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30 Best Side Hustles For Couples In 2024

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Remote work and the gig economy have created new avenues for people to develop new sources of income, build wealth, and ultimately achieve financial freedom. 

Side hustling for supplemental income is more talked about now than ever before, not to mention how easy it is for people to gain access to the knowledge and resources to get started.

Couples, in particular, are looking for new and creative ways to work together and support each other in a side hustle that will benefit their financial stability. That is where I want to focus our discussion on this article.

There are countless side hustles that couples can choose to pursue, from freelance work and gig work to online businesses and creative opportunities. Let’s highlight the best side hustles for couples today.

Freelance Side Hustles For Couples

Freelance side hustles are a great way for couples to bring in some extra income by offering their services to clients, typically on a short-term contract basis.

Here are some of the best freelance side hustles for couples.

1. Proofreading 

Proofreaders are generally responsible for reviewing written content to make sure that it is completely error-free. Proofreading is typically focused specifically on spelling and grammar rather than editing content from a more conceptual standpoint.

Proofreading is the final step of the writing process, where the content is given a final read-through and evaluated for mechanical correctness (i.e., grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, etc.). This will often be done after all other revisions and editing have been completed.

One of the great things about proofreading as a side hustle for couples is the fact that it allows for a flexible schedule and does not require any upfront cost to get going. It can be a fun and rewarding way to work together, find clients, and support each other through projects.

Pay: Proofreaders in the United States earn an average rate of $25.83 per hour for their services. The pay rate will typically depend on things like experience, project scope, and location.

How to get started: Getting started as a proofreading couple has been made easier by a variety of awesome online tools and resources, from YouTube videos and proofreading forums to apps like Grammarly.

I recommend checking out Caitlin Pyle’s free workshop course offered through her Proofread Anywhere platform, which provides valuable business guidance and tips for attracting prospects.

Upwork proofreading couple side hustles
Source: Upwork

2. Become Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are remote-working professionals who provide administrative services and/or other support services to clients. 

The typical job description for a virtual assistant involves tasks like managing and responding to emails, scheduling appointments and managing a calendar, handling customer relations, and creating/managing spreadsheets and other digital documents.

For couples, taking on a side hustle as virtual assistants is a great way to build a business as a team and work strictly from home. It can even be beneficial in ways like splitting up the workload, leveraging each other’s strengths, and providing more available work hours to earn.

Pay: Virtual assistants in the United States earn an average rate of $28.44 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on the specific client, your experience level and expertise, and the demand for VAs in your area.

How to get started: Get started as a virtual assistant couple by building relevant skills and marketing your business to potential customers. 

To learn more about everything you need to build a successful virtual assistant side hustle, from building processes and scheduling your time, to finding clients and getting paid, I recommend checking out Gina Horkey’s free video series for virtual assistants. She will teach you how to get 3 clients in 3 days.

3. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is another interesting side hustle option for couples who are looking to start earning some extra income. Work together in a completely remote environment and leverage each other’s skills to deliver excellent services.

Bookkeepers are generally responsible for the general tracking of a company’s financial transactions and relevant documentation. This includes things like creating invoices and statements, recording expenses, and managing different account logistics.

Pay: Bookkeepers in the United States earn an average rate of $20.57 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on your relevant experience, training, services offered, and location/demand.

How to get started: Couples who are looking to get started with a bookkeeping side hustle should consider taking an online course or bookkeeping certification program together. This will help solidify the basics and provide a boost for their resumes.

Kelly Robinson created Bookkeepers.com to help provide guidance and information to new entrepreneurs. She offers a Free Masterclass as well as a comprehensive business launch course for people looking to dive in.

Bookkeper side hustles for couples
Source: Bookkepers.com

4. Social Media Management

Social media management has become one of the most critical and in-demand positions in the digital marketing world. Social media is one of the most powerful tools a business can leverage, and having someone who is social media savvy is incredibly important.

Social media management tasks can include a variety of different things, like creating content, scheduling content posts across platforms, executing social media campaigns, implementing strategies to increase outreach, and more.

This is a great side hustle for couples who have social media knowledge and understand the space. Take on projects together and provide your clients with double the brains and double the effort.

Pay: Social media managers in the United States earn an average rate of $26.13 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on things like experience and knowledge of social media management platforms/tools, the niche you are working in, as well as your location.

How to get started: Getting started as a social media manager should begin with building your skills and expertise. Start by learning the tools and software typically associated with social media management (i.e., analytics tools, content curation tools, content scheduling tools, etc.).

Get experience by taking social media management gigs with smaller companies, startups, and businesses that are still getting off the ground. You may not be making the big bucks, but the experience you will build is truly invaluable.

I recommend looking for online social media management opportunities on platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.

5. Freelance Writing

Couples who enjoy writing and have the skills to create engaging content can definitely find success with a freelance writing side hustle. Divide up tasks between the two of you based on your areas of interest and writing skills, and support each other in business building.

Content writers will generally be doing things like researching and writing articles, blog posts, and other informative content for clients. Copywriters, on the other hand, are traditionally writing more marketing-focused pieces, including email marketing campaigns, product descriptions, landing page sales copy, and more.

The great thing about a freelance writing side hustle as a couple is to have the ability to leverage twice the amount of knowledge, expertise, and writing skill to deliver the best possible content.

Pay: Freelance writers in the United States earn an average rate of $33.02 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on your niche and scope of work, relevant industry experience, and in some cases, your location.

How to get started: Start up your freelance writing side hustle as a couple by leveraging the wide variety of tools and resources available. From online courses to YouTube videos to freelance writing job sites — there are so many great ways to get ahead.

I recommend checking out Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course, designed for ambitious freelance writers who are looking to dive headfirst into the hustle and learn everything they can. Holly is able to earn over $200,000 per year writing for clients.

6. Web Development

Web development can involve a number of different aspects related to the building and maintenance of a website. From coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaSript to build the framework of a website to modifying and updating it to maintain it over time.

If you and your significant other both have a passion for technology and a desire to learn web development, this can definitely be a great side hustle to take on. Take courses and learn skills together, network with clients together, and collaborate with each other to get projects done.

Pay: Web developers in the United States earn an average rate of $36.46 per hour for their services. The pay rate will be affected by factors like your relevant experience, expertise with certain software, the scope of work, and your location.

How to get started: Getting your web development side hustle started will require some initial steps to build skills and confidence as a web developer. Dive into online courses, web dev programs, and other useful training tools to get yourself going.

Learn how to build on one or two popular web development platforms that your clients will be receptive to (I recommend Wix for beginners and Webflow for intermediate to advanced developers)

Create a portfolio of work to show potential clients, and don’t be afraid to use mock-ups if you don’t have any real work samples yet.

For beginner web developers, I recommend checking out “The Web Developer Bootcamp” course on Udemy. The course includes over 63 hours of on-demand video and over 110 downloadable resources to help accelerate your learning experience.

Working Nomads and We Work Remotely are excellent marketplaces for couples to find remote work as web developers.

We Work Remotely For Couples
Source: We Work Remotely

7. Graphic Design

Graphic designers specialize in creating visual content that can be used to help communicate concepts and ideas, create brand recognition, and ultimately engage an audience of consumers. 

Designers typically create content by hand and/or by using graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva. Common projects include things like designing brand logos, creating different variations, and editing existing photos.

Couples who want to leverage their creative skills should dive into a graphic design side hustle. Enjoy the learning process together, find interesting projects, develop new skills, and grow a business as a team.

Pay: Remote graphic designers in the United States earn an average rate of $27.72 per hour for their services. Pay rate is typically affected by industry experience, knowledge of design software, the scope of work, and location.

How to get started: As a couple, learn the basics of graphic design from YouTube videos and online courses/training.

There are so many useful resources online that provide valuable information and guidance to help couples start their graphic design side hustle. Canva is an awesome platform for graphic designers to learn the ropes and try out tools for free.

Check out LinkedIn, Indeed, and other job websites, and try posting ads for your services on freelance marketplace platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

8. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring as a side hustle is a perfect choice for couples who have a love for teaching others and want to pass on their knowledge of a particular subject while getting paid.

Online tutors provide one-to-one or small group teaching sessions to students over the Internet. They use different communication platforms to connect with their students and, as a result, can operate from anywhere and teach people from all over the world.

Pay: Online tutors in the United States earn an average rate of $24.59 per hour for their services. The pay rate will also be affected by a number of factors, such as your experience level, the material you want to teach, and your location.

How to get started: To get started as an online tutoring couple, identify the area(s) of expertise and/or subjects you would like to teach. Some of the most popular subjects include English, Mathematics, and Web Development.

Choose a platform that you would like to offer your services through (e.g., Cambly, TutorOcean, Preply, Tutor.com, TutorMe, Wyzant, etc.). Create a profile and start tutoring online for some extra income. Couples can work together to build a teaching schedule, create lesson plans, and grow a business.

How to become a tutor with TutorMe
Source: TutorMe

9. Provide Translation Services

If you and your significant other are fluent in more than one language and would like to cash in on your skills, starting up a translation services side hustle may be the perfect option.

Translators provide a translation of written or spoken content from one language into another. These services are typically used by government agencies, online content creators, international businesses and organizations, and many more.

Pay: Online translators in the United States earn an average rate of $38.29 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on things like translator experience, specific language proficiencies, the client and project scope, as well as location/demand.

How to get started: For couples who are just starting out as freelance translators, I recommend checking out job-board-style websites that are specific to translation services, like ProZ, Translate.com, BLEND, Gengo, Tethras, Stepes, and TranslationDirectory.

Couples should also consider creating a profile on freelance marketplace platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, where they can advertise their services and find clients.

Online Side Hustles For Couples

Now let’s highlight some of the best online side hustles for couples. There are so many opportunities depending on your skills and affinities, from blogging to starting an eCommerce side hustle; there is something here for every type of couple.

10. Sell Printables On Etsy

Printables are digital files that can be downloaded and printed in the form of calendars, worksheets, planners, training programs, coloring pages, artwork, and more.

Selling printables has become quite the profitable side hustle, as creators can simply design their printables once and then proceed to sell them as many times as they like. Etsy is one of the most popular online marketplaces and serves as a great place to sell printables.

Creative couples can use their skills to design printables and list them on Etsy’s marketplace, which attracts over 90 million active buyers.

Pay: Couples who are selling printables on Etsy can expect to make anywhere from $50 to $500 per month to start out. Earning potential depends directly on the number of customers your product(s) bring in.

Experienced business owners who have multiple products that are selling consistently can earn upwards of $1000 per month on their printables.

How to get started: Couples who are looking for a great resource that will help them pick winning products that sell well on Etsy should check out Cody and Julie’s Free Printables Workshop. This free workshop will teach you how Julie and Cody are able to earn over $10,000 per year selling printables on Etsy.

Etsy printables free workshop
Source: Gold City Ventures

11. Start an eCommerce Site

Couples who want to harness their entrepreneurial side and jump into sales/marketing should definitely consider starting an eCommerce site as their side hustle.

eCommerce websites are essentially online platforms where businesses sell their products and/or services to customers in a strictly online environment. They will typically have a streamlined shopping, payment processing, and shipping system built in to make the process easy for buyers and sellers.

Sell anything from fitness equipment and activewear to children’s toys, electronics, and basic household items.

Pay:  Earning potential for couples running an eCommerce site will depend on things like the product itself and the profit margins per item sold, the effectiveness of advertising and marketing, and in some cases, your location.

While some online stores will bring in a modest $100 to $500 a month in earnings, other more established stores can earn upwards of $100,000 per month.

How to get started: There are a variety of powerful eCommerce platforms that provide sellers with a place to build and host their websites, display their products, and sell to customers all over the world. I recommend checking out Shopify and Squarespace, as they are highly rated and well-recognized internationally. You can also use WooCommerce, as this is an open-source eCommerce platform with tons of integrations.

12. Create Online Courses

Combine your knowledge as a couple and leverage it to create an online course that can be sold online to generate some supplemental income. 

Online courses can be created for a variety of topics, including academic subjects like math and science or skill-focused courses geared towards graphic design, web development, or digital marketing, for example.

Pay: Earning potential for online course creators will depend on the price of their course and the number of customers or subscribers they generate on a consistent basis. Creators can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to revenues of 4 and even 5 figures monthly.

How to get started: Couples should take advantage of platforms that allow entrepreneurs to create high-quality online courses that customers will love.

I highly recommend Podia for a free online course creator. It provides a simple, user-friendly platform that has all of the built-in features that a creator could need — quizzes, certificates, video hosting, messaging, upsells, progress tracking, and more.

Build an online course in 10 minutes
Source: YouTube, Podia Channel — Build an online course in 10 minutes

13. Sell Clothes Online

Couples who have a passion for fashion or decluttering and want to build a side hustle business on the side should consider selling clothes online. Build your online store together, learn about the market, and watch your business grow.

One of the biggest tips I have for couples is to niche down and sell a certain type of clothing, like activewear, vintage clothing, or women’s accessories. This can help your store stand out amongst a crowded industry and bring in loyal customers.

Pay: Earning potential for online clothing sellers will depend mainly on things like the quality, quantity, and price point of your items, as well as the demand for your clothing and your ability to bring in customers.

Smaller sellers typically earn an average of $500 to $1000 per month, while larger sellers with more inventory and customer volume can generate upwards of $10,000 of monthly revenue.

How to get started: I recommend that couples who are just starting out take advantage of platforms like Poshmark, thredUP, and Depop. They offer a specialized marketplace that caters to buyers and sellers of clothing and accessories.

14. Blogging

Blogging involves creating and maintaining a website on which you are regularly publishing written content on a particular topic or a variety of topics, depending on your approach.

Blogging is a great way for couples who enjoy writing and want to share their knowledge to monetize their content and grow an audience. Brainstorm blog post ideas together, collaborate on writing, and work as a team to attract readers and start generating income.

Pay: Earning potential for bloggers will depend on a number of factors, including their niche, the size of their audience, the quality of their content, and the monetization methods they implement.

The majority of bloggers are admittedly earning less than $100 per month through their blogs, as the number of unsuccessful blogs heavily outweighs the successful ones. However, when done right, successful bloggers can earn upwards of $100,000 monthly.

How to get started: For couples who are new to blogging, there are some great online resources that can provide valuable knowledge and insight. Many are free, and you can work together at your own pace.

If you are looking to dive in headfirst and invest in professional blogging training, Larry Ludwig offers a seven-week coaching program that is designed to help students build a successful, sustainable, and profitable blog. Larry is the real deal; he sold his website Investor Junkie a few years ago for $6,000,000.

Couple travel bloggers
Source: Roamaroo

15. Start A YouTube Channel

Another great way for couples who like creating and sharing content to get into a money-making side hustle is by starting a YouTube channel. There are opportunities for channels that build a subscriber base and bring in consistent viewership to generate significant revenue.

Successful YouTube channels will require time, knowledge, and effort. Couples can team up to create awesome content that viewers will love and hopefully grow a channel that can bring in some extra side hustle income.

Pay: YouTube channels can generate income in a number of ways, however the most well-recognized methods are ad revenue, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. The average YouTube channel earns something like $18 for every 1000 ad views or $0.18 per ad view. More consistent viewers equal more ad viewing, which translates directly into revenue.

Building your subscriber base is a great way to attract a consistent audience who will watch your videos religiously. Some channels may only earn $50 to $100 a month, while more popular and regularly watched channels are reporting earnings of $100,000 or more monthly.

How to get started: As a couple looking to get their YouTube channel off the ground, there are a variety of awesome resources to take advantage of. 

I recommend checking out this Beginner’s Guide video for how to create a YouTube channel by Justin Brown. It provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire channel creation process, as well as some great tips for optimization and customization.

16. Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is another fun and creative way that couples can work together to build a side hustle and bring in some supplemental income.

Podcasts are digital audio and/or video files that are created to be downloaded or streamed over the internet. They typically occur in episodes and will have some sort of theme or general topic of discussion that is meant to educate and/or entertain listeners.

Couples can work together to come up with episode ideas, find interesting guest speakers, write scripts, and create new content for the podcast. Collaborate to build a brand, grow an audience and ultimately build a successful side hustle.

Pay: The earning potential of a podcast depends on a number of different aspects, including the podcast’s audience size, the type of content offered, and the methods by which the podcast is monetized.

Let’s assume a podcast averages 10,000 downloads per episode, and they are charging for ads on their podcast at a rate of $18 CPM (cost per thousand impressions) — which is about the industry standard. That podcast would earn $180 in ad revenue for one episode that features a single ad.

The bigger your audience, the larger your earning potential becomes. There are other ways to monetize a podcast and bring in revenue, however in most cases, a podcast’s audience size will be the driving factor.

How to get started: Starting a podcast comes with a significant amount of knowledge, planning, and preparation. If you want to have a successful launch, it is important to learn about the podcast space and how to set yourself apart from the rest.

I recommend checking out this video from Think Media that provides a brief but valuable beginner’s guide for how to create a podcast.

Spotify partners in crime podcast
Source: Spotify, Partners In Crime Podcast

17. Print-On-Demand

Print-on-demand businesses work by creating custom products that are printed and shipped on demand when a customer places an order. Instead of carrying inventory, these businesses operate on an “as-needed basis,” which provides a number of awesome benefits.

For couples who want to dive into a creative project based in the eCommerce space, a print-on-demand business could be the perfect side hustle option. Work together to choose a niche, create designs, set up an online store, market your products, and grow a customer base.

Pay: The earning potential for a print-on-demand store can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars a month to upwards of $1000 and even $10,000 monthly for more successful businesses.

Factors like product quality, price point/ROI, demand, and effectiveness of marketing/promotion strategies will all have an effect on earnings.

How to get started: Couples should take advantage of print-on-demand dropshipping platforms like Printify, Printful, and Amazon Merch On Demand to get things off the ground. They provide a one-stop shop for all things printing and shipping.

I recommend Amazon’s Merch On Demand for new print-on-demand business owners. It provides access to Amazon’s massive customer base and gives their products more of a chance to be found by new customers.

Offline Side Hustles For Couples

Couples who are looking to stay away from freelancing, eCommerce, and other online side hustles can consider these side hustles instead. Local-based side hustles are ideal for couples that perfect to interact physically with other people.

18. Real Estate

Real estate is a great way for couples to get into a side hustle that will bring in some supplemental income. There are so many different avenues that couples can take to get involved in the real estate world, which makes it that much more of an approachable undertaking.

Some of the most common ways couples can start up a side hustle in real estate include:

  • House flipping: This involves the purchase, renovation, or upgrade and then reselling of a house for a profit. Work together to find a good property, plan renovations, and manage the flipping process.
  • Short-term rentals: Rent out your available property on short-term home rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. Work together to take high-quality photos, create a listing, and manage rentals.
  • Property management: Couples can offer property management services to homeowners and/or real estate investors who do not have the expertise or time to do it themselves.

Pay: Earning potential for couples who get involved in a real estate side hustle will depend on the hustle itself, as well as your consistency and relative level of success.

House flippers can earn anywhere from $10,000 to more than $50,000 on a good flip, while couples who are renting a home on Airbnb are earning, on average, around $900 per month.

Those who take the property management route earn an average rate of $24.13 per hour for their services in the United States.

How to get started: To get started, discuss different real estate side hustle options with your significant other to determine where to focus efforts. Determine your level of risk tolerance, and evaluate how much capital you have to work with before making decisions.

19. Baby Or Senior Sitting

Caring for babies and/or seniors is a great side hustle for couples who have a passion for helping others and want to give back to their community while making some extra cash.

Work together to build a baby or senior sitting profile, find clients, provide high-quality services, and build a great reputation. The more your business grows, the more supplemental income you and your partner will be able to generate on a monthly basis.

Pay: Senior sitters in the United States earn an average rate of $14.98 per hour for their services. Babysitters in the United States earn an average rate of $22.93 per hour for their services.

How to get started: Getting your side hustle started as a babysitter or senior sitter couple has been made easy by platforms like Sittercity and Care.com

They provide a place where people in need of sitting services can connect with sitters in their area who are available and trusted. Simply sign up with an account, create a profile, list your services on their marketplace, and start connecting with clients.

Baby sitting as a couple
Source: Sittercity

20. House Or Pet Sitting

House sitting involves caring for someone’s home and property, while pet sitting involves caring for someone’s pet(s) for a given period of time. 

Couples who are responsible, organized, and feel comfortable taking care of other people’s homes or pets should definitely consider this as a side hustle. However, if you or your significant other are not experienced with pets and caring for pets, I would recommend sticking to other forms of sitting.

Pay: House sitters in the United States earn an average rate of $14 per hour for their services. Pet sitters in the United States earn an average rate of $14.36 per hour for their services. These pay rates will depend on things like relevant experience, references, location, and demand.

How to get started: I recommend that couples who are starting out with their side hustle take advantage of platforms like Rover (pet sitting) and TrustedHousesitter (house sitting). They provide marketplaces that are dedicated to helping connect sitters with customers looking to hire.

21. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a simple, enjoyable side hustle that dog-loving couples should definitely consider as a side hustle that they can take on together. Many locations have a high demand for dog walkers, especially suburban areas with high population densities.

Thanks to the power of the internet, starting up a dog-walking side hustle is now easier than ever. Couples can build their dog walking business from home and connect with customers through a variety of service-tailored platforms, which I will highlight below.

Pay: Dog walkers in the United States earn an average rate of $17.62 per hour for their services. Pay rate will typically depend on experience level, references, and the number of dogs walkers are handling.

How to get started: Couples looking to get their dog-walking side hustle off the ground quickly should take advantage of dog-walking marketplace platforms like Rover and Wag!

Rover side hustle for couples
Source: Rover

22. Flip Furniture

Flipping furniture refers to the process of buying used pieces of furniture, restoring them to a like-new state, and then selling them for a profit. 

Couples who have an eye for quality furniture and are looking for a hands-on side hustle that they can dive into together may find success flipping furniture. 

Shop together at thrift shops, re-stores, furniture auctions, estate sales, and more. Take on restoration projects as a team and build a successful furniture-flipping business. 

Pay: Earning potential for couples flipping furniture will depend largely on the quality of the furniture, your post-restoration profit margins, and the number of flips completed in a month. 

Beginner furniture flippers can earn anywhere from $100 to $500 a month, while more experienced resellers have reported earnings of well over $10,000 monthly.

How to get started: The business of flipping furniture does require its fair share of knowledge and expertise. Couples should take advantage of online sources of knowledge and guidance to give them the best chance at success.

I recommend checking out Flipper University’s Free Webinar, created by a couple who turned their part-time furniture reselling side hustle into a full-time six-figure income. It is a great way for couples to get inspired and discover so much valuable guidance and information that will bring their business to the next level.

23. Cook For Others

Couples who have skills in the kitchen and really enjoy cooking for others can consider taking up a side hustle that brings those two things together. Cooking for others is another great way to bring in some extra income.

People are often willing to pay top dollar for a chef host who can provide great food and a pleasant hosting experience for them and their guests. Work as a team to build a side hustle that puts your cooking skills to good use!

Pay: Earnings for people who are cooking for others as a side hustle will vary. Individuals who have worked as cooks through food-sharing apps can make anywhere from $25 to over $100 per meal. Eatwith reports that you can earn up to $700 for hosting an event with them.

How to get started: For couples who are looking to get their side hustle cooking for others going but don’t have a customer base to start with, I recommend checking out Eatwith. It is a platform that allows business owners to list their services on a specialized marketplace and attract customers who are looking for a local chef and dinner host.

EatWith side hustle for couples
Source: Eatwith

24. Become Tour Guides

Couples who enjoy entertaining others and have a comprehensive knowledge of a place that is highly touristed could find success starting a tour guide side hustle business. Choose to join a local tour company together, or get more ambitious and start your own small tour guide company as a team.

Pay: Tour guides in the United States earn an average rate of $16.64 per hour for their services. Couples who choose to start their own tour business will naturally have more control over their earnings and pay structure.

How to get started: To get started, couples should look for available tour guide positions at local tour companies either by applying in person or applying online. For those looking to start their own tour guide business, take some time to study the industry and gain more knowledge before diving in.

You can also use platforms like Airbnb Experiences or Withlocals to provide your services.

25. House Cleaners

House cleaning is another side hustle option for couples who want to get their hands dirty and earn some extra cash. People are willing to pay good money for house cleaning services, so why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Take on projects together, find consistent clients that you like working for, and build a successful business.

Pay: House cleaners in the United States earn an average rate of $15.92 per hour for their services. Pay rate will depend on factors like your location, demand for house cleaning services, experience level, and the extent of services provided.

How to get started: Couples who are just starting out with their house cleaning side hustle should take advantage of platforms like Handy and TaskRabbit to find customers. These task marketplace platforms connect handy people with customers who are looking to hire for help!

Source: TaskRabbit

26. Party Or Event Planners

Couples who enjoy planning and organizing parties and events can take that passion and turn it into a money-making side hustle. Combine all of your social, creative, and organizational skills and knowledge to build a party and event planning business together.

Pay: Event planners in the United States earn an average rate of $24.79 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on things like industry experience, track record/references, location, and demand for services in your area.

How to get started: Couples who are looking to get their party or event planning business started need to consider the niche they want to focus on (e.g., weddings, bachelor parties, etc.), obtain required licenses or permits (can differ based on location), and promote your services to bring in clients.

27. Do Garden Work

Couples who enjoy gardening and basic landscaping can turn that into a side hustle by creating a garden work business and providing services to others. Work together to find customers, provide high-quality services, build a good reputation, and find success.

Pay: Garden workers in the United States earn an average rate of $17.56 per hour for their services. The pay rate will depend on factors like experience, services provided, project scope, location, and demand.

How to get started: I recommend that couples who are looking to get their garden work side hustle started, take advantage of marketplaces like Craigslist, TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and GreenPal to find work.

Side hustles for couples GreenPal
Source: GreenPal

28. Run Errands

Couples who simply have some free time they want to leverage to earn some extra money with a side hustle should consider running errands for people. Tackle jobs together or split up the work and build a schedule that works for both of you.

Pay: Errand runners in the United States earn an average rate of $20.03 per hour for their services. Pay rate will typically depend on the type of errands you are running, your location, and the demand for errand running services.

How to get started: Couples who are looking for errand-running jobs to get their side hustle off the ground should take advantage of platforms like Favor and TaskRabbit to list their services and find local customers looking to hire help.

29. Rent Stuff To People

Leveraging your possessions and assets by renting them to other people when they aren’t being used is an awesome side hustle to take up and generate some extra income. Couples can combine their rentable stuff and start up a profitable business together.

This can be anything from cars, boats, and RVs to parking spots, storage spaces, and homes.

Pay: Couples who are renting their stuff to people can make anywhere from an extra $100 a month to over $1000 a month, depending on what they are renting and how often. Renting out a small parking space for a month won’t be as lucrative as renting out a 2-bedroom home for the same month.

How to get started: Depending on what stuff couples have available for rent, there are platforms dedicated to virtually everything. For car rentals, couples should use platforms like Turo and Getaround. For house rentals, Airbnb and VRBO are the best platforms to list a home and find renters. You can also rent our boats with Boatsetter, RVs with RVShare, and unused space with Neighbor.

Source: Neighbor

30. Food Truck

Starting a food truck together is another potential side hustle option for foodie couples who enjoy cooking and want to turn their skills into cash. One thing to remember is that food trucks can definitely be a profitable venture, but there are some risks involved.

Consider things like your niche/menu (Mexican food, desserts, American cuisine), the investment required (e.g., truck, insurance, permit, inventory, etc.), and your marketing strategies. Couples will also want to make sure they choose a great location that has lots of foot traffic, as this is a make-or-break for food trucks.

Pay: The average food truck in the United States earns somewhere around $90,000 per year in revenue. Earnings will depend on a variety of performance factors – food trucks can range in earnings anywhere from $50,000 annually to over $250,000 a year.

How to get started: To get started with this side hustle, couples will need to buy or lease a truck, get the necessary permits and licenses to operate in a certain area or location, and select a niche.

FAQ On Side Hustles For Couples

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding side hustles for couples.

What Is The Best Side Hustle For Couples?

The best side hustle for couples will depend on their specific set of interests, skills, knowledge, and expertise. It will also depend on their schedule and availability.

Couples who have a passion for design and have a creative skill set may do best with a graphic design hustle, while couples who enjoy socializing and want to provide entertainment and information should consider starting a podcast.

Why Should Couples Start A Side Hustle?

Some of the main reasons that couples should start a side hustle include creating new sources of income, sharing an experience and strengthening their relationship, and developing new skills, expertise, and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Is A Side Hustle The Best Way For A Couple To Start A Business?

Side hustles are a great way for a couple to start a business. Starting a casual side hustle can lead to the discovery of new business opportunities and create the inspiration needed for couples to turn it into a business.

Starting out with a side hustle takes a lot of the pressure out of entrepreneurship and allows couples to gain experience and grow into the idea of creating a full-fledged business.

Final Thoughts

Starting up a side hustle is a great way for couples to bring in some extra income, learn new skills, work on a project together, and strengthen their relationship.

There are so many great side hustles for couples to dive into, especially with all of the resources and access that the internet provides in today’s digital age.

In this article, I have highlighted the best side hustles for couples today. We discussed the basics of each hustle, how to get started, and average pay rate/earning potential.

By working together, couples can combine their strengths, skills, and knowledge and leverage them to start a profitable side hustle.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

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