Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

At The Modest Wallet, our number one priority is you.

The editorial team at The Modest Wallet is committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and actionable content to help our readers. This is why we are committed to abiding by the Code of Ethics of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) and the SPJ Code of Ethics from the Society of Professional Journalists. We also follow the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission for disclosing advertising relationships with our business partners.

Our core values and editorial guidelines are a the forefront of how we write, edit, update and publish our content. Our writers and editors follow strict fact-checking guidelines and correct errors to ensure our content is accurate and up to date.

We believe in transparency and are committed to editorial independence. As such, our editorial advice, recommendations, product reviews, comparisons, reports, and stories are not influenced by the relationship with our business partners in any way. You can learn more about how we make money and how we rate our product reviews.

Our Mission

Simplify personal finance and share actionable content to help our readers make smarter financial decisions, worry less about money, and spend more time doing the things they love.

Our Vision

Make personal finance fun and accessible to everyone.

Our Key Principles

Our readers come to The Modest Wallet to get unbiased and fact-based information to make smart financial decisions. To achieve that, our core principles are:

  • Empowering: Personal finance can be an intimidating topic; this is why we strive to make it as fun and as simple as possible. You shouldn’t need a finance degree to understand how to manage your money better and how to grow your wealth. Regardless of your background and expertise, you should be able to get the right financial tools to make smarter money choices.
  • Unbiased: From our reviews to our product comparisons and guides, our primary goal is to publish unbiased and fact-based content. Through their research, our writers and editors’ goal is to provide all the facts so you can make informed decisions. You should always be in the driver’s seat.
  • Accurate: Our team strives to keep all published content on our site up to date. Publishing accurate and up-to-date information on our site is very important to us. If, for some reason, you find something in our content that is wrong or need to be updated, please contact us.
  • Inclusive: Everyone deserves to have access to the best financial information, regardless of their sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities, religion, and political affiliation.

Editorial Independence

Our team of writers and editors are fully committed to publishing unbiased and independent content n all verticals of our websites. To do so, we follow strict editorial guidelines.

  • All articles, guides, stories, comparisons, and reviews are written in-house by our team of writers and editors.
  • The recommendations and opinions expressed in our content are entirely our own and are fully based on facts, data, research, statistics, and assessments done by our team of writers and editors.
  • Our business partners have no input or influence on our articles, guides, stories, comparisons, and reviews. We are committed to remaining fully independent and unbias.
  • Our writers and editors do not receive direct compensation from our business partners. 
  • Our product reviews and comparisons are based on facts and are only meant to showcase the features of the products without trying to persuade our readers to buy or sign-up/subscribe to a product or choose one product over another.

Fact-Checking and Errors

All of our content is fact-checked and edited to ensure it is factual and accurate. Our team strives to maintain all pieces of content up to date. To do so, we follow a strict process before publishing a piece of content on our site.

  • All content is proofread and edited by our team to ensure it is grammatically correct and maintains our minimum quality standards.
  • All content is fact-checked to ensure data and information are accurate and up to date.
  • After the content is published, our team will perform quality audits to ensure the content is up to date and remains fresh and relevant. We will then update the publish date to ensure we show the last time an article was checked and updated.
  • From time to time, our team of writers and editors will reach out to industry experts to provide further clarity and context to our content. We only source and quote authoritative sources to ensure our readers get the best information possible about a given topic.
  • When errors or omissions occur in our content, we immediately fix them. Readers are encouraged to contact us should they see wrong data or information not up to date.