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18 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online [2024 Update]

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You may be surprised to hear that some websites will pay you to watch videos online. These sites will typically give you points for watching various types of promotional videos that you can exchange for cash or gift cards.

You won’t necessarily earn much money. However, watching videos requires little effort, and it can be an excellent way to get some extra cash while you do other things.

The following are the best ways and platforms you can use to get paid to watch videos online.

Best Ways Get Paid to Watch Videos

Whether you enjoy watching videos using your phone, tablet, or desktop, here are some amazing ways to get paid to watch videos.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks homepage
Source: Swagbucks

Swagbucks provides several easy ways to make money online, including watching videos. It typically shows movie trailers, world news, or sports highlights.

The site has several themed playlists that make choosing the type of video you want to watch easy. To earn money, just select one of these playlists, press play, and watch.

You can watch Swagbucks’ videos on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone, which makes them a great way to earn cash while you are doing other activities — for example, while watching TV or riding the bus. You don’t need to interact with the content because each playlist shows all the videos automatically.

You receive points for each video you view, and you can exchange those points for cash or gift cards. (Be aware that you only earn points for  your first time watching a playlist each day, and you can only earn up to 500 points per day.)

One issue that is common across most of the sites on this list is that you need to hit an earnings threshold — $25 in the case of Swagbucks — before you can use your points. It can take a while to reach the required withdrawal limit from watching videos alone.

If you’d like to supplement your earnings, Swagbucks also pays you to answer surveys, play games, and use the company’s browser to search the web. Learn more in our Swagbucks review.

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2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars homepage
Source: InboxDollars

InboxDollars lets users earn cash by watching videos and by completing online tasks such as filling out surveys, playing games, or shopping.

When you watch videos with InboxDollars, you earn virtual scratch cards that reward you with anything from a few cents to $100. You might guess that it’s rare to receive $100, and you’d be right. The company says most cards pay between $0.05 and $0.25.

You can choose from various categories of videos, including news, celebrity gossip, entertainment, and food, which means you should be able to find something you enjoy watching — or at least something you don’t mind playing in the background.

Each category has around 24 to 30 videos you can choose from, which means there are plenty of earning options. Check back daily to maximize your points.

The great thing about Inbox Dollars is that the company gives you $5 just for signing up. You can request payment via gift card or via PayPal. But you must have at least $30 accumulated to withdraw earnings. Like Swagbucks, you can supplement video income with other tasks to reach this limit faster. Check out our InboxDollars review to learn more.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints homepage
Source: MyPoints

MyPoints is mainly a cash back app that lets you collect points when you shop at partner retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon. However, the platform also allows you to earn by taking surveys, watching videos, and browsing the Web.

MyPoints has created several playlists that you can choose from. When you watch one full video, you will earn points. You can either watch them on the MyPoints website on your desktop or laptop, or via the MyPoints app on your smartphone. You don’t need to interact with the videos, so you’re allowed  to play them while doing other activities. 

When you have 480 points, which is worth $3, you can exchange your points for a gift card of your choice  from 70 different brands, add the points exchange to your United MileagePlus travel miles account, or get cash via a PayPal deposit or a prepaid Visa card.

As an incentive to use the service, MyPoints provides users with a $10 welcome bonus, as long as you spend $20 at a participating retailer within a month of signing up. Assuming you can find a participating retailer that you already spend money with, this is a good way to save. Read our full MyPoints review to learn more.

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4. iRazoo

iRazoo watch videos for gift cards
Source: iRazoo

iRazoo has over 50 channels of content you can choose from to let you earn money watching videos. Types of videos available include ads, movie trailers, cooking tutorials, reviews, and more. The channels refresh daily, so even the most avid viewers should have plenty of content to watch.

The exact number of videos you need to watch to get paid will depend on the offer, so be sure to check before you accept a task. Sometimes you will just need to view three videos; other times, it could be 10. 

There is also no autoplay on some playlists, which means you will need to move through each video manually. This might not be a huge deal, but it does mean you can’t put the videos on in the background and leave them.

Every time you watch a video, you earn iRazoo points. iRazoo says you’ll typically make between 0.08 and 1 point per video, with each video usually being under a minute. Once you have built up enough points, you can exchange these for cash via PayPal or rewards from popular brands.

Like the above options, iRazoo has other ways you can earn money, including answering surveys and playing games. The company gives you 100 free points when you sign up, which is a nice bonus. The downside is that you need 3,000 points before you can receive your first reward.

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5. FusionCash

Source: FusionCash

FusionCash is similar to the sites above in that it lets you earn money by watching videos and taking surveys. You can also earn by trying out a product or service for a predefined period of time.

To watch videos, you just need to sign up and then head over to the relevant tab. From here, you can choose which movie you want to watch. The video will typically tell you how long it is, as well as how much it pays. Once you have watched the whole stream, the cash will be deposited into your account.

The good news is you can get a free $5 bonus for signing up to FusionCash — though you must have at least $25 in your account before you can cash out. The company offers payments through PayPal or, if you are in the U.S., direct deposit and check.

6. Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel
Source: Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a service that aims to provide estimates of the ways people use the internet, including what they watch online.

To do this, they need people like you to report on their activities. To use the service, you need to sign up, fill in a questionnaire, and then download and install the app. The app then tracks what you do and what you watch online.

As a reward, you will be entered into a monthly $10,000 sweepstake. Each month, 400 members of the service are rewarded prizes of up to $1,000.

The best thing about the service is that you literally don’t have to do anything other than surf the Web as you normally would. The downside is that you must be comfortable sharing your browsing data with the company.

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7. Netflix & Hulu (Content Taggers)

Source: Netflix

If you like watching videos online, a job tagging content at Netflix or Hulu could be your dream job. Taggers at Netflix and Hulu watch shows on the streaming platforms and record data about each one. This helps the streaming providers recommend shows to viewers.

Unlike the other ways to earn money on this list, becoming a Netflix tagger is actually a proper job rather than a way to earn some extra cash on the side. While this means that there’s potential for more money, it also means you’ll need to wait for the company to advertise the role, and then apply and pass an interview.

Netflix typically wants people with experience in the education or film industry, and those people need to be able to write well. This means not everyone is qualified for the position.

8. You-Cubez


You-Cubez is an advertising platform that pays you to watch videos that are promoted by their advertisers.

Viewers receive cash (not tokens or points) for each video that they view. The platform has new ads every day for users to watch, which means it’s possible to consistently earn money by logging in daily. The videos are advertisements paid for by You-Cubez partners.

If you’re looking for an extra way to earn money on the platform, then you can do so by referring your friends to the site, as well as by completing surveys.

When it’s time to get paid, the company sends you money via PayPal. There is a minimum payout of £8, although this reduces to £2 for Premium Plus members or £4 for Premium members. While the payment is in GBP, the app sends payments to all countries.

9. Creations Rewards

Source: CreationsRewards

Creations Rewards is a site that pays you to complete various tasks, like taking surveys, browsing the Web, and watching videos.

The site started in 2000, meaning it has a long history of rewarding its members. To get paid to watch videos, you need to sign up and then check out the Videos section to see which ones are available. If there aren’t any, check out some of the other ways to make money on the site before checking back.

Once you watch a video and complete any related tasks, you will receive credit in your account within 24 hours (but usually in less than 30 minutes). Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards.

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10. GetPaidTo

Source: GetPaidTo

GetPaidTo pays users for playing games, taking surveys, and performing quick tasks such as watching videos. When watching videos, you only need to choose a video and view it to the end to receive your points. If you don’t reach the end, you won’t receive your payment.

You earn points for every task you complete, with 5,000 points equaling $1. You can then redeem them for cash via TransferWise or Skrill, or you can exchange them for gift cards. Another nice option is the ability to receive cryptocurrencies.

Most of the videos are short features such as music videos, ads, or movie trailers, meaning you can watch them and earn money when you have a few minutes to spare.

11. EarnHoney.com

Source: EarnHoney.com

EarnHoney.com claims that you can earn money twice as fast as with other rewards programs. You can earn via surveys, games, videos, or by referring friends. There is also an app, so you can collect points on your phone wherever you are.

You can earn gift cards for Amazon, eBay, or receive money via PayPal. EarnHoney does not appear to be as polished as some of the other sites on the list, but the good news is that you only need to have $1 in your account to cash out.

12. InstaGC

Source: InstaGC

InstaGC stands for Instant Gift Cards.  InstaGC provides opportunities for people to earn by completing surveys, searching the web, or watching videos. You can also get cash back on online shopping.

When watching videos on InstaGC, you receive one point for every 20 videos that you view. As 100 points equals $1, that means you earn $0.01 for watching 20 videos (not a significant amount).

The good thing is that there is a counter which makes it easy to see how much you have earned each day. You can also receive bonuses if you watch more than 50 videos in a single week. New users can watch up to 100 videos a day.  The limit can increase up to 2,000 videos a day as you use the platform more.

As the name of the service suggests, once you have enough points, you can cash them out for gift cards.

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13. KashKick

KashKick homepage
Source: KashKick

KashKick is an online platform that offers its users the opportunity to earn cash by completing a number of tasks, including surveys, surfing the web, and watching videos. It is designed to be a simple and accessible way for people to make extra cash in their spare time.

After signing up and setting up your account, you can start exploring the available videos on the platform. These videos can vary in content, ranging from advertisements to product reviews or sponsored content. As mentioned, the platform may also offer other tasks in addition to video watching, such as surveys or completing specific actions related to the videos.

As you watch the videos or engage with the tasks, you accumulate rewards or points (ranging from $0.25 to a few dollars). The specific earning system can differ between platforms, but generally, the more videos you watch or tasks you complete, the more rewards you earn. These rewards can be redeemed for cash and gift cards.

Once you have accumulated a certain amount of rewards or points, you can typically request to cash out your earnings.

14. Earnably

Source: Earnably

Earnably is an online platform that partners with HideoutTV to allow its users to earn points for watching videos and commercials. Once users have accumulated enough rewards, they can redeem their points for cash or gift cards.

To redeem your rewards, it is important to ensure that your HideoutTV and Earnably accounts are properly linked. This linking process typically occurs automatically once you have registered on both platforms. However, please note that you will need to manually transfer your points from HideoutTV to your Earnably account.

By inviting your friends and family to the site using your exclusive referral link, you have the opportunity to earn additional points. When they sign up through your link and start completing offers, you will receive 10% of their earnings. The best part is that your extra earnings have no expiration date, allowing you to accumulate them over time. Moreover, you can maximize your earnings even further by taking advantage of promo codes and other bonuses offered by Earnably.

15. AdWallet

Source: AdWallet

AdWallet is an online platform that offers its users the opportunity to earn rewards by watching videos. Upon registering, you will receive a text message instructing you to log in to your account and watch a carefully selected short advertisement or video. Additionally, you can increase your earnings by participating in short surveys and providing answers to questions.

The value of each video typically ranges between $0.50 and $3. Once you have accumulated $10 in earnings, you become eligible to cash out. AdWallet provides multiple payout options, including PayPal, e-gift cards, bank transfers, or the choice to make a charitable donation. Furthermore, by referring others to the platform, you can earn an additional $1 for each person who signs up using your referral link.

AdWallet does not offer mobile apps, but they will notify you via text message when you have a new ad in your AdWallet account.

16. Fiverr

Fiverr get paid to watch videos
Source: Fiverr

Consider offering a service on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer, where you can get paid for watching videos.

Fiverr is a powerful platform to offer freelancing services for almost anything, including video-related tasks that can earn you additional income. Many content creators, such as YouTubers and filmmakers, are actively seeking genuine feedback or even assistance with editing their YouTube videos. You can tap into this demand and offer your expertise.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to start a service aimed at helping individuals enhance their watch time and engagement on their growing YouTube channels. By providing valuable insights and strategies, you can assist them in achieving their goals.

Freelancing offers countless possibilities for creativity and earning potential. With freelancing platforms, you can explore a wide range of video-related services and monetize your skills in an engaging and flexible way.

17. UserTesting

Usertesting.com Test Products
Source: UserTesting

Testing platforms like UserTesting and uTest are a great way to make money on the side while providing real-time feedback to brands for testing new things or even watching videos.

Typically, each test lasts around 20 minutes, and you can expect to earn $10 on average for your participation. However, there are occasions when you may complete a test in as little as 5 to 10 minutes and still receive the $10 payment. The exact duration and compensation may vary based on the specific brand and the tasks they require you to perform on-screen.

Live Tests are extended examinations that include the presence of a moderator, and the compensation can range from $30 to $60, depending on the duration of the test. What’s even better is that UserTesting pays you directly in cash, deposited straight into your PayPal account.

With testing sites like uTest UserTesting, you can leverage your opinions while earning some cash on the side.

18. Rev

Rev Transcriptions Jobs For Introverts
Source: Rev

Transcribing videos involves converting spoken words into written text, and it has become an in-demand service with various applications. Di you know you can make money transcribing videos?

Platforms like Rev allow people to make money by listening to audio and video and accurately typing what it’s being said. You can earn around $0.30 to $1.10 per audio/video, which is not bad.

Making money by providing transcription services for videos is an accessible and flexible way to monetize your skills. With the increasing demand for video content, there are ample opportunities to capitalize on this niche. By honing your transcription skills, targeting the right market, and delivering exceptional service, you can carve out a successful career and generate a sustainable income while doing what you enjoy—watching videos and transcribing them.

FAQs: Getting Paid to Watch Videos

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with regard to getting paid to watch videos online.

How Much Can I Make Watching Videos?

You won’t get paid much for watching videos. Most of the options on this list pay cents (or even less) per video watched. The upside to this is that you typically don’t have to do anything while watching a video. Most of the options allow you to set a playlist on your phone and then play it in the background while you do other activities.

Depending on the platform and how many videos you watch, you can expect to earn anywhere between $50 to $300 per month watching videos online. Based on that, our review estimates you can make between $1 to $6 per hour with this side hustle.

You can earn more by signing up for multiple platforms and maximizing your points on each one. You could even try simultaneously playing videos from one platform on your phone and videos from another on your PC.

The one exception to this is if you get a job as a Netflix tagger. This is a legitimate job rather than online tasks completed for points, which means you will receive a wage for your time. Of course, this comes with its own downsides, like having to go through an application process or not being able to do the work if you already have employment.

How Do You Get Paid for Watching Videos?

The process for most of the platforms above is that you sign up for the service and then begin watching videos. You receive points for each video you watch, which you can later convert into cash or gift vouchers. Cash is often paid via PayPal, so you should sign up to get a PayPal account first if you don’t already have one.

You typically need to reach a cashout limit before you see your money. In most cases, you can supplement the money you earn from watching videos by filling out surveys or completing other tasks to help you reach the limit faster.

How Long Are the Videos I Need to Watch?

The videos are typically short features like music videos, advertisements, or trailers. Many of the above platforms organize the videos into playlists that automatically play one video after another.

The benefit of this is that you can just turn on a playlist and leave it running instead of having to constantly select new videos. The downside is that, in some cases, you will only get paid if you watch all the way through the playlist. If, for some reason, you have to stop watching, you won’t get paid.

Final Thoughts

Watching videos is an easy way to earn money online. You can typically play videos in the background while doing other activities. Even if many of the videos are promotional, it is still a fun way to earn.

The downside is that you typically only earn a few cents or less per video. This can make it hard to bring in real money unless you spend a lot of time watching videos and are very consistent. In terms of time spent compared to money earned, there are better options.

Nonetheless, while we wouldn’t recommend that anyone rely on watching videos online for their primary income source, it can be a fun way to supplement your other income.

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