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20 Best Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses & Promotions in 2024

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Even if you’re a crypto skeptic, you probably wouldn’t say “no” to free digital tokens. Everyone likes free stuff, which is why many crypto companies lure customers in with sign-up bonuses. As competition between crypto exchanges ramps up, new investors have many options for complimentary crypto. 

While free tokens shouldn’t be your primary reason for joining a crypto platform, it’s an attractive perk worth reviewing. After researching the features and fees on different exchanges, a crypto sign-in bonus may help nudge you toward your final decision. 

The Best Crypto Promotions & Bonus Offers

Crypto companies are constantly changing their business strategies. Some sites may suddenly pause sign-up bonuses, while others might offer better rewards during holidays like Christmas.

Please always double-check the latest news on any promotions your preferred crypto platform offers.  

1. Gemini 

Based in New York, Gemini is one of the few centralized crypto exchanges that offers trading in all 50 US states. Gemini’s founders Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss are well-known for taking compliance and regulation seriously. Although Gemini doesn’t have the lowest trading fees, many users don’t mind paying extra for its high-security standards and clean UI.

For more details on the pros & cons of Gemini, be sure to read our full Gemini review to learn more. 

About the Promotion: Currently, Gemini offers US customers $7 in Ethereum if they set up a new account. You could also earn $10 or $50 in Bitcoin if you use a special Gemini promo code and buy $100 or $500 worth of crypto after signing up. 

How to Claim the Promo: You should get the $7 worth of Ether immediately after setting up a Gemini account. 

For those who want to earn either $10 or $50 worth of Bitcoin, you’ll first need to use a referral link or visit Gemini’s official “50 for 500” webpage. To claim the $10 in BTC, you’ll need to link your bank or debit card to Gemini and buy $100 worth of crypto within 30 days. For the $50 BTC program, purchase $500 of crypto within three days. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: $10 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: $100 of trading activity within the first 30 days
  • Holding Period: None

on Gemini’s website

2. Coinbase 

Founded in 2012 in the Bay Area, Coinbase is the dominant crypto exchange in the North American market. American customers on Coinbase enjoy access to hundreds of cryptocurrencies, FDIC insurance on USD, and industry-leading crypto custody. 

For more info on why Coinbase is so prevalent in the USA, please read our full Coinbase review to learn more.

About the Promotion: Coinbase’s latest incentive program focuses on Bitcoin rewards for new US customers. After linking a payment account and buying a cryptocurrency, you should see $5 of BTC in your Coinbase custodial wallet. Coinbase also lets new customers spin its “Wheel of Bitcoin” to get a random BTC award between $3 and $200. 

How to Claim the Promo: To receive Coinbase’s Bitcoin incentives, you must create a new account and link a payment method. While most people choose to link a bank account, you could also use a debit card or PayPal profile. When you buy your first cryptocurrency on Coinbase, you should get the $5 BTC rewards and a chance to spin the “Wheel of Bitcoin.”

By the way, Coinbase has a famous “Learn to Earn” feature customers could use to earn free crypto. After watching an educational video on an altcoin, answer a few questions to get a few dollars worth of that altcoin in your account. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: $5 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After completing first trade
  • Holding Period: None

on CoinBase’s website

3. BlockFi 

BlockFi is a crypto lending platform headquartered in the NY metro area. In addition to opening crypto-backed loans, BlockFi’s customers could take advantage of the company’s crypto rewards credit card and a mini trading hub. Due to an ongoing SEC investigation, BlockFi only offers interest-bearing accounts to non-US residents. 

About the Promotion: BlockFi offers “up to $250” in BTC to new customers (emphasis on “up to!”). In reality, most retail investors will probably get either $15 or $20 of Bitcoin. How much Bitcoin you receive depends on the average amount you deposit into BlockFi for your first two and a half months. 

How to Claim the Promo: To claim BlockFi’s promo, you need to set up an account and transfer at least $100 into your custodial wallet. You must keep at least $100 in your BlockFi account for two and a half months following the 14th of whatever month you’re in. BlockFi will put the Bitcoin in your custodial hot wallet before or on the second Friday of the month following the two-and-a-half-month period. 

People who maintain between $100 and $1,499 in their BlockFi account will get $15 in BTC. The next price tier ($1,500 – $19,999) will get $20 of BTC, and the next ($20,000 – $39,999) will get $40 of BTC. These are also $75 and $100 BTC awards before hitting the $100,000 price requirement. Those who want $250 in BTC must keep over $100,000 in their BlockFi account for two and a half months. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Up to $250 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After making a $100 deposit
  • Holding Period: Maintain a $100 balance for two and a half months

on BlockFi’s website

4. Crypto.com 

Formerly called Monaco, Crypto.com is one of the most well-publicized crypto trading platforms. Although Crypto.com has an advanced desktop exchange, it’s best known in North America for its mobile app and steel Visa debit cards. Crypto.com also operates an NFT market and the Cronos blockchain. Read our full Crypto.com review to learn more.  

About the Promotion: Anyone signing up for Crypto.com could earn $10 or $50 worth of CRO tokens if they sign up with a referral link. In addition to using the referral link, customers must buy and stake either 1,000 or 5,000 CRO tokens. 

How to Claim the Promo: To get your free CRO rewards, you need to use a referral link or a code when setting up your Crypto.com account. Once you’re on Crypto.com, you need to purchase 1,000 or 5,000 CRO tokens and stake them for 180 days. Those who lock 1,000 CRO tokens get $10 worth of CRO, while those who lock 5,000 CRO enjoy the $50 CRO bonus. 

Keep in mind you will earn interest on your staked CRO. Also, some of Crypto.com’s Visa debit cards require users to stake a certain amount of CRO to order them. However, since CRO is an altcoin, it tends to be more volatile than Bitcoin

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: $10 or $50 worth of CRO
  • Requirement To Earn: Buy and stake either 1,000 or 5,000 CRO tokens
  • Holding Period: Maintain stake for 180 days

on Crypto.com’s website

5. Uphold 

Launched in 2013, Uphold markets itself as an “anything-to-anything” trading platform. People who have an Uphold account enjoy access to dozens of cryptos, equities, and precious metals

Please read The Modest Wallet’s full Uphold review to understand how this site works. 

About the Promotion: Uphold’s most popular promotion is a $20 BTC sign-up bonus for US customers. Anyone who uses an official Uphold referral link should see $20 worth of Bitcoin appear in their account. 

How to Claim the Promo: To claim Uphold’s $20 Bitcoin reward, you must use an official referral link to sign up for an Uphold account. Once you’re logged into Uphold, you and your referrer will get $20 worth of BTC within 45 days. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: $20 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: Welcome bonus with a participating referral link
  • Holding Period: None

on Uphold’s website

6. Hodlnaut 

Hodlnaut began business in 2019 with the mission to help “hodlers” generate passive income on their crypto. The company helps users receive rewards by loaning their crypto via interest-bearing accounts. Hodlnaut also offers feeless token swaps and fixed-term deposits on supported digital tokens. Read our full Hodlnaut review to learn more.

About the Promotion: People new to Hodlnaut could take advantage of a 30 USDC referral bonus. When a new customer signs up for Hodlnaut using a referral link and deposits $1,000, they will get 30 USDC in their account.  

How to Claim the Promo: To claim the extra 30 USDC on Hodlnaut, you must use an official referral link, complete KYC registration, and deposit at least $1,000 into your account. You also have to hold at least $1,000 in your Hodlnaut account for 31 days. 

While Hodlnaut allows new users to send a “test deposit” of less than $1,000, you need to send the single $1,000 transaction one week after this trial transfer clears. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get 30 USDC welcome bonus
  • Requirement To Earn: Deposit $1,000
  • Holding Period: Maintain a $1,000 balance for 31 days

on Hodlnaut’s website

7. KuCoin 

KuCoin is a Seychelles-based crypto exchange that offers spot, margin, and futures trading. While KuCoin doesn’t have the most beginner-friendly interface, it’s a popular choice with experienced traders who want dozens of trading options, hundreds of altcoins, and high-quality technical analytics. KuCoin also offers crypto lending services and NFT trading on the Windvane marketplace. 

About the Promotion: Another reason KuCoin is so popular is that it offers dozens of promotions for users to take advantage of. Currently, new users could win up to $500 worth in USDT when setting up a KuCoin account. These rewards are broken down into various categories, including margin trading discounts, futures deductions, and trading bot rebates.  

How to Claim the Promo: KuCoin recently unveiled a “Referral 2.0” program that rewards users with “stars” that they could trade in for USDT awards. For instance, if a KuCoin user completes KYC verification and deposits 100 USDT into their account, KuCoin will give out 33 stars. 

Users could rack up more stars by completing other tasks like trading 100 USDT on the spot and futures markets. Once people have enough stars, they can exchange them for rewards ranging from 1 USDT for 40 stars to 1,000 USDT for 20,000 stars. 

There are also dozens of trading tasks new users can complete to earn up to 500 USDT. Plus, many sites offer KuCoin referral links that grant new users trading discounts. 

Since KuCoin offers so many potential perks, it’s a good idea to review its official Rewards Hub to see what the current deals are.  

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $500 worth of USDT
  • Requirement To Earn: Complete KYC verification process
  • Holding Period: None

on Kucoin’s website

8. eToro 

Created in 2007 in Tel Aviv, eToro markets itself as the world’s premier “social trading platform.” This popular all-in-one trading site emphasizes its unique copy-trading feature and social media feed. Inexperienced investors could also use eToro’s “Demo” function to test trading strategies without risking their capital. In addition to crypto, people on eToro could invest in gold, ETFs, and stocks. Read our full eToro review to learn more.

About the Promotion: eToro now offers a “10 for 100” crypto incentive program for new users. Customers who buy $100 of crypto on eToro will receive a $10 bonus. Alternatively, people who aren’t keen to invest in crypto could use an eToro referral link to claim $30 in rewards. 

How to Claim the Promo: To get eToro’s $10 reward, new US customers must invest at least $100 into crypto on the trading platform. Alternatively, American investors could use a referral link to sign up for eToro and claim $30 in rewards. For this second promo, you must deposit at least $100 into your new eToro account.  

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get a $10 welcome
  • Requirement To Earn: After depositing $100
  • Holding Period: Maintain crypto purchased for 30 days

on eToro’s website

9. BitBuy 

BitBuy brands itself as Canada’s premier cryptocurrency platform. Based in Toronto, BitBuy has been in business since 2016, and it has gained the trust of thousands of North American customers. In addition to its standard “Express Trade” portal, advanced traders could use BitBuy’s Pro platform or API. 

About the Promotion: BitBuy now offers a “Give $20. Get $20” program for new customers. If you use a referral link, you could earn $20 in cash after depositing at least $250. 

How to Claim the Promo: To get your free $20, you need to use an official referral link when setting up your BitBuy account. Once you’re on BitBuy, deposit at least $250, and you should see the $20 appear in your portfolio. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get a $20 welcome
  • Requirement To Earn: After depositing $250
  • Holding Period: None

on BitBuy’s website

10. Nexo 

Nexo is one of the world’s largest crypto lending sites, with an estimated $12 billion under management. Although Nexo is primarily known for its crypto-backed loans, it offers a suite of other offerings like a debit card, a crypto trading portal, and interest-bearing accounts. Nexo partners with companies like BitGo and Ledger Vault for insurance protection and crypto cold storage. Read our full Nexo review to learn more.

About the Promotion: Nexo offers many short-term sign-up bonuses throughout the year, so be sure to review the latest promo before signing up. Currently, Nexo offers new customers $25 of Bitcoin if they sign up with a referral link. 

How to Claim the Promo: To claim your free $25 in Bitcoin, you need to use a referral link for Nexo and complete KYC registration. Once you’re on Nexo and you deposit at least $100 into your account, you’ll be eligible for the $25 Bitcoin reward. 

Note: If you don’t send $100 into your Nexo account within 30 days, you won’t get the free $25 of BTC. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $25 in BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After depositing $100 and completing your KYC verification
  • Holding Period: None
Nexo Logo

on Nexo’s website

11. ZenGo 

ZenGo is a mobile crypto trading platform, hot wallet, and Web3 explorer. Anyone who downloads the ZenGo app could instantly buy or swap dozens of cryptos. App users enjoy a seamless connection with Web3 dApps thanks to ZenGo’s “Wallet Connect” feature. As a bonus, people with ZenGo could stake crypto assets and convert their employer’s salary into crypto. 

About the Promotion: New ZenGo users could claim $10 in BTC if they enter the promo code “TRADEZEN” and buy at least $200 of crypto with their app. 

In the past, ZenGo offered rewards for those who deposited some crypto in its staking rewards program. For instance, in June of 2022, customers could have received $30 in ETH for staking at least $100 of Ether. It’s worth reviewing ZenGo’s social media to see if there are any special staking-related deals. 

How to Claim the Promo: To get your $10 of free Bitcoin, you first need to enter the promo code “TRADEZEN” and download the ZenGo app. Please verify the referral code has been approved before setting up your ZenGo account.

Once on ZenGo, you need to click the “Buy” button and purchase $200 of a supported cryptocurrency through the fiat-to-crypto service MoonPay. However, any assets connected with the Terra ecosystem (e.g., LUNA or UST) don’t qualify for the $10 BTC reward. 

After completing your $200 trade, you should see the $10 of BTC in your ZenGo account in a few business days. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $10 in BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After depositing $200
  • Holding Period: None

on ZenGo’s  website

12. TradeStation 

Created in the 1980s, TradeStation is an online brokerage offering advanced charting tools and investment options tailored for active traders. Although TradeStation was initially created for TradFi assets, it now offers customers access to crypto. People with a TradeStation account will also enjoy access to many other markets, including precious metals, options, and futures contracts. Read our full TradeStation review to learn more.

About the Promotion: People who set up a new TradeStation account could claim $10 in a supported crypto asset after depositing or purchasing at least $0.01 of crypto (excluding USDC). Platform users could claim bonus crypto rewards if they trade or deposit above $10,000 or $100,000 in crypto within a 60-day window. 

How to Claim the Promo: To be eligible for TradeStation’s crypto bonus, you must use the official promo code on its site. Currently, this code is “CRYPAGCL,” but please verify TradeStation hasn’t changed it before logging in! 

After setting up, you must deposit or buy between $0.01 – $9,999.99 of crypto onto TradeStation. People who transfer or purchase $10,000 – $99,999.99 within 60 days could claim $120 in crypto rewards, and those who deposit $100,000 or more in crypto could get $1,200 in crypto back. 

Note: USDC purchases and transfers don’t apply to these crypto benefits.

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus:  Claim $10 in a supported crypto asset
  • Requirement To Earn: After depositing or purchasing at least $0.01 of crypto (excluding USDC)
  • Holding Period: None

on TradeStations’s website

13. Phemex 

Phemex is a Singapore-based crypto exchange that launched in 2019. Created by former Morgan Stanley executive Jack Tao, Phemex offers users access to spot and derivatives crypto trading. Phemex clients could also use the exchange’s “Earn” and “Savings” features to generate passive income. 

About the Promotion: Today, Phemex offers up to $180 in cash bonuses and vouchers to new customers. You won’t receive the $180 as a lump sum; instead, you’ll have to complete various trades or deposits to redeem slices of this total reward. 

How to Claim the Promo: Phemex has too many rewards to list in this blog post, but here are a few options:

  • Receive $10 for depositing ≥ 0.003 BTC or ≥ 0.04 ETH into your Phemex account. 
  • Claim $10 for verifying your account, following Phemex on Twitter, and re-tweeting a pinned Phemex post. 
  • Get $10 after trading at least 500 USDT on the spot market. 
  • Trade at least $50,000 worth of BTCUSD-BTC Margin contracts and deposit 0.05 BTC, 1.5 ETH, or 2,000 USDT in your account to get $130 cashback.

Phemex also has a complex referral system where referrers could generate a percentage of trading fees. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Up to $180 in cash bonuses and vouchers to new customers
  • Requirement To Earn: Complete your KYC verification process
  • Holding Period: None

on Phemex’s website

14. Bitstamp 

Bitstamp is a European crypto exchange that dates back to 2011. Although Bitstamp offers convenient fiat onramps for EU citizens, it also does business in countries like the USA and Canada. Besides buying and selling crypto, Bitstamp has an “Earn” portal to stake crypto assets like Ethereum and Algorand.   

About the Promotion: Bitstamp’s referral program rewards new customers with $20 in cash.  

How to Claim the Promo: After clicking an official Bitstamp referral link, you must create a new Bitstamp account and trade at least $100 on the platform within 30 days. After buying $100 worth of crypto on Bitstamp, you should see the bonus $20 in cash appear in your account. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get a $20 welcome bonus
  • Requirement To Earn: After buying $100 worth of crypto
  • Holding Period: None
Bitstamp Logo

on Bitstamp’s website

15. Okcoin 

Star Xu opened the crypto exchange Okcoin in China in 2013. Since then, Xu has managed to grow Okcoin into a global brand with six international offices and thousands of users. Although Okcoin has dealt with a few controversies in the past, the company remains a significant crypto trading site.  

About the Promotion: People who want to sign up for Okcoin could use a referral link to get $50 or $10 in BTC. How much Bitcoin you could receive depends on where you live. 

How to Claim the Promo: To claim the Okcoin promo, you need to use an official referral link to create a new account. You also need to provide Okcoin with enough KYC info to qualify for “identity verification level 2.” Lastly, customers must purchase at least $100 worth of crypto within 30 days of signing up for Okcoin. 

Most customers in the USA will get $50 in Bitcoin if they meet all of the above requirements. Those outside the US should expect a $10 BTC bonus. However, there are many US territories where Okcoin doesn’t operate, so customers need to review Okcoin’s latest list of accepted regions before signing up.

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $50 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After trading $100 of more
  • Holding Period: 180 days

on Okcoin’s website

16. Rocketplace 

Rocketplace is a relatively new crypto trading app headquartered in Palo Alto. Created in 2021, Rocketplace allows users to trade about 20 cryptocurrencies without paying commission fees. 

About the Promotion: Rocketplace has offered many sign-up bonuses since it began business. Currently, you could claim $25 in BTC if you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin after opening an account. However, it’s important to check Rocketplace’s promotions page as this company frequently changes its reward amount and the token it issues. 

How to Claim the Promo: Typically, if you want to claim a Rocketplace promo, you’ll have to buy $100 of crypto and hold it for at least two business days. For instance, to claim the current $25 BTC reward, users must download the Rocketplace app and buy $100 of Bitcoin. 

However, Rocketplace often changes its sign-up bonuses depending on the price of Bitcoin or whenever it introduces a new altcoin to its platform. For example, the company previously offered a $20 reward in Basic Attention Token (BAT) for anyone who bought $100 of BAT. 

Please double-check the latest promos on Rocketplace’s website to see what it’s currently offering.  

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $25 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After trading $100 or more
  • Holding Period: Maintain your balance for 3 days or more

on Rocketplace’s website

17. Lolli 

Lolli is a browser extension and mobile app that rewards users with small amounts of Bitcoin or USD on participating eCommerce websites. Once you install Lolli on your Firefox or Chrome browser, you can shop at hundreds of participating online stores and get a percentage back in BTC or cash. You should see these rewards pile up in your Lolli account, and you could withdraw any time you reach $15.  

About the Promotion: Lolli offers $10 in BTC for users who sign up for an account using a referral link. 

How to Claim the Promo: To claim your $10 in BTC, sign up for a Lolli browser extension using an official referral link. Just remember that Lolli has a minimum withdrawal limit of $15. So, you’ll need to earn more rewards to get this BTC off your Lolli account. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $10 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: Deposit a qualifying amount
  • Holding Period: Minimum withdrawal limit is $15

on Lolli’s website

18. Choice 

Choice is an alternative IRA app that lets users invest retirement funds into crypto, stocks, and precious metals. You could start a new IRA savings plan or rollover an existing retirement fund or 401(k) into your Choice app. Choice gives customers many options for storing their crypto, including custodied cold storage or access to their private keys. 

About the Promotion: When you sign up for the Choice app, you can play a free game called “Blinko.” Each day you log into your Choice account, you can drop a chip down a board with pegs like the popular game “Plinko.” Depending on where the chip falls, you could win a tiny amount of Bitcoin daily. 

You could also use a referral link to sign up for the Choice app and receive up to $50 of Bitcoin. 

How to Claim the Promo: Everyone who signs up for a Choice app automatically gets access to the “Blinko” game. For those who want the extra $50 of Bitcoin, you need to sign up using a referral link. Once you’ve logged into your Choice app, you’ll need to link your bank via Plaid and make a deposit. 

You’ll receive $20 in Bitcoin for signing up for Choice and another $30 in BTC when you connect a bank account and make a deposit. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $50 worth of BTC
  • Requirement To Earn: After opening an IRA account
  • Holding Period: None

on Choice’s website

19. Cake DeFi 

Co-founded by noted crypto author Dr. Julian Hosp, Cake DeFi is a Singapore-based company that offers easy access to the world of decentralized finance. Besides buying and swapping tokens, Cake DeFi lets users participate in crypto lending, staking, and liquidity mining to earn constant returns on their tokens. 

About the Promotion: Cake DeFi offers a few bonuses throughout the year, but its current sign-up promo is $30 in DFI tokens with a $50 deposit. 

How to Claim the Promo: To get your free $30 from Cake DeFi, you have to set up an account and submit all the required KYC documents. Once you’re on Cake DeFi, deposit $50 to get your $30 reward. 

Just remember that Cake DeFi’s rewards are paid out in DFI tokens. Like many lower-cap altcoins, DFI is more volatile than Bitcoin. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get $30 worth of DFI tokens
  • Requirement To Earn: After making a $50 deposit
  • Holding Period: None
Cake DeFi

on Cake Defi’s website

20. Binance.US 

Binance.US is the American subsidiary of the massive crypto exchange Binance. Since traditional Binance isn’t legal in America, the company created Binance.US to offer its services in the US while obeying local regulations. Binance.US doesn’t provide as many altcoins as standard Binance, but it has signature features like spot crypto trading, low trading fees, and an OTC trading portal.

For more details on the distinctions between Binance and Binance.US, we’d recommend reading our full Binance review.

About the Promotion: Binance.US has a straightforward referral program that rewards new customers with $10 in cash. 

How to Claim the Promo: To get your free $10 reward, you must sign up to Binance.US using an official referral link. Once you’re on Binance.US, you have 30 days to complete $100 worth of crypto trades. If you spend at least $100 in Binance.US’s crypto trading portal, you will get your free $10 bonus.  

Please keep in mind this $10 bonus only applies to Binance.US users. International customers could use a Binance referral link to access $50 in sign-up rewards

The requirements for these rewards aren’t as simple as the $10 Binance.US program, and you won’t get the $50 as a lump sum. Instead, you need to complete tasks like trading $1,000 on the spot market within seven days or depositing $100 within five days to get pieces of the $50 prize.

Be sure to review Binance’s website for the latest info on its promos. 

In A Nutshell

  • Crypto Bonus: Get a $10 welcome bonus
  • Requirement To Earn: Trade $100 or more within 30 days
  • Holding Period: None

on Binance’s website

Methodology for Determining the Best Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses 

You should be a bit skeptical when any company offers you free cash. Crypto exchanges don’t provide sign-up bonuses because they’re generous. Every business wants new customers to help them turn a profit, and sign-up bonuses happen to be an effective strategy. 

So, while evaluating different crypto bonuses, you should review each promo’s Terms & Conditions. As you read the fine print, you may discover some of these “perks” don’t have a ton of pros. 

Amount of Bonus

First, customers need to know how much they will get from their company’s sign-up bonus. This may seem simple to evaluate, but it’s a bit complicated with crypto rewards. Crypto assets are volatile, so there’s no guarantee your $25 of BTC will be worth $25 when you could withdraw it. 

Also, you have to factor in how much it will cost you to claim your sign-up bonus. Most referral promos won’t reward you until you trade, stake, or deposit funds in a new account. Be sure you subtract the amount of money you have to put into the platform when reviewing a sign-up bonus. 

If you were planning on investing $100 in a crypto platform anyway, the sign-up bonus might be worth it. However, please avoid the temptation to spend more money on a new crypto site just because you want to claim a reward. Always work out your crypto trading strategy beforehand to see if it aligns with any existing promos. 

Requirements to Receive Bonus

You shouldn’t have to strain your eyes reading tons of fine print to figure out how to claim your reward. The best crypto bonuses are transparent and easy to understand. 

Be sure you know the requirements for your reward so there are no surprises. Pay careful attention to holding periods, KYC requirements, and minimum trade activity. If you don’t comprehend the steps involved in claiming your bonus, then you should reach out to the company for further clarity.  

Bonus Being Offered 

Sometimes crypto platforms offer fiat sign-up bonuses, but most give new users cryptocurrency. Understandably, these exchanges have an incentive to promote crypto rather than cash.

The best crypto rewards are paid in top-tier currencies like Bitcoin or Ether. High-quality stablecoins like USDC are also highly desirable. 

Be wary of companies that offer a crypto bonus paid in an obscure altcoin or the platform’s proprietary crypto. While there’s always a chance these altcoins could skyrocket, speculative small-cap projects have a greater risk to the downside. At the very least, ask whether you could immediately swap your altcoin reward into a more prominent cryptocurrency or cash. 

Integration With External Wallets 

Just because a company offers free crypto on its site doesn’t mean you could automatically take it off the platform. Many apps only offer crypto trading on their platform. 

So, although you may technically “own” your Bitcoin rewards, there may not be a way to transfer these Satoshis off your exchange. If you don’t have the private keys to your wallet, then your company owns your crypto. 

The best promos will allow you to withdraw your reward tokens at any time into a private software or hardware wallet. 

Holding Period 

Even if a company promises to let you withdraw your crypto, they may freeze your rewards for a set period. Since the crypto market swings wildly throughout the year, it’s always better to have immediate access to your funds. The quicker you control your crypto, the more options you’ll have to transfer or swap your rewards.

FAQs: Crypto Sign-Up Bonuses 

Getting bits of BTC when joining an exchange is a neat perk, but there may be a few catches to claiming free crypto. If you’re still confused about crypto promos, you should check out these FAQs.

Which Crypto App Gives a Sign-Up Bonus? 

Dozens of crypto platforms reward users with crypto sign-up bonuses. Whether you’re interested in a centralized crypto exchange or a lending platform, there’s a good chance they have a referral program to get you onto their site.

Since so many crypto companies offer sign-up bonuses, it’s best to check your preferred exchange’s website for timely details. You should also research any referral programs your crypto site offers to enjoy free benefits.

Do I Have to Go Through The KYC Process to Receive a Bonus? 

Ninety-nine percent of the time, you’ll need to submit KYC documents to claim bonuses. Even exchanges famous for relaxed KYC policies (e.g., KuCoin) give out more bonus rewards if users submit a photo ID. If you’re dealing with a centralized company, chances are you’ll need to share KYC documents to claim a crypto reward. 

How Can I Get Free Bitcoin? 

Many companies offer free Bitcoin rewards if you sign up for their platform. Often, you’ll need to deposit money or trade before you’re eligible to claim your Bitcoin.

Just don’t expect to get a ton of Bitcoins from these sign-up bonuses! Typically, you’ll get about $10 – $25 worth of crypto or cash as a welcome bonus.

Where Can I Get Free Crypto Just for Signing Up? 

There are dozens of sites that give crypto rewards to new users. A few major exchanges that are well-known for sign-up perks include:

– Coinbase
– Gemini
– Crypto.com
– Binance and Binance.US
– KuCoin

Many crypto lending sites, crypto IRA providers, and stock & crypto trading sites offer sign-up bonuses. You should always check the latest promotions on a company’s website to see if they have a crypto rewards policy. 

Can I Actually Get Cryptocurrency for Free? 

Yes, there are legit ways you can get crypto for free. In fact, in the early days of Bitcoin’s history, developers gave out a few Bitcoins daily to people who used “Bitcoin faucets.” There are still a few faucets like Cointiply that are online… but they no longer give out whole Bitcoins to users!

Besides scouting BTC faucets, crypto trading platforms often offer about $10 – $25 worth of Bitcoin, cash, or altcoins to new users. To claim these rewards, you may need to make a minimum deposit, trade a certain amount of crypto, or use a referral link. 

It’s also possible to get free crypto by creating an account on legit coin aggregator sites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. 

However, please manage your expectations with all of these methods! You will get free crypto with these offers, but you won’t get enough to quit your day job.

Final Thoughts

It’s best to think of a crypto sign-up bonus as a “cherry on top” rather than the “meat and potatoes” of your exchange. In other words, it’s sweet that a company would give you free crypto to use their platform, but that shouldn’t be the primary reason you create an account. There’s no point in collecting free crypto if your exchange’s security standards or coin offerings don’t meet your preferences. 

Please only consider sign-up promos after you’ve analyzed the core features of various platforms. Once you have a list of companies you’re interested in, you could compare each site’s perks to see which offers the most generous rewards. 

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