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Trade Ideas Review 2024: Stock Scanner and More

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Want the most advanced trading insights and charting tools on the market? Trade Ideas might be what you’re looking for.

Trade Ideas is a stock screener and market analysis tool that’s designed for experienced investors that want to take their trading to the next level. 

In this Trade Ideas review, we’ll discuss what the company offers to investors. We’ll discuss its fees and top features so you can decide whether it’s the right investing tool for your needs.

Trade Ideas


on Trade Ideas’ website

Quick Summary: Trade Ideas is a subscription-based stock market data service founded in 2013. They provide real-time stock market data, charting, alerting, scanning, automated trading, broker connectivity, and more.

Promotion: Save 15% off your first month or year


  • Auto-trading capabilities
  • Brokerage connectivity
  • Robust collection of indicators
  • Industry-leading market analysis tools
  • Simulated trading available


  • Not beginner friendly
  • Subscriptions are expensive
  • Limited broker integrations available

What Is Trade Ideas?

Trade Ideas is a company that develops cutting-edge stock and investment screening tools. The company was founded in 2003 and it is now the market analysis tool of choice for dozens of investment firms and thousands of individual traders around the world.

With Trade Ideas, investors can access advanced charting tools, indicators, and AI-driven risk management strategies. The firm also offers a slew of educational resources so its clients have the information they need to grow their portfolios.

Trade Ideas Homepage
Source: Trade Ideas

How Does Trade Ideas Work?

Like many stock screeners, Trade Ideas is a subscription-based platform. Anyone that wants to use the company’s services needs to purchase a subscription and make an account. You can buy a subscription on the Trade Ideas website by navigating to the Pricing page and selecting a subscription plan.

Once your account is up and running, you can either use Trade Ideas on the web or you can download the company’s desktop app. Most investors use the desktop app since it offers more features and functionality.

As soon as you log into your Trade Ideas dashboard, you can start customizing charts, setting up price alerts, and using all of the tools that the company offers. You can also connect certain brokerage accounts to Trade Ideas so you can place trades right from your dashboard.

Trade Ideas Features

Trade Ideas comes jam-packed with useful features. Here are some of the key features you can look forward to if you make an account.

ServiceStock Screener, Trade Signals, Simulated Trading, AI Trading, Risk Assessment and More
Pricing$118/month (Standard), $228/month (Premium); $1,068/year (Standard), $2,268/year (Premium);
PlansStandard and Premium
Mobile AppNone
PromotionSave 15% off your 1st month or year
Best ForIntermediate-to-advanced data driven active traders
SupportPhone (+1 619 821 8198) and Email ([email protected])

Entry and Exit Signals

One of the most difficult parts of trading is knowing when to enter and exit the market. To help you out, Trade Ideas has entry and exit signals that alert you to the best times to open or close your position.

These signals use powerful metrics and AI to make faster entry and exit decisions than most traders can make using technical analysis alone. However, entry and exit signals are only available with a premium subscription.

Simulated Trading

Simulated trading is a feature from Trade Ideas that lets you learn how to handle market volatility. It offers a simulated trading environment where you can test out different trading strategies and learn new analysis skills without risking real money.

Trade Ideas’ simulated trading environment also lets you backtest and optimize trading strategies if you have a premium subscription. But both standard and premium subscribers get access to the company’s AI-powered simulated market conditions that give you insight into how your actions can affect your profits down the line.

Trade Ideas Simulated Trading
Source: Trade Ideas

Live Trading Room

Trade Ideas’ live trading room is a meeting place for traders that want to discuss market movements. The live trading room is hosted via video each business day from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM EST. It gives you a live walk-through of the latest market activities and it provides a forum for investors to chat and share ideas.

Each live trading room session has a presenter who describes what’s happening on the markets and offers technical analysis of different charts. You can follow along on your screen or you can head to the chat room to discuss what’s happening with other traders. 

The Trade Ideas Live Trading Room is free to use for both subscribers and non-subscribers. But, you’ll get the most of your Live Trading Room experience if you also have a Trade Ideas subscription.

Simultaneous Charts

Most stock screeners only give you access to one customizable chart at a time. But with Trade Ideas, you can view multiple charts on the same screen using the firm’s simultaneous charts feature.

Standard subscribers can use up to 10 simultaneous charts while premium subscribers can view 20 charts simultaneously. You can customize each chart to show whichever analysis tools or oscillators you’d like to use so you can make the most of your trading day.


Trade Ideas premium subscribers with an Interactive Brokers account can access a feature called autotrading. This feature lets you direct Trade Ideas to automatically execute specific trades once the market meets certain conditions.

Note that autotrading is only available with a premium subscription and on the Trade Ideas desktop app. But it’s a powerful tool for executing multiple orders in quick succession during periods of high market volatility.

Trade Ideas Autotrading
Source: Trade Ideas


OddsMaker is another proprietary tool from Trade Ideas. It’s a backtesting tool that lets you see what would’ve happened if you had placed a trade at a certain point in the past and then held your position for a specific period of time.

Since OddsMaker is a backtesting tool, it’s not designed to give you alerts about future opportunities. Rather, it’s an educational feature that helps you learn from past mistakes so you can make better trades in the future. This feature is only available for premium subscribers.

Price Alerts

All Trade Ideas subscribers can set customizable price alerts. These price alerts help you time your trades because they inform you about the latest market trends.

Subscribers can add price alerts directly to any customizable chart. You can add up to 10 price alerts at once with a standard subscription and up to 20 price alerts with a premium subscription.

Channel Bar

In addition to customizable charts, Trade Ideas lets all investors add “channels” to their trading platform. These channels provide the latest insight into the market based on different themes or trading interests. For example, you can add the Premarket channel to your Channel Bar if you want information about early movers before the opening bell. 

All traders on the platform can add as many channels to their Channel Bar as they’d like. You can also add, remove, or switch between channels throughout the trading day.

Trade Ideas Channel Bar
Source: Trade Ideas


Trade Ideas subscribers can access the company’s extensive list of indicators when creating customizable chats. The firm offers dozens of technical indicators to choose from, including all the basics like MACD and RSI, and more advanced options for Fibonacci traders. 

You can add as many technical indicators as you’d like to your simultaneous charts when using the Trade Ideas desktop app.


To help you keep track of multiple stocks at once, Trade Ideas has a unique watchlist feature. When you use Trade Ideas’ watchlists, you can manually add as many stock symbols as you’d like to your watchlist or you can upload them from a CSV file.

Alternatively, you can access Trade Ideas’ curated thematic watchlists if you’re looking for new ideas. Some popular watchlists on the platform include stocks with recent IPOs and lists with sector-specific stocks.

Holly: Trade Idea’s AI Virtual Trading Analyst

Of all Trade Ideas’ features, Holly, the AI virtual trading analyst, is arguably the most powerful. Holly is an AI-powered tool that provides market insight that’s driven by machine learning. With Holly, you can get entry and exit signals that are statistically weighted based on different risk management decisions.

Additionally, Holly has her own channel that you can add to your Channel Bar for quick access to her trading strategies. But note that Holly is only available if you have a premium Trade Ideas subscription.

Trade Ideas Holly
Source: Trade Ideas

Brokerage Integration

Trade Ideas offers convenient integrations with select brokerage firms. Currently, the company only supports E*TRADE and Interactive Brokers, but it hopes to offer more integrations in the coming years.

When you integrate your brokerage account with Trade Ideas, you gain access to charts and one-click trading. This eliminates the need to have to flip back and forth between Trade Ideas and your broker’s trading terminal so you can focus on the latest market trends.

Chart Trading

Chart trading is a feature available to investors that integrate their brokerage account with Trade Ideas. Once you link your brokerage account, you should then see Buy and Sell icons next to your charting tools in your Trade Ideas dashboard.

From here, you’re able to place trades without ever leaving your charts. You can add opening order levels, stop loss levels, and target prices to your charts, too, for easier visualization of your potential positions. Plus, Trade Ideas lets you adjust your price levels from within your charts for quicker trade configurations during periods of high market volatility.

One-Click Trading

One-click trading is another feature available to investors that link their brokerage account to Trade Ideas. Like chart trading, one-click trading lets you place trades without leaving your Trade Ideas dashboard.

To use this feature, you first need to create a number of preset order templates, such as “buy 100 shares of X stock at market value.” You can add as many preset order templates as you want to your dashboard. Then, when you’re ready to place a trade, you simply need to click on your preset order and watch as Trade Ideas executes your trade on your behalf.

Trade Ideas One Click Trading
Source: Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Pro Platform

The Trade Ideas Pro Platform is the firm’s proprietary stock scanner and charting software. It’s available either as a download for Windows or as a web-based app. Trade Ideas Pro works best as a desktop app, especially if you want access to all of the platform’s features.

However, if you want to access Trade Ideas on the go, or if you have a Mac, you can use the lite version of Trade Ideas Pro on the web. But keep in mind that the web-based platform is slightly slower than the desktop app and it doesn’t support chart or one-click trading.

Educational & Training Resources

To help you learn more about trading strategies and best practices during market open hours, Trading Ideas has a slew of educational and training resources.

New traders on the platform can access the firm’s detailed user guide for help navigating all of the company’s different features. Additionally, Trade Ideas offers a set of 20 introductory educational lessons for new subscribers so that they can learn more about the platform. 

You can also access live daily support sessions, webinars, educational videos, and trading books. The company even offers one-on-one training sessions for an additional fee.

Strength Alerts

Strength alerts is a newsletter offered by Trade Ideas for $17 per month. The newsletter sends subscribers 5 new trade ideas to their inbox every single Sunday.

The ideas follow an “ALERT Index” which is an algorithm that focuses on relative strength (i.e. takes into consideration many factors such as top indicators, charts, statistical analysis, and more).

Trade Ideas Educational Resources
Source: Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Pricing

Trade Ideas is a fee-based stock screener and there’s no option to use the company’s software for free. However, the firm offers two pricing tiers for traders to consider.


The standard version of Trade Ideas costs $118 each month when paid monthly or $89 per month when paid annually ($1,068 annual payment). With the standard version of the platform you get:

  • Price alerts
  • Live trading room
  • Real-time simulated trading
  • Real-time streaming Trade Ideas
  • Chart based visual trade assistant
  • Channel Bar
  • 10 simultaneous charts

But, the standard version of Trade Ideas doesn’t include suggested entry and exit signals nor other advanced features like Holly, the AI Virtual Trading Analyst.


If you’re looking to take your trading to the next level, Trade Ideas offers a premium service. This service costs $228 each month when paid monthly or $189 per month when paid annually ($2,268 annual payment).

With the premium version of Trade Ideas, you get all the features in the standard version plus:

  • Suggested entry and exit signals
  • Holly the AI Virtual Trading Analyst
  • Chart Based AI Trade Assistance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Build and Backtest any Trade Idea
  • 20 simultaneous charts

Trade Ideas Security

Since Trade Ideas is a stock screener, not a broker, the company never directly manages your money. However, Trade Ideas does use encryption to protect customer information on its platform.

Additionally, if you choose to connect your E*TRADE or Interactive Brokers account to Trade Ideas, you’ll do so through APIs or through a secure log-in portal for added asset protection.

Trade Ideas Customer Service

Trade Ideas offers quality customer service for its subscribers. The firm has a detailed set of online help pages where you can get quick access to common questions.

Additionally, Trade Ideas offers multiple options for contacting customer support. You can open a support ticket on the Trade Ideas website or you can send the company an email. The firm also maintains a customer support phone line that’s available from 6:30 AM to 1:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

Trade Ideas Price Alerts
Source: Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Pros

  • Offers industry-leading market analysis tools
  • Access to educational resources and webinars
  • Option to use AI-driven trading strategies
  • Lets you see 10 to 20 charts at once
  • Can connect your brokerage account for streamlined trading
  • Provides a huge collection of indicators and scanners to choose from
  • OddsMaker tool lets you backtest trading strategies
  • Free access to a live chat and trading room to connect with other investors

Trade Ideas Cons

  • Subscriptions are expensive
  • No option for a free account
  • Too advanced for new traders
  • Doesn’t work well on a Mac
  • Limited broker integrations available

Trade Ideas Alternatives

Want a powerful stock screener but not sure that Trade Ideas is right for you? Here are two Trade Ideas alternatives to check out instead.

Stock Rover

For experienced investors that want quality analysis tools without a hefty price tag, Stock Rover is worth checking out. Stock Rover’s primary features include its stock charting, portfolio management, and stock screener tools. The company’s market analysis and research tools are also some of the best in the business.

When compared to Trade Ideas, Stock Rover is much more accessible for the casual trader, though it’s still geared toward investors with a decent amount of experience. However, if you’re looking for a mix of quality and affordability, Stock Rover should definitely be on your list. Read our full Stock Rover review to learn more.


TradingView is one of the world’s most popular charting platforms. The company offers free access to its advanced charting tools, which let you track recent trends in stock, ETF, forex, and crypto markets. Plus, TradingView is available on a mobile app so you can stay up to date on the markets regardless of where life takes you.

In addition to a limited free plan, TradingView offers four paid subscriptions that give you access to simultaneous charts and extra indicators. Even the company’s most expensive plan is just a fraction of the cost of Trade Ideas, too, so it’s a popular choice for investors on a budget. Read our full TradingView review to learn more.

Trade IdeasStock Rover LogoTradingView
Our Rating




Pricing$118/month (Standard), $228/month (Premium)$0/month (Free plan), $7.99/month (Essentials), $17.99/month (Premium) and $27.99/month (Premium Plus)$0/month (Basic), $14.95/month (Pro), $29.95/month (Pro+) and $59.95/month (Premium)
Stock PickingYesYesYes
Promotion15% Off (First Month or Year)14 day free trial30 day free trial
HighlightAuto-trading capabilities and brokerage integrationCompare stocks, ETFs and mutual fundsLarge social community of active traders
Best ForIntermediate to advanced active tradersInvestors looking for stock ideas and opportunitiesActive traders looking for a social twist

Who Is Trade Ideas Best For?

Trade Ideas is a feature-packed stock scanner and analysis tool that’s ideal for the experienced investor. It comes with a slew of great features that provide a lot of value to active day traders who want access to stock scanners and screening tools that you can’t get elsewhere.

However, Trade Ideas’ subscriptions aren’t cheap, so the platform is best for investors with a large trading volume that can make the most of what the company has to offer. Trade Ideas’ tools are also very advanced, which means they could be overwhelming for new investors. 

Ultimately, Trade Ideas is a better choice for experienced, high-volume day traders that want access to industry-leading market analysis tools.

Trade Ideas FAQ

Here are our answers to some of your top questions about Trade Ideas:

Is Trade Ideas Worth It?

Trade Ideas is worth it if you have the trading experience and volume to make the most of its features. The platform is a bit too advanced for new investors and it doesn’t offer much for the casual trader. So it’s best for active traders that crave high-level market analysis tools.

Is Trade Ideas Safe?

Trade Ideas is a well-established and respected stock screening tool. The company has been in business since 2003 and its software is used by a number of top international investment firms. But there’s always risk involved with investing and there’s no guarantee that you’ll make money with your Trade Ideas subscription.

Does Trade Ideas Pro Work on Mac?

There is no Trade Ideas Pro desktop app that works on Mac OS. However, you can use Trade Ideas on the web using your Mac, which gives you access to some basic features of Trade Ideas Pro. Alternatively, you can use the Windows version of Trade Ideas on a Mac by running Boot Camp, Parallels, or Amazon Web Services Virtual Windows Desktop.

In A Nutshell

  • Service: Stock Screener, Trade Signals, Simulated Trading, AI Trading, Risk Assessment, and More
  • Pricing: $118/month or $1,068/year (Standard); $228/month or $2,268/year (Premium)
  • Promotion: 15% off (1st month or year)
Trade Ideas

on Trade Ideas’ website

Final Thoughts

Trade Ideas is one of the world’s most powerful stock screeners. The company’s services are primarily designed for active and experienced day traders who want access to real-time market analysis and AI-driven trading strategies.

When compared to other top stock screeners, Trade Ideas’ biggest drawback is its high subscription cost. But for high-volume investors that need advanced analysis tools, Trade Ideas is certainly worth considering.

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