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Easy Ways to Make Money Online

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There are several easy ways to earn money online, including selling digital content, establishing a dropshipping storefront, taking paid surveys, and even getting paid to use search engines. With inflation skyrocketing, everyone could use a few extra bucks in their back pocket–that cash can help keep the lights on, fund your next vacation, or be invested to grow your net worth.

Even if you’re employed full-time, sometimes, that’s not enough. Luckily, you don’t need to be a tech genius to access the best ways to earn money online. No matter your skill set, you can still make money online as a novice. As you hunt for the best way to make money from your laptop or desktop, consider your needs, including:

  • How soon do you need your payout?
  • How much time can you commit to your digital money-making method?
  • How much money do you need to make?

In this guide, we’ll explore the top options that don’t involve submitting a resume or even changing out of your pajamas. Let’s dive in!

More Commitment, Higher Potential for Payouts

Setting up a dropshipping storefront and selling digital files (such as JPEGs and e-books) requires a little more time and effort upfront but can become a great source for passive income once you’re set up. After the storefronts are established and content or products are prepared, you only need to put in a few hours a week into these money-making methods.


Dropshipping is a newer business model that emphasizes curating a selection of products for consumers. You aren’t responsible for manufacturing or creating the products–you’re the liaison between manufacturers and customers. One example of this is Amazon storefronts. 

In an Amazon storefront, users create their own ‘store’ without actually holding the inventory itself. Customers select items in your storefront, order them, and the order is sent to a manufacturer who then sends them the product. You make money by marking up the items as sort of a ‘finder’s fee’ and as compensation for providing customer service should there be any issues with the orders.

Dropshippers typically make between 20% and 30% profit from each sale, and depending on the success of your storefront, that can quickly become hundreds or thousands of dollars per month!

Sell Digital Content

If you have an artistic side, such as writing or drawing, you can create and sell digital files of your work online. Etsy is a popular choice for digital artists, with a wide audience that can find use for even the most informal doodles. Many customers are looking for:

  • Digital art they can print for home decor or gifts
  • PNGs for emotes, banners, and icons for live-streaming
  • Fonts and icons for their own business
  • Backgrounds and wallpapers

No matter what you like to create, there’s a market for it. With Etsy, all you need to do is start a business account, set up your virtual shop, and upload files for listings. Then, customers can peruse your selection, hit ‘purchase,’ and instantly download the file with no additional work on your end!

Publishing e-books works the same way. You can write and publish poetry e-books, how-to books, cookbooks, and more with ease. While there’s more work upfront, once your e-book is published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Draft2Digital, you can sit back and relax.

Top sellers for both digital art publishing and e-books can make several thousand dollars per month once they’re established and have built a following.

Lower Payouts, Less Effort

If you’re looking for a relaxed way to make money and don’t need large payouts, taking paid surveys and getting paid to use search engines is a great way to make some money in your downtime.

Take Paid Surveys

Eureka, InboxDollars, and Google Opinion Rewards are some of the top surveys-for-cash platforms. Instead of mindlessly scrolling your timeline before bed, use that time to take a few paid surveys. Most surveys on these websites pay between $0.25 to $6.00 per hour, but you are at the mercy of which surveys you qualify for and what’s available.

However, these surveys don’t require any specific skills or education to complete. Surveys can range from ten minutes to over an hour to complete, so while this may not be the best method to make a lot of money quickly, you can monetize your downtime.

Get Paid Using Search Engines

There are apps you can download to your browser and get paid for using search engines. The search engines collect your data (don’t worry, it’s mainly information about your demographic and what you’re searching) to better understand consumer habits. They use this information to gauge how the average person uses search engines, what’s trending, and how many searches are converted to engagement or sales.

Qmee gives you between $0.05 and $1 per search and pays you via PayPal, so you know you’re secure and protected. Swagbucks pays between $0.03 and $0.39 per search. Over time, this can add up to a nice treat for yourself!

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