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Is Testerup Legit? An Honest Review [2024 Update]

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Playing mobile games is a popular pastime for billions of people, but what if there were ways to earn money from this hobby? No, you don’t have to become a top-ranking Twitch streamer to get compensation for playing mobile apps. There are plenty of websites, such as Testerup, in the “get-paid-to” niche offering cash rewards to people who complete tasks like playing video games, testing apps, or filling out surveys online. A big difficulty with using these sites, however, is separating scams from legit businesses. So, you may be wondering, is Testerup legit?

Testerup seems to offer generous payouts for people interested in playing games, completing surveys, testing apps, or even testing cosmetics as a side hustle. Although Testerup has hundreds of downloads on Google Play and the App Store and millions of active users worldwide, there are questions about whether this site is all it’s cracked up to be. Before creating a Testerup account, learn all the details on how this site works and whether it’s worth your time.


Overall Rating 2.1

The Modest Wallet Overall Rating (Our Rating Methodology)

Bottom Line: Testerup is an online platform offering users a way to earn money by completing certain tasks, including playing games online, testing apps, and completing surveys.

Offer variety


Earnings potential


Redemption options


Redemption threshold


Ease of use


Customer support




Best for:

  • Side hustlers
  • Earn money to play games
  • Make money in your free time


  • Offers cash rewards for playing games
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices
  • Easy to set up an account


  • High payout threshold
  • It takes a long time to complete tasks
  • Questionable security practices

What Is Testerup?

Initially called “Testery,” Testerup brands itself as an “online testing platform” where users get to “test” various apps and products for cash. In exchange for using third-party products and services through Testerup’s portal, people build up points to exchange for money to their PayPal account. The German company “aestimium GmbH” launched Testerup in 2022, and the site claims to have over 3 million users. Testerup is available on desktops and Android or iOS mobile devices. A few official partner apps and companies with Testerup include:

  • Nivea 
  • “Family Island”
  • DAZN
  • NielsenIQ
  • Lilith Games
  • “RAID: Shadow Legends” 
Testerup homepage
Source: Testerup

How Does Testerup Work? 

To start earning on Testerup, users first share an email address or link a Google or Facebook account to gain access to their Testerup portal. Once on Testerup, choose from the latest available offers to start earning money for using partner apps. Although Testerup says it offers product reviews and surveys, people primarily earn money on Testerup by downloading and using a gaming app and completing missions. People must make at least $70 before Testerup releases funds to a linked PayPal account. 

Sign Up To Testerup 

Testerup gives users three ways to sign up for an account. First, you could share your name, create a password, and use an email address to log in to your Testerup hub. Otherwise, new users can use their Google or Facebook accounts to register on Testerup. Just keep in mind you need to be at least 18 years old per Testerup’s Terms & Services. Also, you can only set up one Testerup account. 

Testerup sign up
Source: Testerup

Complete Offers 

After you successfully create a Testerup account, you’re free to start earning money with any of the available offers on the home screen. Scroll through the current tasks, read the requirements and payouts, and choose one that interests you. 

Most of the offers on Testerup ask you to download a game and keep playing it to reach different levels for cash rewards. For example, people who want to play the popular game “Family Island” must complete various levels before earning money in their Testerup account. Although gaming apps are some of the most common on Testerup, there may also be opportunities to take surveys or review products.

However, if you choose to earn money, be sure to log in to a new app through Testerup’s provided hyperlinks so it can monitor your in-app progress. In other words, don’t download an app like “Family Island” by searching Google Play or the App Store — instead, use Testerup’s provided link to get to “Family Island’s” official page.

Some of the most popular games we’ve seen on the platform include:

  • Coin Master (you can earn up to $185)
  • Match Masters (you can earn up to $85.50)
  • Travel Town (you can earn up to $88.50)
  • Family Island (you can earn up to $90.00)
  • Diablo Immortal (you can earn up to $13.00)
  • Merge Dragons (you can earn up to $88.50)

Keep in mind that Testerup presents you with a range of offers, each with its own set of requirements, such as attaining specific in-game levels, achievements, or investing in gated content (in other words, pay-to-play).

At first glance, Testerup may seem like an enjoyable side gig, offering compensation for game testing and playing. Nonetheless, numerous offers prove to be unattainable or exceedingly challenging without having to stake your own money (beware).

Testerup offers
Source: Testerup

Become a Premium Tester 

As you look through Testerup’s offers, you’ll see a few missions have a “Premium” status. If you complete five of these tasks, you’ll become a “Premium Tester,” which means you have privileged access to more opportunities on Testerup. While Testerup claims its Premium offers pay more, there are no specifics on how much extra a Premium Tester could expect from their efforts. 

Getting Paid 

Testerup has a simple-to-understand payout policy: It only sends customers money if they reach $70 in their account. Once you have $70 in credits, you can request a payment from Testerup to your PayPal address. Remember that Testerup reserves the right to use biometric tests or request evidence, such as screenshots of your completed Tasks, before approving payment. Although Testerup claims to send payments within 24 hours, there’s no guarantee you’ll see these funds in one day. 

Testing opportunities with Testerup
Source: Testerup

How Much Money Can You Make With Testerup?

It may seem like Testerup has generous offers as you scroll through the potential earnings, but keep in mind many of these “quests” require a lot of time and effort. You often need to complete multiple levels in a game before you receive a few dollars in your account. It’s challenging to say the “average” amount you’ll earn using Testerup, since each offer has different requirements, and some skilled gamers may have an easier time reaching higher levels at faster speeds. However, it’s safe to assume you won’t earn more than $1 per hour when using an app for Testerup. 

Also, some partner projects on Testerup have in-app purchases to help gamers reach certain levels or gain experience. If a gamer buys these in-app rewards, it naturally cuts into their earnings potential.  

As a final word of caution, Testerup charges a $5 monthly fee if users leave their account dormant for 12 months. Testerup will continue taking away $5 from your credits until you log in again or deactivate your account. 

Testerup payout
Source: Testerup

Testerup Customer Support 

Testerup has an official Support tab with a search engine and dozens of FAQs to address common issues. You can also send an e-message to Testerup’s team by clicking the “Submit a Request” button on the top of the official help desk. 

Aside from ticketed support, however, there’s no way to reach out to Testerup directly. Also, there’s no official word on how long it takes Testerup to respond, so it could take weeks or months to hear back (if you hear from them at all).

However, there are a few alternative ways to try and speak with the Testerup team. For instance, you could send messages on Testerup’s official Trustpilot page or try to contact its parent company aestimium GmbH. For more info on contacting aestimium GmbH, visit the Imprint tab at the bottom of Testerup’s homepage for contact details. 

Testerup support
Source: Testerup

Testerup Security Features 

Testerup’s official security statement mentions it takes “physical, administrative, and technical steps to help protect [user] information.” However, the Testerup team also doesn’t “guarantee” its security features will work 100% of the time. To protect your data from hackers, Testerup recommends using a complex password, never sharing your login info, and only using your private computer or phone. 

Although there’s no news of Testerup suffering a hack or glitch, keep in mind this company hasn’t been around for long. That’s not to say Testerup’s security standards are poor, but there aren’t any specific details on how the company protects info from its users. Also, keep in mind Testerup asks for face scans from customers when they want to request a $70 payout through the company FaceTec. Users need to feel comfortable handing over this sensitive biometric info to the Testerup team. 

Testerup security
Source: Testerup

Testerup Reviews Around The Web

According to Trustpilot, Testerup has a mostly positive rating with average stars in the 4.3 range. However, one of Testerup’s easiest “tasks” to earn money is to leave a Trustpilot review, so there’s a chance some of these reviews aren’t 100% honest. 

Testerup Reviews
Source: Testerup

Similarly, the average star ratings for Testerup on the App Store and Google Play are in the 4-star range with thousands of reviewers. While many people appear to praise this app, there are quite a few low-star reviews complaining about the high payout threshold, bugs, and difficulty contacting customer service.

Testerup Reviews Apple Store

There are also a few Reddit threads on Testerup where most reviewers claim the app’s prizes aren’t worth the time and effort. Most people don’t claim Testerup is an outright fraudulent company, but reviewers often get frustrated with its high payout threshold and the long hours it takes to complete tasks.

To get a sense of how people feel about Testerup’s platform, here’s a look at a few sample reviews:

” The app ran fine but the payout still hasn’t. The app itself is good and a stress reliever but I would still like a payout as promised.” Kinny Joans (Trustpilot)

“Takes a long time to earn enough credit to cash out. Games take a significant investment for poor pay. Not worth it” Jordan Schiess (Trustpilot)

“I think they must have deleted the original post that you see below but I’m not sure. It’s just that I scrolled for a long way, way past the date that I left the review and couldn’t find it. I still stand by what I originally said. they may delete this post. In that case I’m wasting my time. I still have not gotten a response to my complaint or any of the multiple emails I have sent. I see the positive posts that are on here but find it suspicious there are no negative or even less than stellar reviews showing. And even after the 1 star rated negative review that I posted they still have not responded to me. I don’t believe anyone gets paid but I do believe they hire people to put the positive reviews and erase anything less than that. That should tell you something about the honesty and integrity of this company. Swim at your own risk.

DO NOT GET THIS APP. I have had a problem with their system not ticking off the goals I have reached in several games which means NO PAY. I have sent them multiple emails about this both from the app and straight from my email account and they will not respond. NEVER USE AN APP WHERE THEY WILL NOT RESPOND. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

I take it they deleted the above” Prefacbcat (Apple App Store)

“I really like the concept of Testerup. The apps easily navigated however I do feel that’s were some issues with responsiveness that could may leave just been due to my phone. I’ve done a couple of tasks & am waiting on payout so we’ll see…. I do however think it’s not ideal that there’s a $70 minimum before you can cashout. For once it would be nice if one of these actually paid out as you earned.” Jennifer Earl (Google Play Store)

Is Testerup Legit? 

It’s hard to say whether Testerup is a “legit” app because it doesn’t have official accreditations like a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page. However, most reviews on sites like Reddit, the App Store, Google Play, and Trustpilot suggest this is a legit platform that offers real payouts. The main issue with Testerup is it takes a long time to reach the high threshold of $70, which is on the high end for a “get-paid-to” app. 

Also, reviewers don’t like the deceptive marketing tactics Testerup uses to lure in new users. For instance, Testerup claims on its main website, “Up to $120 Per Test Offer,” but if you follow the asterisk to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the disclaimer: “The values posted are projection of maximum profit per test and earning may differ depending on the test or the performance of the users.” Even though you could earn $120 for an offer, there’s no mention of how long it takes to level up to a point where you’d get that amount in your account. 

Another negative some people note about Testerup is that its name doesn’t accurately reflect its business model. Instead of “testing” new apps and providing reviews, Testerup wants people to play already popular mobile games. People interested in testing new projects need to look elsewhere.

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Testerup Pros Explained 

  • Offers cash rewards for playing games: If you play mobile games as a hobby, Testerup provides ways to earn some side money from many popular titles like “Family Island,” “GardenScapes,” and “CoinIsland.” There are also options to earn rewards for taking surveys through NielsenIQ, although these offerings are less pronounced on Testerup’s website. 
  • Accessible on desktop and mobile devices: Testserup offers a convenient desktop interface and an app on iOS or Android phones and tablets. Just be aware some of the partner games on Testerup are mobile-only, so you may not be able to complete tasks with just a desktop account. 
  • Advertises fast payout processing: Although Testserup doesn’t guarantee fast payments, it claims to issue payouts via PayPal within 24 hours. Once Testerup receives your request and any additional data (e.g., a biometric fact scan), it should start processing your payment immediately. 
  • Easy to set up an account: It takes less than a minute to set up a Testerup account. Whether you use an email address, Facebook profile, or Google account, getting onto this platform isn’t challenging. 
  • Simple-to-understand UI/UX: Testerup makes it easy to navigate the homepage and pick an offer you like. There are also clean tabs on the top of the homepage for your personal settings and payouts to help manage your account.  

Testerup Cons Explained 

  • High payout threshold: With a $70 minimum withdrawal, Testerup has one of the highest requirements on a “get-paid-to” website. Even the most dedicated “testers” probably won’t see this reward in their PayPal account for a few months. 
  • It takes a long time to complete tasks: Typically, you need to spend a lot of time reaching high levels on partner games to earn money through Testerup. As leveling up gets more challenging, making cash on Testerup can take a really long time. 
  • Primarily focused on mobile video games: Although Testerup advertises product reviews and offers a few NielsenIQ surveys, this website isn’t “survey-centric.” The only way you’ll earn enough points to reach the $70 threshold is if you enjoy downloading and playing mobile games. 
  • Questionable security practices: There are no specific details on Testerup’s website regarding its security protocols. Also, Testerup asks for biometric face scans when you request payouts, potentially raising online privacy concerns.  
  • New and untested company: Testerup has only been around since 2022, so there’s not a ton of data on its legitimacy in the industry. Also, there are no formal accreditations for Testerup on sites like the BBB to bolster its reputation. 

Testerup Alternatives 

Although the Testerup app is picking up steam on Google Play and the App Store, there are alternative ways to earn extra cash online. While none of these sites will make you rich, a few alternative options might put more money in your piggy bank versus Testerup. 


Owned by the California-based company Prodege, Swagbucks is one of the leaders in the online side hustle category. With over $700 million paid out to millions of users, this site is one of the most legit ways to earn money or gift cards for your time. Not only is Swagbucks more established compared with Testerup, but it also offers more ways to earn. While you could play games through Swagbucks to earn points, you could also rack up points from shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, and using features like Swagbucks’ search engine. Plus, with Swagbucks, you only have to hit $3 to request a payout. Although Swagbucks offers more variety than Testerup, there are a few precautions to watch out for. Check out our previous Swagbucks review fo more in-depth details. 


If you’re most interested in giving feedback on website design or user interface (UI), UserTesting may be an attractive side hustle. Unlike Testerup, UserTesting gives “users” the opportunity to view new online products and share their honest opinions via surveys, audio files, or even videos. Once you’re on UserTesting’s website, enter your demographics for available trials until you find one you qualify for. UserTesting pays directly to your PayPal for each trial you’re eligible for and complete, and each test ranges in price from a few bucks to around $60. Since UserTesting is so popular, prepare to get rejected from most surveys you apply for. Also, this site isn’t as passive as playing games since you’ll need to review developer questions and submit your feedback. On the positive side, UserTesting pays users directly for every survey they complete within seven days.


PlayTestCloud and Testerup are both headquartered in Germany and focus on mobile apps, but only the former company lets users “test” games. If you qualify to become a PlayTestCloud tester, you’ll get access to pre-released mobile games and get to share your opinions with the development team. According to PlayTestCloud, you can expect to receive about $9 for 15-minute playtests whenever you qualify to try a new game. With over 1 million registered testers and hundreds of clients, PlayTestCloud is a legit option for gamers interested in trying new mobile apps and earning some pocket change.  

Final Verdict: Is Testerup Legit? 

Testerup doesn’t have as good of a reputation compared with competitors like Swagbucks, but it doesn’t appear to be a fraudulent website. There are, however, a few red flags surrounding Testerup. For starters, this site has only been around since 2022, so there’s less historical data. Also, the ultra-high minimum withdrawals, vague security details, and biometric face scans raise questions about Testerup’s safety. Again, there’s no evidence Testerup is a scam website, but there’s also a lack of historical data and third-party accolades to back up this company. 

Bottom line: Testerup may be a legit way for people to earn extra money if they already enjoy playing popular mobile apps. However, since Testerup is a new service, it’s safest to use a secondary email address when signing up for this website. Also, if you don’t play mobile games in your spare time, chances are you won’t earn much with a Testerup account.  

FAQs about Is Testerup Legit? 

We’ve found some of the most frequently asked questions to find out if Testerup is legit or not, here are our answers.

Is Testerup A Scam?

Testerup doesn’t appear to be a scam website, but it’s new and has a few concerning features which make some users uncomfortable. For example, some testers don’t like that Testerup asks for a biometric face scan when requesting a payout. Also, Testerup has one of the highest minimum withdrawal requirements for a “get-paid-to” website at $70. Even though Testerup seems to be legitimate, it’s impractical for most users. 

Does Testerup Have An App?

Testerup has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. 

Does Testerup Pay Real Money?

Testerup pays real money to each user’s PayPal account when they reach $70 in rewards. 

Final Thoughts

If you love playing hot mobile games like “Best Fiends” or “Family Island,” Testerup may be a fun way to earn extra money from something you already enjoy. However, this site’s high minimum withdrawal of $70 means you need to put in a ton of effort before you see any result in your PayPal wallet. Also, since Testerup is one of the newer “get-paid-to” options, it doesn’t have the highest reputation in the industry. While that doesn’t mean Testerup is a scam, new users should take precautions like using a secondary email address to be on the safe side. Also, don’t expect to earn a ton of money with the Testerup app, even if you play mobile games daily.

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