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Paid Surveys Without Expirations

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Rewards expire on many survey-taking platforms. SurveySavvy and Pinecone Research are two paid survey platforms that don’t let your rewards expire, but other conditions on these sites could impact your money-making abilities.

Imagine you diligently spent a couple of hours each day taking paid surveys and then got distracted with another aspect of your life. When you sign back onto the survey platform and check your account, there’s nothing there! Little did you know that the site only holds payments for its survey takers for a limited amount of time before they expire.

This can be a hard lesson to learn, so try to sign up for survey sites where your rewards won’t expire

Expirations Are Common

Even the most reputable online survey sites that pay best will not hold your rewards in your account forever. For example, you first need to accrue at least $2 in your Google Opinion Rewards account before you can withdraw it,and the balance will expire one year from the date of the last survey you completed. 

Google also sends payments to PayPal, so you’ll need to set up an account if you don’t already have one. If you want to receive automatic payments from Google Opinion Rewards and are using different email addresses for Google and PayPal, you need to accept a minimum payment from Google within thirty days as part of the setup process. If you don’t, the payment will expire, and you will not be able to take advantage of the automatic payment option.

Survey Sites Where Rewards Do Not Expire

There are some sites, such as SurveySavvy, with rewards that don’t expire. However, after one year of inactivity, SurveySavvy charges $1 each month. If you don’t pull your money out of the account before then, your balance could quickly be depleted.

Rewards earned with Pinecone Research also do not expire and there is no minimum redemption threshold, but this is an exclusive, invitation-only survey site. It offers multiple ways to make money in addition to survey taking, such as by participating in product testing, sweepstakes, etc.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Beware of survey sites that connect reward expiration terms with a high payout threshold. There’s a very good chance that you won’t be able to reach this amount before your rewards expire. If you can reach the high payout amount, it will likely take a while, so you’ll be getting paid on an irregular basis. Even if the amounts are small, getting a few extra dollars every week or so feels good and is easier to track.

Some sites also pay slowly. If you have to wait weeks or months to get paid, you might feel like you are working for free and give up on the platform. Sometimes, a high payout threshold is an indication that the site is a scam. They use this tactic as a way to grab your money when you give up trying to reach the payout amount or close your account when you do.

Also, points on many sites expire in one year. If you don’t get many invitations from the platform, it may be hard to reach the minimum amount in twelve months.

Parting Thoughts

The bottom line is that you need to understand the payment terms of each platform and if survey incomes are taxable income in your location as you work to maximize your survey payouts. You may also need to verify your identity before getting paid. Survey sites do this security measure to protect your earnings and to ensure that someone else is not trying to scoop up your hard-earned income!