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Online Jobs That Pay Well

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People often believe that online work pays poorly unless one works in IT. In reality, some of the easiest and well-paid jobs are those that pay by the task. Mountains of content, feedback, and e-commerce orders are created every second. Even though computers automate a lot of this, a human touch is often needed before it’s ready for the spotlight or the CEO’s desk. 

Online work has its advantages–there’s rarely a strict schedule, there aren’t endless meetings, and there may be little or no interaction with fellow workers. They also offer a degree of freedom that those with nine to five jobs could only dream of. It’s not all roses though. For every job that pays well, several others don’t. 

Some online jobs require you to be available for set periods even if there is no work to be had. That can mean having to miss time with friends to sit at home and not earn anything. However, there are quite a few quick ways to earn online money that require little or no experience.  

Here are a few opportunities people might not realize are out there:

Content Moderation

International brands in a social media world are constantly worried about bad press. To try and help their online image, many companies employ agencies and individuals whose sole job is to remove offensive or questionable content. They are the ones who delete comments, keep discussions civil, and generally keep the online world somewhat enjoyable for the rest of us. 

Plenty of people scroll their phone all day long, so why not get paid for it? Content moderators are often paid by the amount of posts, videos, or photos they examine. Making quick decisions means more money, which makes it great online work for students

Customer Feedback Analyst

All large companies bend to the will of their customer base. Tracking social media complaints, categorizing suggestion emails, and understanding the current customer climate are important. 

Anyone who has ever tagged a brand with a complaint on social media knows that it can be the quickest way to get an issue resolved. This is because companies have a small army of people who watch their social media channels. Similar to moderators, they are often paid by how many issues they resolve or categorize. Job seekers who can read quickly can make a decent living on a per-hour basis. 

Online Order Manager

Uber and Amazon aren’t the only ones delivering to doorsteps. Plenty of companies offer apps for their customers to place orders, schedule deliveries, and confirm payments. While much of this is automated, unique situations require creative problem solvers who are quick-witted. 

For example, the exact product wanted by a customer may not be available. Substitutions may or may not be allowed, and executive decisions need to be made quickly. In other cases, inventory counts between systems may not be updated. 

Real humans need to sort these issues out. When the company only sends out one primary delivery per day, anything not on the truck is sure to anger a customer. People who enjoy an ‘air traffic control’ environment are a good fit for roles like this, and the pay is competitive. 

Paid by the Task, Page, or Problem

As can be seen in the unique ways to make money we just mentioned, those of us who can think fast, type quickly, and make unflinching decisions can make good money online. Just make sure to research a company before you jump in. With a bit of digging, you can find a great role, and The Modest Wallet can help!