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How to Sell Pokemon Cards for Cash: Everything You Need to Know

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Pokemon cards have been impressively popular since their debut in 1996. Whether you’re a baby boomer, a millennial, Gen X, or Gen Z, there’s a good chance you recognize Pikachu. The release of Pokemon Go in the 2010s earned the game even more fans.

If you’re a fan yourself or just looking for a creative side hustle, consider selling Pokemon cards. There are thousands of collectors out there, both casual and serious. And there are opportunities to make some significant money.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know, from the best online marketplaces to grading and pricing. 

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards?

No matter how much your cards are worth, you won’t make money if you don’t know where to sell them. Here, we’ll cover the best places, both local and online, to sell Pokemon cards.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad is an online marketplace specializing in Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other collectibles. You can sell either individual or bulk cards here. 

Once you send in your cards, you’ll get paid within five days after your package is processed. 

Troll and Toad makes it easy to see what you can earn. When you search for your card or collection, you’ll see the current price and the quantity you can sell.

Payment options include paper check, PayPal, and website credit. If you choose store credit, you can get an additional 35% for non-bulk orders. 

Troll and Toad Pokemon Cards
Source: Troll and Toad

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eBay gives you more control over your earnings than other sites. You can list your cards for a fixed price or create an auction. You can also decide whether to charge the buyer for shipping costs or cover them yourself. There’s even a local pickup option if you want to try selling in person. 

Each month, you can create up to 200 listings for free. If you start an eBay store, you’ll get additional free uploads. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient option for people who prefer to sell in person. You’ll need a Facebook account to use the site. 

You can list items for free and there are no selling fees. You’ll also save on shipping costs by meeting your buyer in person. 

You choose your price and whether you’re willing to haggle. Use the payment method that works best for you and your buyer—popular options include cash, PayPal, and Venmo. 

With any in-person exchange, it’s essential to be safe. Bring a friend if you can and meet in a public place.


Cardmarket is an online marketplace based in Germany. They specialize in Pokemon cards, but you can also sell Yu-Gi-Oh, Dragon Ball Z, and more. 

The site works best for people in certain European countries, including Germany and the U.K. You’ll need to be in Europe to use it or work with someone who has an address there.

You set your price and it’s free to create a listing. When you make a sale, you’ll pay a fee of 5% of the sale value. Payments are via bank transfer.

Cardmarket Pokemon Cards
Source: Cardmarket

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Card Cavern

Card Cavern specializes in codes for PTCGO (Pokemon the Trading Card Game Online). Rather than selling physical cards on the site, you can sell online codes that people redeem electronically. When you make a sale, the buyer receives their codes via email. 

In addition to PTCGO codes, you can sell certain individual Pokemon cards on Card Cavern. They only accept physical cards in near-mint condition. 

Sellers are responsible for shipping costs, but you’ll get a discount on shipping for orders of $50 and up. 

You can choose a PayPal payment or store credit.


TCGPlayer is a site where people buy and sell collectible game cards. You can use it to sell Pokemon, Digimon, and much more. 

It’s free to sign up and create listings. When you make a sale, you’ll pay a marketplace commission of about 10%, plus a PayPal fee.

The site offers unique tools for people who are serious about selling cards as a business. They’ll even host a customized Pro Website for you to help you connect with customers. To access these features, you’ll need to create a Pro Seller account.

TCGPlayer Pokemon Cards
Source: TCGPlayer

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Local Comic Stores

Selling to a local shop is probably the most convenient option, as long as there is one near you. You won’t have to create a listing or worry about shipping. If you need cash now, this is the way to go. 

The main downside of selling to a comic store is that the prices tend to be lower than you can find online. If you’re in a bigger city with multiple stores, get a few different offers to compare. 

Cape Fear Games

Cape Fear Games (CFG) buys cards directly from sellers. They specialize in card and board games.

CFG takes both individual cards and bulk lots. When you’re ready to sell, use the site to create a buylist and see your estimated payout. Once you submit your buylist, you’ll get an approval email. From there, you’ll have one week to ship your cards.

Payment options include PayPal, check, or store credit. 

Dave and Adam’s

Dave & Adam’s Card World buys collectible cards. Their main focus is baseball and other sports cards, but they’re one of the best places to sell Pokemon. 

You can create a sell list yourself if you have certain box sets or rare, near-mint cards. You’ll be able to see how much Dave & Adam’s will pay for these items. To sell singles, fill out a form describing your cards and someone will get back to you with an offer. 

Payments are in the form of PayPal, check, or cash.

Dave and Adam's
Source: Dave & Adam’s

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CCG Castle

CCG Castle is a straightforward site that buys collectible game cards. Start by enabling BuyList mode, then explore the site to see what they’ll buy. It’s easy to see how much you can earn for bulk orders, booster boxes, and more.

Create a BuyList and submit it, and CCG Castle will make you an offer. Once they receive your shipment, they’ll process it within three business days. Payout methods include PayPal and store credit. 

CCG Castle only buys cards that are in English and in mint or near-mint condition. 


If you want to sell your cards in person, try Craigslist

You have control over your prices and payment methods over this platform. You’ll want to do some research on your cards to make sure you get a fair price. One nice thing about Craigslist is that there are no fees for listing items or for sales. 

Keep an eye out for scammers and only hand over your cards once you’ve received payment. 

Facebook Groups

In addition to the local Facebook Marketplace, there are groups devoted to buying and selling Pokemon cards. Some users have better luck with groups since they can reach more people who understand the cards’ value. 

One group, called Pokemon Buy and Sell Cards, currently has 70,000 members. 

When you join a group, be sure to review the rules before you post items for sale. 

Pokemon Cards Buy and Sell Groups
Source: Pokemon Cards Facebook Group

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Sell2BBNovelties buys individual and bulk cards in mint condition. They’re one of the best sites for selling in bulk since shipping is free for orders of $30 or more. They’re also transparent about their bulk prices. They pay $0.25 for holographics, $0.06 for rares, and $0.02 for commons and uncommons.

To get started, search by product name or UPC. Click “Sell Item Now” to begin creating a sell order. 

After you ship your items, you’ll typically receive payment in one week or less. Payment options are PayPal or store credit to BBToyStore.com. 

How to Sell Pokemon Cards

Selling your Pokemon cards is a complex undertaking if you want to maximize your earnings. In this section, we’ll cover each step of the process.

Define a Selling Strategy

The first step is to decide on a selling strategy. Do you want to sell individual cards or an entire collection? Your answer depends on the number of cards you have and the time and energy you want to put in. 

Organize Your Pokemon Cards

To sell cards individually, start by separating them into sets, such as Jungle or Gym Heroes. If you have any complete sets, you can sell them for a higher price, but it’s okay if you don’t. 

To determine a card’s set, look for the symbol, usually in the lower right-hand corner. There are a ton of different symbols, but there are several websites that will tell you what they mean. For now, sort the cards into sets with matching symbols.

If you’re selling a collection, consider organizing the cards based on type: Pokemon, trainer, energy, or miscellaneous. 

Sort Your Pokemon Cards Numerically

Next, sort your cards numerically within the set. There will be two numbers in the bottom right corner of each card, separated by a slash. The first number is for the card and the second is how many cards are in the set. For example, the Sword & Shield set includes a Vulpix card with the number 022/202. Vulpix is the 22nd card out of 202 total in the set. 

Put your cards in order based on the first number. Now, notice the rarity symbol next to the numbers. This is different from the set symbol. Here, you’ll see either a star, diamond, or circle. Star cards are rare, diamonds are uncommon, and circles are common. 

For a collection, you can skip this step. Just count the number of cards you have for each type and make a note for your listing.

Make a List of Your Pokemon Cards

If you have more than a handful of cards, it’s helpful to make a list. This will help you price them and create an online listing for sale. 

Using Excel or another spreadsheet software will help you keep your list organized. 

Package Your Pokemon Cards Neatly

To get your cards ready to sell, package them safely. You can package them individually, in boxes or binders, packs of ten, etc. Just keep in mind that keeping them in mint or near-mint condition will improve your earnings. 

For individual cards, you can use a protective penny sleeve from a comic shop or Amazon. 

Price Your Pokemon Cards

Now that you’ve organized your cards and created a list, pricing them will be much easier. If you’re using a spreadsheet, you can keep track of the total value of your collection. 

Many of the websites in the “Where to Sell Pokemon Cards” section above can help with pricing. If you want to sell directly to a site, look up each set or card and find the listed price. If you’re selling locally or on a site where you choose your price, use eBay to look up recent sales. You’ll get an idea of what different cards sell for. 

If your cards are used or damaged, people may still buy them but you’ll get a lower price. Check out the FAQ in the next section for more details on determining a card’s value. 

List Them on Your Favorite Selling Site

Now you’re ready to list your cards on the site you prefer. Our recommendations are described above. 

FAQs About How to Sell Pokemon Cards

Are you getting ready to dive into the world of selling Pokemon cards but still have questions? Keep reading for answers.

What Influences the Value of a Pokemon Card?

Several factors determine a card’s value. 

The card’s rarity is one of the most important characteristics to understand. The rarer a card is, the more demand it generates. Here’s one example: there are only seven copies of the No. 1 Trainer card in existence. One of them sold for $90,000 in July of 2020. 

A card’s condition is the next most important factor. Mint and near-mint cards sell for much more than damaged ones. To confirm a card’s condition, you can have it graded. Graded cards are more valuable than non-graded. 

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the most popular place to have cards graded. They grade on a ten-point scale where ten indicates “gem mint,” and one means “poor.” Poor cards have significant creasing, dirtiness, or other damage.

How Much are Pokemon Cards Worth?

There’s a massive range in the worth of different cards. Energy cards sell for pennies. The rarest cards, like certain holographics, go for hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

The cards’ condition is a major factor in their worth. Mint cards are the most valuable, followed by lightly played ones. Damaged cards are tough to sell.

Who Buys Pokemon Cards?

Buyers range from celebrity collectors to nostalgic millennials and kids who want to play with the cards. 

The rapper Logic purchased a first edition Charizard for $220,000 during an auction in October 2020. He later described how he always wanted to play Pokemon as a child, but his family couldn’t afford it. 

How to Tell How Much a Pokemon Card Is Worth?

Two main factors that determine a card’s worth: rarity and condition. In general, the rarer a card is, the more it’s worth. And a card that’s in mint condition is worth more than a damaged one.

To find out how much a card is worth, search for it on a site like Troll and Toad. Find out how much a mint condition version sells for. Then, realistically assess what shape the card is in.

If you have a rare, expensive card, you can get it graded before selling.  

How Do You Identify a Fake Pokemon Card?

With some sellers making thousands on Pokemon, it’s no surprise that there are also scammers. One unfortunately common scam is creating counterfeit cards.

To check a card’s legitimacy, compare it to your other cards. The quality of the cardstock and printing should be similar. Many fakes are thinner than real cards.

Can I Get Someone to Value My Pokemon Card?

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) is the gold standard for grading cards. The price for grading varies, but in most cases, it’s only worthwhile if you believe your collection is very valuable.

To begin, create an account on PSA’s site and follow the instructions.

What Are Rarity Symbols on Pokemon Cards?

Each card has a rarity symbol, usually in the bottom right corner next to the number. Here’s what the symbols tell you:

  • Circle: Common card
  • Diamond: Uncommon card
  • Star: Rare and most valuable card 

Rare cards are broken down further into categories like Secret Rare and Ultra Rare. You’ll need to do a bit of additional research to see if your card is one of these.

How to Spot a Rare Pokemon Card?

Cards that have a star symbol in the bottom right are rare. Aside from that, there are a few characteristics to look for. 

Holographic, or holo, cards have a shiny, reflective background. Reverse holo cards are shiny everywhere except the illustration. 

Secret Rares show a number above the number in the set, such as 136/135. 

There’s a huge range of valuable cards out there, so if you think you have one, do some research online.

What Are the Most Valuable Pokemon Cards?

Some of the most valuable cards come from the Pokemon Base Set. This set was the first expansion pack and was released in English in 1999.

A Charizard Shadowless Holo from the base set is estimated at $2,032. A Blastoise Shadowless Holo comes in at $797.99. These are just some examples of the valuable cards you might come across. 

Pokemonprices.com is helpful for learning about other prized cards.

Final Thoughts

From the thrill of finding a rare holographic card to making a big sale, selling Pokemon cards is just plain fun. The game’s popularity has held steady since the 90s, proving that this isn’t some flash-in-the-pan trend.

Like most side hustles, you’ll get out what you put in. Taking some time to understand the cards’ characteristics and prices will help you earn the highest profit. 

You might have a few old cards that you want to find a new home for. Or, you might be planning to launch an online Pokemon store. Either way, we hope you find selling Pokemon cards both fun and lucrative.

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