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Online Money-Making Methods

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Let’s face it–with inflation and living costs today, working a typical full-time job won’t always cut it. Luckily, there are multiple ways to make money online, from the comfort of your own home! Many workers have discovered the best ways to earn online, including working as virtual assistants, running small e-commerce stores, freelancing, and even earning money by taking surveys.

Nearly everyone has internet access, be it from your smartphone or your desktop. This makes learning how to make money online easier than ever. But before you start giving out your bank information, it’s important to find a method that works for your lifestyle and financial needs.

How to Find a Digital Hustle That Works

It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-time student, employee, or between jobs looking for something to float you until you secure your next job. Before you dive into your next side hustle, it’s important to consider these key factors:

Time Commitment

Even if your online money-making method is just for extra cash or a treat you’re saving up for, it’s still a job. That means you need to commit to a certain amount of time, whether that’s a strict schedule or a number of hours to put in each week. 

Some online gigs will require you to be online and without distraction at a certain time for a set number of hours, just like a traditional working environment. Other methods–like freelancing–are project-based, so the hours you put in and the time you work don’t matter as much so long as your project is completed by the set deadline. So, how do you determine what you need from your online money-making method?

Ask yourself these questions to determine what time commitments you can make while balancing your current schedule:

  • What are your current obligations, and are they flexible?
  • How much downtime do you need to decompress after you’re finished with those other obligations? After all, you don’t want to burn yourself out by adding another responsibility to your plate.
  • Would you prefer a money-making method that you can pick up when your schedule allows for it, or do you need something consistent?
  • Do you need a passive income, or are you looking for a method that will allow you to make connections and strengthen your resume?

The key here is to be honest with yourself; if you overestimate your availability and mental bandwidth, you might invest time into a method that doesn’t really work for you, leaving you right back where you started.

Existing Skills

Before choosing a method, write a list of what you can bring to the table. Do you have video editing skills? Do you have a knack for writing? Are you good with numbers? These skills can open more doors for you in terms of finding a method that can get you the money you need.

If you’re still building your skills, there are options for you, as well. If you’ve mapped out your schedule and decided you need a method that requires less brain power, consider something less strenuous, like getting paid to watch videos online or take surveys. 

Payout Needs

How much money are you looking to earn, and how fast? When it comes to making money, we always want more. But when you’re choosing a method, you need to consider the payout and how guaranteed or frequently you’ll receive it.

For example, taking surveys online is a mentally easy way to make money. But often, some paid survey sites don’t pay a whole lot per survey (typically anywhere between $0.25 to $6.00 per survey, which can take between ten minutes to one hour to complete). Digital gig work, like tutoring or editing, requires more skills and time but can pay between $100 to $1,000 per week.

Gauge how much income you’re realistically looking to make, how often you need to be paid, and the reliability of your money-making method.

Next Steps

Now that you have an idea of your needs, time, and abilities, you need to find methods that make sense for you. The Modest Wallet is the top website for discovering easy ways to make money online. We do in-depth research to connect you to safe and legitimate ways to make money and even offer tips and tricks to get you started.

A few suggestions we offer on our expansive list of methods include:

  • Designing logos
  • Becoming a product tester
  • Selling items online
  • Selling stock photos
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies

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