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Is Apex Focus Group Legit? An Honest Review [2024 Update]

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Focus groups are a “fan favorite” in the side hustle community because they typically pay well and don’t require much time and effort. As long as you show up for a focus group and share your opinions, you’re usually eligible for attractive compensation like cash or gift cards. Plus, thanks to the increasing prevalence of apps like Zoom, sometimes you don’t have to leave the comforts of home to take part in these lucrative opportunities. 

Understandably, since focus groups are so popular, there’s a lot of competition to get a spot in these trials. Often, it’s difficult for newcomers to find available focus groups that meet their credentials and demographics. However, there are a few specialized websites and mailing lists designed to help people stay on top of focus group opportunities so they can send out applications ASAP.

Apex Focus Group is one site promising to offer its members consistent leads on high-paying focus group opportunities — but is Apex Focus Group legit? Before signing up for an Apex Focus Group account, review the pros and cons of how this website operates and what it offers.

Apex Focus Group

Overall Rating 2.1

The Modest Wallet Overall Rating (Our Rating Methodology)

Bottom Line: Apex Focus Group is a market research company offering its members an opportunity to make money by enrolling in focus groups, clinical trials, and paid surveys.

Offer variety


Earnings potential


Redemption options


Redemption threshold


Ease of use


Customer support




Best for:

  • Side hustlers
  • Earn money by participating in focus groups
  • Make money in your free time


  • Connects users to focus group opportunities
  • Potential to earn hundreds for qualifying surveys
  • Easy signup process


  • Not transparent about its offerings
  • Complaints of spam emails and sham surveys
  • Not much is known about security policies

What is Apex Focus Group? 

Apex Focus Group is an online platform that connects its members to upcoming focus groups, paid surveys, and clinical trial offers. When people sign up for Apex Focus Group, they get access to regular email updates with details on new paid opportunities and links to submit applications. If people qualify for a focus group and complete it, they’re eligible for cash via PayPal or gift cards. 

Apex claims to offer over 1,000 market research panels and has over 800 active participants. According to Crunchbase, Apex Focus Group has been around since 2017, and its main headquarters is in Marietta, Georgia.

Apex Focus Group Homepage
Source: Apex Focus Group

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How Does Apex Focus Group Work? 

After submitting personal details like your name and birthday, Apex Focus Group will send you regular emails about potential focus groups, surveys, or clinical trials. Note that Apex Focus Group doesn’t run any of these opportunities — instead, it refers you to third-party firms or organizations who want participants.

Put another way, Apex Focus Group is a “go-between” that connects its user pool with companies interested in focus groups. You can apply for any of the opportunities Apex Focus Group sends to your email to see if you qualify. If you’re a good fit for the trial you applied for, all you have to do is participate in the event or fill out the survey to get a payout.

You’ll receive money in your PayPal account or a gift card, depending on what the focus group’s leaders offer. 

Apex Focus Group Sign Up
Source: Apex Focus Group

Sign Up To Apex Focus Group

On Apex Focus Group’s homepage, there’s a tab in the top right-hand corner to “Join A Focus Group.” After you click this link, you’ll see a page with details on estimated price ranges per focus group, trial, or survey and the requirements and responsibilities of this role. 

If you want to set up an Apex Focus Group account, click the blue “Apply Now” button on the top or bottom of this page. After selecting this link, you’ll see a pop-up that asks for information, including:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Zip code
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Employment status
  • Educational level
  • Interest in paid surveys 
  • Whether you own an iPhone or Android phone

After you answer these questions, you should see an email from Apex Focus Group in your inbox to confirm your address. Open this link for more information on how Apex Focus Group works and what to expect as a member. From now on, you’ll get messages in your provided email with suggested focus groups, surveys, or trials, as well as promotions and affiliate links. 

Note: Apex Focus Group doesn’t have a personalized dashboard or app, so you won’t visit the company’s portal to review the latest opportunities. Instead, you’ll need to rely on frequent emails from Apex Focus Group to connect you to potential offers. Please check your spam folder because these messages can sometimes end up here.

Editor’s Note

Apex Focus Group doesn’t have a personalized dashboard or app, so you won’t visit the company’s portal to review the latest opportunities. Instead, you’ll need to rely on frequent emails from Apex Focus Group to connect you to potential offers. Please check your spam folder because these messages can sometimes end up here.

Apex Focus Group Sign Up
Source: Apex Focus Group

Find Focus Groups 

Unsurprisingly, Apex Focus Group’s primary “focus” is focus groups! Most of the emails you’ll get from Apex Focus Group’s team will fill you in on virtual or IRL focus groups and send you a link to apply for a spot.

You could also visit Apex Focus Group’s website and click the “Focus Groups” tab on the top to see a few opportunities; however, this list sometimes has expired links, so it’s more common to find up-to-date info via emails.

If you’re approved to participate in a focus group, you’ll receive instructions on when it will take place, how long it should last, and where to go when it’s time to join (either with an online link or at a physical address).

At the focus group, you’ll usually need to listen to a presentation and share your opinions on new products or services. After your focus group is done, you’ll get a gift card or cash. Apex Focus Group advertises average compensation of $75 – $150 for one-hour sessions and $300 – $850 for “multi-session studies,” but there are no guarantees on what you can expect with these focus groups.

To show you some examples of the focus groups you can expect, these are some current focus groups as well as the expected pay:

  • Business Travel: $125 payout for males and females living across the country between the ages of 20 to 55.
  • Decision Making: $300 payout (prepaid Visa card) for males and females living across the country between the ages of 18 to 55.
  • Home Financing: $300 payout (prepaid Visa card) for males and females living across the country between the ages of 18 to 55.
  • Pet Products: $250 payout for males and females living across the country between the ages of 21 to 65.
  • Health & Wellness: $250 payout for males and females living across the country between the ages of 45 to 75.
  • Woman’s Clothing: $150 to $200 payout for females living in Southern California between the ages of 16 to 25.
  • Pool Professional: $50 payout for males and females living across the country between the ages of 18 to 55.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: $125 payout for males and females living in Los Angeles between the ages of 22 to 39.

As you can see, the opportunities are quite diverse in nature, and also the payout structure is different depending on the niche and nature of the group.

Apex Focus Group Screenshot
Source: Apex Focus Group

Find Clinical Trials 

While not as heavily promoted as focus groups, Apex Focus Group has a section with info about clinical trials. On Apex’s “Clinical Trials” tab, you’ll see disease categories with brief trial descriptions and an estimated payout. 

If people feel they meet the requirements for a clinical trial, they can click the “Join This Study” link to fill out an application.

After the trial’s organizers review this data, they’ll let applicants know whether they’re in the trial and what they need to do to earn money (e.g., test a new medication, follow a specific exercise routine, or change their diet). After the trial is over, participants should see money in their PayPal. Although Apex Focus Group has applications on its “Clinical Trials” tab, it may also send links via email. 

Apex Focus Group Clinical Trials
Source: Apex Focus Group

Find Paid Survey Opportunities 

When setting up your Apex Focus Group profile, you need to specify whether you’re interested in paid surveys. If you say you want these opportunities, Apex Focus Group may send you applications via email to third-party survey companies.

Similar to applying for focus groups, you must fill out forms to see if you qualify for a survey before you get to take it and earn money. If you’re approved, answer the questions in the survey, submit it, and you should see money in your PayPal.  

Getting Paid

Since Apex Focus Group only connects users with other firms, it doesn’t pay users directly. Instead, you’ll get money from whatever company organizes the focus group, clinical trial, or survey. Most often, if you get paid in cash, you’ll have to supply your PayPal ID to get your money.

You may also receive e-gift cards from some focus groups via email. The time it takes to see these funds in your account varies depending on the trial you’re using. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Apex Focus Group? 

If you get invited to focus groups or take surveys every week, you could make some good side cash from Apex Focus Group’s suggestions — but that’s a big “if.”

While earning Apex Focus Group’s quoted $75 – $150 per hour is possible, there’s no way to know when you’ll get accepted in a focus group. You may get lucky and get into a focus group every week, but it’s more likely there will be times when you don’t get an invite for months.

Focus groups can pay a decent amount of money for a few hours, but you have to factor in the extra energy you put into dozens or hundreds of applications which turn out to be dead ends. It’s impossible to say how much you can make with Apex, but expect to earn anywhere from $50 – $300 from a focus group.

Remember, these opportunities aren’t reliable, so you shouldn’t use Apex Focus Group for consistent income. 

Apex Focus Group Customer Support

Apex Focus Group has a Contact tab on its main website where anyone can write and send an e-message. People can also use the address [email protected] to email an Apex Focus Group team member. 

Aside from email support, Apex Focus Group has three physical addresses in Marietta, GA; Clearwater, FL; and Singapore if people want to send a letter.

Lastly, Apex Focus Group has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) page with a B+ response rate. 

Apex Focus Group Customer Support
Source: Apex Focus Group

Apex Focus Group Security Features

Apex Focus Group doesn’t list many specific security features on its website, but it does claim to scan its website on a “regular basis” for “security holes and known vulnerabilities” as well as malware.

In terms of keeping user information secure, Apex Focus Group claims to keep sensitive data in secure settings and only lets a limited number of accredited staff see this information. Apex Focus Group also claims to retain this data behind an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and it never holds credit information for more than 30 days on its database.

Keep in mind Apex Focus Group reserves the right to share your data with its third-party partners, all of which have different security procedures. 

Apex Focus Group Reviews Around The Web

There aren’t many reviews for Apex Focus Group on sites like Reddit or Trustpilot, but most of these ratings are negative. For instance, the average star ranking for Apex Focus Group from Trustpilot reviewers is 2.6 out of 5. Common complaints on Trustpilot include the countless spam emails, low earnings potential, and the amount of personal details you have to share to open an account.

There are also a few Reddit threads on Apex Focus Group, most of which don’t have much info on the company or aren’t enthusiastic about its offerings.

On Apex Focus Group’s BBB page, there are complaints about issues receiving payments, scam surveys, and excessive spam. To Apex Focus Group’s credit, it responds to most of these complaints, and it maintains a B+ rating on the BBB’s website.

On the flip side, most customers who got a response from Apex didn’t accept the company’s solution. 

To get a sense of how people feel about Apex Focus Group’s services, here’s a look at a few sample reviews:

“I was foolish enough to fall for their advertisement and became a member. That very same day I sent them two separate emails to cancel my membership but they never responded. There is no listed phone number to contact them. This leads me to believe this is just a scam. Buyer beware.” Steve Y. (Trustpilot)

“Absolutely a big scam.
Takes lots of personal details and keeps directing to more and more links and sites. Haven’t earnt anything but very disturbing as it has collected personal details. Started having spam messages and calls on phone. ABSOLUTELY SCARY!! NEVER RECOMMEND IT.” Divya Pothula (Trustpilot)

“You apply to join one of the “focus groups” but before that they already suck out all the info and data that they need from you and you never hear about those “focus groups” again, a scam” Jordan (Trustpilot)

Is Advertised cash for surveys but misrepresents. I earned points that’s it! I worked all day made nothing but if paid $.05 per junk emails I got I’d be rich. Lots of labor hours spent deleting my junk mail. It’s great for them since they sell our info off but a scam if you joined based on what they advertised.

****update after their response***
Although I am sure the side income is such a “toddler” may appreciate, for grown adults, delivering food for UBER EATS on a SCOOTER will earn you more than this silly personal-info-leaching-sad-excuse for side money. I’ve certain comebacks for their “response” below, but that wouldn’t be professional. I was personally offended by their scheme. Those younger would probably have picked up on it faster.” John (Trustpilot)

Apex Focus Group Better Business Bureau
Source: Apex Focus Group

Is Apex Focus Group Legit? 

There are too many red flags surrounding Apex Focus Group to say it’s a “legit” website. Even though Apex Focus Group is on the BBB, it doesn’t have official accreditation.

Since Apex Focus Group doesn’t have an app, there are no reviews on the App Store or Google Play to research, and there’s limited data on Reddit. Plus, the negative reviews for Apex Focus Group on the BBB and TrustPilot don’t bode well for its credibility. 

Also, remember that Apex Focus Group is a go-between for other companies, even though it doesn’t make this explicit on its website.

Even if Apex Focus Group is a legit company, some of its third-party partners may not be trustworthy. Indeed, one common complaint on the BBB surrounds third-party partners rather than Apex.

Overall, the warning signals outweigh Apex Focus Group’s potential merits, so anyone considering this platform should exercise caution. 

 Apex Focus Group Pros Explained

  • Connects users to focus group opportunities: When you sign up for Apex Focus Group, you’ll get frequent emails for upcoming focus groups or surveys. There are also focus groups and clinical trials on Apex Focus Group’s website you could use to browse and apply for a few offerings. 
  • Potential to earn hundreds for qualifying surveys: If you qualify for an opportunity through Apex Focus Group, you could make a decent amount of side money or a gift card for your time. Apex Focus Group quotes an average rate of $75 – $150 per hour, but the amount a focus group pays depends on the organizer. 
  • Easy signup process: It only takes a minute to fill in Apex Focus Group’s e-form and set up an account. After you submit your data, you’ll instantly get a welcome email and start receiving messages for various advertisements and focus group applications.  
  • Responsive on BBB: Although Apex Focus Group isn’t a BBB-accredited business, it has a B+ rating for its customer response. New users can review Apex Focus Group’s responses to draw conclusions on this company’s trustworthiness. 

Apex Focus Group Cons Explained 

  • Not transparent about its offerings: A prominent issue people have with Apex Focus Group is it isn’t straightforward about what it offers users. From the company’s name and the phrasing on its website, it seems like Apex Focus Group leads focus groups. In reality, Apex Focus Group connects users to other companies looking for applicants for upcoming events. 
  • Complaints of spam emails and sham surveys: People who try Apex Focus Group complain about getting tons of spam messages once they set up an account. Many BBB reviewers have also had payment issues with the third-party companies Apex Focus Group recommends. 
  • Not much is known about security policies: Apex Focus Group has a vague description of its security protocols, which is concerning considering how much personal data it asks for. Users must feel confident Apex Focus Group will protect sensitive info like their name, email, and birth date. 
  • No member dashboard or mobile app: Apex Focus Group has a few online boards for clinical trials and focus groups, but there’s no dedicated personal portal or mobile app to search for these opportunities. You must rely on email messages to apply for new openings with an Apex Focus Group account. 

Apex Focus Group Alternatives 

If people feel uncomfortable signing up for Apex Focus Group, there are plenty of other ways to make some side money with online platforms. Check out a few of Apex Focus Group’s competitors to decide which site suits your preferences. 


Swagbucks is a well-established get-paid-to platform owned by the company Prodege. Although Swagbucks isn’t known for setting up users with focus groups, it has a stronger reputation and more opportunities to earn money versus Apex Focus Group.

Aside from surveys, Swagbucks offers points for shopping, playing games, and even surfing the web. Since its start in 2008, Swagbucks claims to have given out over $900 million to users, and it offers a convenient app on iOS and Android devices.

For more details on how Swagbucks works, check out our full Swagbucks review.

Branded Surveys

For those most interested in earning rewards from surveys, Dynata’s Branded Surveys may be a better choice than Apex Focus Group.

Created in 2012, Branded Surveys offers gift cards and cash via PayPal for users who participate in surveys or daily polls. With a minimum payout of $5, it doesn’t take too long to earn some gas money on Branded Surveys platform.

Plus, since Branded Surveys offers loyalty bonuses, it pays extra to be more active with this app. Unsure whether Branded Surveys is right for you? Check out our full Branded Surveys review to learn more.


KashKick is another get-paid-to platform similar to Swagbucks. After you log into KashKick, you can start earning cash from surveys, games, and special offers.

There are no opportunities to join focus groups or clinical trials on KashKick, but people who enjoy surveys will find more options on this platform versus Apex. KashKick has a $10 minimum withdrawal to your PayPal account.

You can find more details on KashKick and other hot survey platforms on our full comparison of the best survey sites for money.

Survey Junkie

As its name suggests, Survey Junkie is a get-paid-to website specializing in online surveys. Founded in 2011, this DISQO-owned platform has millions of users and plenty of daily paid surveys and product test opportunities.

Since Survey Junkie is so popular, it’s also one of the best-reviewed sites in this category on Trustpilot and the BBB — especially compared with Apex Focus Group. Once you hit $5 in your Survey Junkie account, you can cash out to your PayPal or request a gift card. You can learn more about the good and bad of using Survey Junkie on our full Survey Junkie review

Final Verdict: Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

Apex Focus Group doesn’t have the best reputation in the get-paid-to category. Does that mean it’s not a legitimate business? Unfortunately, it’s tough to answer this question.

Since Apex Focus Group doesn’t have official third-party accreditations or many positive reviews, new users must be extra cautious about working with this company. Remember that Apex Focus Group only connects users to other companies interested in focus groups, so there are also questions about the legitimacy of the third-party firms working with Apex.

It’s also common for people who use Apex Focus Group to complain about spam emails and a lack of high-paying trials. 

While Apex Focus Group may offer some legitimate opportunities, it isn’t worth the risk of sending sensitive info to this company. If you’re going to use Apex Focus Group, please know the issues surrounding this company and take proper precautions, like using a secondary email address. 

FAQs about Apex Focus Group

We’ve found some of the most frequently asked questions to find out if Apex Focus Group is legit or not; here are our answers.

Is Apex Focus Group A Scam? 

It doesn’t appear Apex Focus Group is an outright scam, but it’s not the most reputable company in the get-paid-to industry. Sticking with highly-rated sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie is a safer call than submitting your data to Apex Focus Group. Until Apex Focus Group has more official accreditations and precise info on its safety procedures, it’s best to treat this company with caution.

Does Apex Focus Group Have An App? 

No, Apex Focus Group doesn’t have a mobile app. 

Does Apex Focus Group Pay Real Money? 

Apex Focus Group connects users with companies offering focus group opportunities, so you’ll get paid from these partners rather than Apex itself. After completing a survey or taking part in a focus group, you’ll either see money in your PayPal or get a gift card. 

Final Thoughts

Apex Focus Group may help you find a few opportunities to participate in focus groups, clinical trials, and surveys, but it’s not the best platform in this field.

Little is known about Apex’s security protocols, and there are questions about the reputation of the companies it works with to give guests focus group opportunities. Even if everything Apex Focus Group says is legit, you probably won’t earn much each month because it’s tough to qualify for focus groups.

You will, however, probably get a lot of spam in your email after submitting your data to Apex. While this doesn’t mean Apex Focus Group is an outright scam, it’s worthwhile researching other options in the get-paid-to niche before committing to this brand. 

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