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60 Best Ways to Make Money as a Kid in 2024

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Making money as a kid has never been easier than it is today! In the past, you had to wait until you were old enough to work a minimum wage job or hope that your neighbors would be nice enough to buy lemonade from your stand.

Now with the internet and social media, the opportunities to make money as a kid have greatly expanded. No matter your age, interests, or skills, you’re sure to find a money-making idea on this list that will be a great fit for you. With a little hustle and entrepreneurial spirit, the income potential of these ideas is infinite!

How to Make Money as a Kid

Give one of these 60 ideas to make money as a kid a try and let us know how it goes.

1. Start a Blog

Enjoy writing? Starting a blog is a great way to make money as a kid. As you write blog posts and gain traffic to your content, you’ll be able to apply to ad networks and affiliate programs, which are two great ways to monetize your blog. 

How to make money as a kid blogging
Source: Canva

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2. Start a YouTube Channel

Prefer to create videos? Pick a niche that you’re knowledgeable about and create videos designed to help others solve problems. Once you reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers you can monetize your videos with ads, as well as make money by recommending affiliate products to your audience. 

3. Do Paid Online Surveys

Completing online surveys is an easy way to make some quick money in your downtime. Most survey sites require you to be at least 18 years old to participate, but Swagbucks allows users to be 13. For LifePoints, the minimum age is 14. 

4. Become a Streamer

Video game streaming is a huge industry and it’s never been easier to get involved with platforms like Twitch and YouTube Games. By recording your gaming action and uploading to one of these platforms, you can make money by selling a subscription to your channel, displaying ads in your stream, or working with brands. 

5. Become an App Tester

Kids are sought after as testers for new apps because they often catch things that adults miss. When participating in an in-person app testing session, you can expect a payment of $300 to $400, or you can do online app testing with companies like PlayTestCloud, which typically pays $7 for a 15-minute test plus survey.

6. Make Music and Sell It

Got an ear for music? Creating music and uploading it to Spotify is one way to make money. Spotify pays based on the total number of streams that you have in a month. You can also fund your music on Patreon and have “patrons” pledge to give money each time you create a song in exchange for benefits like getting to download it. 

Kid Musician
Source: Canva

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7. Create Apps

If you’ve got coding knowledge, then creating an app is a great way to get paid for your skills. Google and Apple’s digital app stores generate billions in revenue a year, so there is always a need for new apps on the market. If you don’t have coding skills, but still want to create an app, you can use a kids app builder like AppyPie.

8. Create Crafts & Sell Them Online

There are so many different crafts that you can do to sell products online. You can, for example, make slime, tie-dyed t-shirts and homemade candles. Once you’ve found a popular craft that you enjoy doing, setting up an Etsy shop is an easy way to start selling. You can also set up a Facebook page or Instagram account and sell directly from those platforms. 

9. Become a TikTok or Instagram Celebrity

You don’t have to be a famous celebrity to gain influence on TikTok or Instagram. Once you’ve attracted a following, you can start recommending products using your affiliate links. Pick a niche (a topic that you want to create content on), stay consistent with your posting, and you’ll be off to a great start.

10. Sell Used Items Online

Everyone has things around the house that they don’t want anymore. Consider selling your old toys online for money or taking a cut of the profits for selling items owned by others. There are quite a few online marketplaces for used items including Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, and LetGo. 

11. Become a Photographer

If you love taking photos, becoming a photographer may be a great fit. You’ll typically need a high-resolution camera, however, high-quality iPhone photos are acceptable in some situations. You can sell your photos to online stock photo sites or offer photography services for local events and organizations. 

Make money as a kid selling photographs
Source: Canva

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12. Sell T-Shirts Online

By using print-on-demand companies, you can create a T-shirt design and when someone buys it the print-on-demand company will print it and ship it to them. That way, you can focus only on selling your shirts. Merch by Amazon is a popular option for selling T-shirts online.

13. Sell Collectibles Online

When selling collectibles online, you’ll want to pick a marketplace like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Amazon if you’re selling new items. Collectibles can command a higher price because they are in demand, so be sure to research the appropriate price point to list your items. 

14. Become a Video Editor

A video editor takes raw video footage and edits it into a finished video clip. This can require some skill, so taking an online class to learn how to use video editing software is a good idea. You can look for freelance editing jobs on sites like Fiverr and Upwork to gain experience and start making money.

15. Rent Your Stuff out for Cash

Renting your own stuff can become a profitable side-hustle especially if you have in-demand items to rent such as a car, a bike, sports equipment, tools, or clothing and accessories. However, there are also sites like Loanables where you can try listing pretty much any item that you’d like to loan out for cash.

16. Become a Mystery Shopper

In most cases, you’ll need to be 18 years old to sign up as a mystery shopper. However, if your parents are willing, you can accompany them on assignments and take care of most of the work involved. This normally includes buying products, saving the receipts, and documenting the process for the mystery shopping company. 

17. Babysit

If you enjoy being around kids, then babysitting is always a great option. The average hourly pay for babysitters in the US is $17, however, this can vary depending on where you live. Consider offering a monthly date-night service as a way to make a regular income. You can use services like Sittercity to find work.

18. Walk Dogs

A tired dog is a happy dog and pet owners are always looking for help to make sure their dog is getting the exercise it needs. This could be a great after-school job that you do daily. Consider putting out flyers in your neighborhood or post on the local neighborhood FB page. You can also use apps like Rover to find work. Check out our Rover review to learn more.

Kid Dog Walker
Source: Canva

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19. Have a Yard Sale

If your family has a lot of items that they are looking to get rid of, consider hosting a yard sale. You can sell your own items, as well as offer to sell the items of other people for a percentage of the profit. Put up signs, and list your sale on local yard sale sites so that as many people as possible know about it. 

20. Wash Cars

People enjoy having a clean car, but don’t want to be bothered with taking it to a car wash. You can make money by offering a regular car wash service to your neighbors. Invest in some quality car washing rags and soap and you’re all set. 

21. Water Plants for People 

Do your neighbors plant gardens or have nice landscaping? You can make money by offering to water their plants on a regular schedule. This can become a popular service especially in the summer months when it’s hotter and people are away from their homes for vacations. 

22. Mow Lawns

If you’re old enough to mow your own lawn, then offering the same service to others is a great way to make money. You’ll likely be able to pick up repeat customers who would like weekly mowings, making it a great way to ensure a regular income. 

Kid Lawn Mowing
Source: Canva

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23. Make Jewelry and Sell It

Handmade jewelry is a sought-after item and it shouldn’t be too hard to find a style that you enjoy making. Jewelry can be sold online through craft marketplaces, like Etsy, or locally at craft fairs and festivals.

24. Offer Pet Care Services

Pet owners are always looking for quality care for their pets when they travel. Instead of taking their pets to a kennel, you can offer to watch their pets in their own home. This typically involves feeding, cleaning up messes, and exercising the pets. 

25. Do Graphic Design Work

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are often in need of quality graphics for social media, online marketing, and logo design. You could create a package of pre-made graphics to sell or offer personalized design services. Upwork and Fiverr are two great places to get started. 

26. Blow/Shovel Snow

Does your location get regular snowfall in the winter? If so, offering to blow snow and shovel off driveways in your neighborhood can be a great way to make money. Make sure you have your supplies in advance and be ready to spread the word as soon as the snow starts falling. 

27. Run a Lemonade Stand

It might sound cliche, but running a lemonade stand can be a great money-making option, especially during the summer months. This works best if you’re able to set up your stand in a location where there is a decent amount of foot traffic. 

28. Bake Goodies and Sell Them

If you enjoy baking cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, or bread, you can sell them at a local event like a farmer’s market or fair. Make sure you take a look at your state’s health codes to be sure you’re doing everything legally before you get started. 

29. Scoop Dog Poop from People’s Yards

No one enjoys the job of scooping poop, so that makes it a perfect opportunity to make money! You can offer a weekly service of yard clean-up to every neighbor who owns a dog. It’s a great job that you can fit into your schedule while still making a regular weekly income. 

30. Paint Houses

Got a knack for painting? House painting is a task that homeowners put off because it feels like a big undertaking. Be proactive in offering your services and you’ll likely convince at least a few people in your neighborhood that it’s time to paint their home. You can offer both indoor and outdoor painting options.

Source: Canva

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31. Put up Holiday Decorations

It’s fun and festive to have a decorated house for the holidays, but it can also take up a lot of time. A few ideas of jobs you could do would be putting up holiday lights, decorating Christmas trees, or decorating for Halloween. 

32. Run a Flea Market Stand

A flea market stand pretty much guarantees customers walking by, so it’s just a matter of offering items that people want to buy. You could sell crafts, collectibles, antiques, T-shirts, used toys, or any other sought-after category of items. You’ll want to show up to your flea market stand every week for best results. 

33. Wash Windows

Window washing is another one of those tasks that homeowners often put off but would love to have done. Create a brochure that offers your window washing service to circulate around your neighborhood. People are likely to see you out working and will be reminded that they want to book you too! 

34. Run a Vending Machine

Running a vending machine is a great way for kids to get started as an entrepreneur. You’ll need some upfront cash (and help from a parent) to buy the machine, get a business license and find a location for your machine. Then it’s a matter of managing inventory, buying new food items, and keeping your machine stocked and functioning. 

Make money as a kid with vending machines
Source: Canva

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35. Help with Laundry 

Talk to any parent and you’ll likely hear that they’re sick and tired of doing the laundry! As a laundry helper, you’ll take on laundry tasks like folding and putting away clothes, or ironing if needed. 

36. Housesit

When people travel, they often feel better when someone is looking after their home. House-sitting can involve living in the house while the family is away or it can be as simple as checking in on the house daily.

37. Give Music Lessons

If you’re skilled at playing an instrument or singing, giving music lessons can be a great way to make money. Other kids that are just getting started in music would likely love to learn from someone around their age. 

38. Show People How to Use a Computer

Teaching people how to use a computer can be a great service, especially if you live near a senior community. Things that come easy to you like checking email or social media may seem complicated to them and offer a great opportunity for you to help. 

39. Teach a Foreign Language

If you’re fluent in a second language, providing foreign language instruction can be a profitable side-hustle. People love to learn languages from a native speaker so that they get used to the correct pronunciation and accent. You can teach either in-person or online via Zoom calls. 

Teaching English
Source: Canva

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40. Organize Closets

Organizing is a task that can be easy to put off, but everyone loves a nicely organized closet. You can offer to declutter, sort, and organize closets in the home including the coat closet, bedroom closet, or even the pantry. 

41. Clean Gutters

Offering gutter cleaning services to homeowners in your neighborhood after a downpour is a good idea because they will be acutely aware of needing it. Make sure you have a quality ladder or a gutter cleaning wand so that you’re ready for the job. 

42. Clean Carpets & Furniture

A clean carpet and furniture can really spruce up a room and make it feel fresh, but it’s a job that takes some time and effort, which makes it a great opportunity for a responsible kid. You’ll need to rent or buy a carpet cleaning machine to do the work. 

43. Do People’s Nails

Experienced at painting nails? Rather than going to a salon, people can come to you for manicures, pedicures, and nail painting. You’ll need a nice setup with a good selection of polishes, and a comfy chair for your clients to sit in. Remember to always fully clean your tools after each client. 

44. Run Errands

No one has enough time in their day to take care of everything, so running errands for busy parents or professionals can be a great side hustle. This could include tasks like returning books to the library, delivering packages to the post office, picking up dog food, or any other errand that someone needs to run.

Source: Canva

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45. Clean Shoes 

Many people take pride in their shoes, but keeping shoes clean can take some time and effort. You could offer a weekly or monthly shoe cleaning service where you regularly clean your client’s selection of shoes for a fee to keep them looking fresh. 

46. Digitize Photos 

People that grew up before digital photos were the norm have boxes full of old photos, which can easily be damaged or lost. Now people have an interest in digitizing their older photos. To offer this type of service you’ll need to invest in a quality photo scanner to do the work. 

47. Become a Party Entertainer

Are you naturally the life of the party? Then being a party entertainer for younger kids’ parties may be your perfect money-making opportunity. You can dress up as a movie character or princess, or do magic tricks, make balloon animals, or paint faces. 

48. DJ for Local Parties & Weddings

If you love popular music and have a knack for mixing it together, then being a DJ for local parties and weddings may be your ideal job. You’ll need a DJ switchboard and a little practice before your first paying gig. Consider gaining experience at birthday parties of people you know. 

Kid DJ
Source: Canva

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49. Become a Personal Assistant

Typically, a personal assistant works with one person, assisting them in their day-to-day life with whatever tasks they need done. This could include responding to emails, setting appointments, meeting with repairmen, or pretty much any other needed task. 

50. Cut Hair

Offering a hair-cutting service can be a profitable way to make money. If you’re just getting started, you may want to take an introductory class on cutting hair to gain some practice first. You’ll need to invest in supplies like scissors, brushes, and a hairdryer. 

51. Do General Yard Work

Pretty much every homeowner could use additional help to keep their yard maintained. There is always something that needs to be done including pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, sodding the lawn, planting the garden, and many other tasks. If you’re willing to work hard out in the elements, then this could be a good gig year-round.  

52. Become a Professional Gamer

Professional gamers compete worldwide in tournaments sponsored by the Major League Gaming circuit. The best way to get started is to pick one game and become an expert at it. You can build your reputation by lifestreaming your gameplay as well as playing in online gaming tournaments. 

53. Recycle Cans and Other Scrap

Did you know you can make money by recycling cans and other scraps? First, you’ll want to find a collection site in your area and verify which types of materials they’ll accept for cash. Then you can start collecting from your own family, from people in your neighborhood, or even by cleaning up the local park looking for cans. 

54. Run a Farmer’s Market Stand

Setting up a stand at the local farmer’s market can be a great way to make regular income throughout the market season. You could sell homemade crafts or jewelry, vegetables from your garden, baked goods, homemade candles, or quite a few other homemade items. 

55. Sell Voice Overs

If you have good voice quality and can easily memorize lines, then selling voiceovers could be a great money-making option for you. The best way to break into the business is to take a voice-over class, create a demo recording, and subscribe to some online casting services. You can also practice by offering your services for gigs on Upwork or Fiverr.

Make money as a kid with voice overs
Source: Canva

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56. Flip Products on eBay

Flipping products for a profit on eBay is all about finding sought-after products that you can buy for a lower price and sell for a higher price. You can accomplish this by going to the clearance sections of local stores or online websites to buy items to flip.

57. Build a Website for Someone Else

If you know how to build a website, then you have a skill that many local businesses could use. You’ll likely find quite a few small businesses that would greatly benefit from a website but don’t know how to create one themselves, and don’t want to pay a large amount to get it done. That’s where you come in! 

58. Take a Gig on Fiverr

If you’re not sure what you want to do to make money then simply browse Fiverr. There are hundreds of gigs listed each day with a great variety of services. Find one to give a try, and if you don’t enjoy it you can always try something else the next time you take a gig.

59. Tutor Others

Are you skilled in an academic subject and feel like you could help others in it? If so, parents are often looking for tutors either after school or during the summer months to help their kids with their homework or to get caught up in their studies for the next school year. 

60. Help out Seniors

Some seniors don’t like to drive or have mobility issues that prevent them from doing work around their homes. You could offer services to seniors to help them with running errands, taking them to or from appointments, or simply helping out at their home with tasks like cooking, cleaning, and yard work.

FAQ About How to Make Money as a Kid

We’ve found some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to how to make money as a kid, here are hour answers.

Why Should I Make Money as a Kid? 

Making money as a kid is a great way to learn financial literacy skills early in life. By making your own money, you’ll learn the value of the money you make and how much work it requires to buy the things you want. 

Rather than relying on your parents or waiting around for your next birthday gift, you’ll get a taste of what it means to be financially independent. Once you understand that you can make money completely on your own, it opens up so many possibilities for you. You can start saving up for a long-term goal and make plans for exactly how you’ll reach it. 

How to Make Money as a Kid Fast? 

There are quite a few ideas on this list for kids to make money fast that don’t require much advance planning. It’s as simple as offering a service, doing the work, and getting paid for your efforts. Some ideas for making quick money as a kid are babysitting, running errands, washing cars, doing general yard work, and completing online surveys. 

When Should Kids Start Making Money?

Six years old is often thought of as a good time for kids to start making money. Typically kids start with a weekly allowance paid by their parents in exchange for completing specific household tasks. 

Making money by offering services to neighbors you already know is a great next step. Some of the ideas on this list can easily be done by young kids, although you may need help from an adult to completely set up the business and market your offer.

Final Thoughts

One of the most exciting things about making money as a kid today is that it doesn’t have to mean taking on a minimum wage job. Creating your own opportunities to make money as a kid is a great way to get a taste of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Maybe one day you’ll end up being the CEO of your own company.

In the meantime, you can lean on your skills and natural talents to create a lucrative side hustle that allows you to make money doing something that you enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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