash has a built-in player skill assessment system that is designed to help match players with opponents of the same or a similar skill level.

This feature has been implemented to ensure that games are as evenly matched as possible, giving players equal chance of winning.

What Is the Difference Between Gambling and Playing Bingo Clash?

Bingo Clash allows players to participate in free games with no deposit, cash entry fees, or cash prizes involved.

There is also the option to compete in competitions that involve real cash prizes and cash entry fees, which in turn technically makes Bingo Clash a gambling app.

The difference is that Bingo Clash offers players the ability to enjoy the app without participating in these “gambling” style games of bingo in which real money is involved.

In A Nutshell

  • Features: Win cash prizes playing bingo games online
  • Available: iOS and Android
  • Developer: Aviagames
  • Best For: People that enjoy playing bingo games

Final Thoughts

Bingo Clash is a great way for people to play online bingo from their Android or iOS devices. Games are fast-paced and involve strategy but are simple enough that new users can learn the ropes quickly.

Players can participate in free games and play casually, while the cash games and tournaments have affordable entry fees and provide the opportunity to make some decent money playing Bingo.

We hope this Bingo Clash review has provided all of the important info you need to get started!

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