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Shipt Shopper Review 2023: Is It A Good Side Hustle?

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Becoming a personal shopper and delivery driver is a great way to make some extra cash on a very flexible schedule. If you’ve ever considered shopping for and delivering groceries as a side gig, then becoming a Shipt Shopper is an option you’ll want to check out.

Despite lagging behind Walmart and Instacart in the food delivery industry, Shipt holds a 6% market share, so it is still a solid option for delivery drivers looking to make money on the side.

Shopping and delivering for Shipt offers quite a few perks like picking your work hours, getting paid per delivery, and keeping 100% of tips. Plus, applying is quick and easy. 

If you’re thinking Shipt may be an ideal side hustle for you, keep reading for details on how to get started, how much you can expect to make, and pro tips for maximizing your earnings as a Shipt Shopper.

Is Delivering For Shipt Worth It? (2023)

Overall Rating 4.0

The Modest Wallet Overall Rating (Our Rating Methodology)

Bottom Line: Shipt is a delivery platform owned by Target. The platform allows people to make money as a side hustle or full-time job by delivering groceries, home products, and select electronics. On average, shoppers can expect to earn anywhere from $16-$22 an hour.



Company support


Earnings potential


Ease of use




Best for:

  • Side hustlers
  • People looking to make money delivering food
  • Looking to make fast cash


  • Free Shipt membership
  • Keep 100% of your tips
  • Order transparency


  • Lack of benefits
  • No immediate payout

What Is Shipt? 

Shipt is a membership-based delivery service that makes it easy to get groceries and household essentials delivered straight to your door. The company was founded in 2014 by Bill Smith in Birmingham, Alabama, and currently operates in over 5,000 cities in the United States. 

Shipt was acquired by Target Corporation for $550 million in 2017, but it continues to form delivery partnerships with retailers other than Target.

Shipt works with personal shoppers and delivery drivers called Shipt Shoppers, who are responsible for shopping for and then delivering products to their customers. Shipt Shoppers are independent contractors who set their hours and receive per-order pay plus tips for their work. 

To become a Shipt Shopper you’ll need to complete an online application, be approved, and download the Shipt Shopper app to start accepting orders.

What is Shipt
Source: Shipt

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How Does Shipt Work?

Shipt works like local grocery delivery services such as Instacart. Customers order groceries and household items through the Shipt website or using the Shipt app. A Shipt Shopper accepts the order, shops for the requests, and then delivers the items to the customer’s home. 

Shipt Shoppers always have the option to accept or decline any order, as well as view a pay range for the order in advance. They use a prepaid Shipt card to pay for the items at the store. 

What Do Shipt Shoppers Do?

Shipt Shoppers shop for and deliver groceries and household goods to customers who place their orders through the Shipt app or website. 

Shipt Shoppers are independent contractors and have full control over when they want to work, which areas they want to shop within, and what orders they will accept. Every part of the scheduling, shopping, and delivery process is completed through the Shipt Shopper app. 

Shipt Shoppers are paid per order and have the option of instant pay or receiving payment via direct deposit. Shoppers, being independent contractors, are responsible for their own expenses, such as gas and taxes.

One more thing to keep in mind is that Shipt does not withhold taxes or reimburse for mileage.

How to Become a Shipt Shopper 

Becoming a Shipt Shopper is done in three steps: 

  1. Apply and go through the interview process
  2. Get approved
  3. Download the Shipt app

No prior experience is required, and once you’re approved as a Shipt Shopper, you can work wherever Shipt is currently offered in the United States. 

You can get started by visiting the Shipt Shopper Application page and clicking the Apply Now button. 

Shipt Shopper Eligibility 

To become a Shipt Shopper, you first must meet Shipt’s minimum requirements. You must: 

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Provide a current mailing address
  • Hold a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Have valid auto insurance
  • Possess a reliable vehicle (1997 or newer)
  • Have knowledge of produce selection
  • Be able to lift 45 pounds.
  • Own a smartphone – iPhone (iOS 10 or newer) or Android (5.1 or newer)
Requirements to become a Shipt shopper
Source: Shipt

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Signing up & Getting Approved 

The application process to become a Shipt Shopper should take less than 30 minutes to complete. After submitting your application, you’ll typically hear back from the Recruiting Team within a few days or weeks, depending on how much of a need there is for new shoppers in your area. 

There are four steps to the Shipt Shopper signing up and approval process: 

  • Step #1 – Quick Questions & Answers: In this section, you’ll answer several simple written questions that are designed to test your communication skills and your ability to solve problems and make decisions on the fly.
  • Step #2 – Video Responses: You’ll then be asked to show off your personality and communication skills while submitting video responses to questions. This is also your chance to show off your familiarity with apps. 
  • Step #3 – Shipt Shopper Agreement: Next, you’ll review the Shipt Shopper rules and sign the Shipt Shopper agreement.
  • Step #4 – Approval and Getting Started: Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the Shipt Recruiting Team to review your application. Once you receive approval, you can download the Shipt Shopper app and get started! 

Shipt Payment

Shipt Shoppers are paid per delivery order that they complete. Orders are offered to shoppers to accept or decline, along with an estimated amount of pay based on the effort and time it should take to complete the order. Shipt Shoppers keep 100% of tips received. Payouts to Shipt Shoppers are made via direct deposit every Friday. 

Shipt provides bonuses to its shoppers, typically to celebrate their work during a busy time of the year, such as the holidays. The bonus amounts are based on the number of orders completed by a shopper during a specific period and can range from $50 to $500. 

Things Shipt Offers Its Shoppers 

Shipt offers its shoppers quite a few benefits, including 24/7 support via live chat, email, or phone, and no-contact delivery that keeps everyone safe.

Shipt shoppers receive free Shipt deliveries for themselves, with no membership required, along with discounts on insurance, prescriptions, auto, and security programs through the Shipt Shopper Perks program. There is no obligation to enroll and shoppers only pay for the perks they choose to enroll in.

Shipt tracks Shopper Milestones as a way for shoppers to be rewarded for their progress and dedication to the job. As they increase the number of orders completed, shoppers will continue to achieve better rewards like gift cards, travel opportunities, and exclusive swag. 

Shipt shoppers receive invitations to local events and meetups, as a way to meet fellow Shipt shoppers and people from Shipt HQ. Shipt also hosts a conference called Beyond that is completely dedicated to celebrating its shoppers.

Things Shipt Shoppers Have to Consider 

When making deliveries for Shipt, you must remember that you are classified as an independent contractor, and you are paid per order completed. As an independent contractor, it’s important to understand clearly how expenses and taxes factor into your take-home pay. 

  • Manage Income Taxes: As an independent contractor, Shipt will not withhold any taxes from your weekly paycheck. You will be responsible for paying your income taxes, and if you earn above a certain amount with Shipt during a calendar year, they will send you a 1099 form.  
  • Pay Self-Employment Taxes: Since you are working for yourself when delivering for Shipt, you will be seen as self-employed for tax purposes. That means you’ll be responsible for paying self-employment taxes which are around 15%. 
  • Paying for Expenses: Drivers will be expected to pay for their fuel, parking fees, car maintenance costs, and any other expenses that arise while completing Shipt deliveries. Shipt does provide a prepaid card to pay for the actual order at the store.  
  • Paying for One-Off Expenses: Shipt drivers will also want to factor in the potential of a larger expense like a car accident or parking ticket being incurred while working as a Shipt Shopper. This is another expense that you’ll be expected to cover yourself. 

How Much Can You Make as a Shipt Shopper? 

According to Shipt, experienced Shipt Shoppers can make from $16-$22 per hour. Of course the more you shop, the more you earn. Shipt does encourage its members to tip, and shoppers keep 100% of their tips. 

Shipt does not provide their exact pay structure formula publicly, but they say that the pay structure takes multiple factors into account including time of day, the number of items in the order, and traffic. A shopper can always see the number of items in the order and a range of the amount that they will be paid before accepting an order (typically $6-7 or $12-15). Sometimes Shipt offers promos with individual orders, and you can earn an additional $1-15 on these. 

Shipt says that Shoppers who pass their 100th shop milestone typically earn up to $24/order. According to Glassdoor, the average hourly pay for a Shipt Shopper is $12 but can range from $4 to $22, while according to Indeed the average pay for a Shipt Shopper is $14.06 per hour. 

Source: Shipt

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How to Maximize Earnings As A Shipt Shopper

When working in the gig economy, it’s important to learn how to become more efficient at your work and maximize profits for the deliveries that you complete. There are five key ways to maximize your earnings when delivering for Shipt. 

  • Focus on Customer Service: Shipt provides a somewhat unique experience by allowing its members to communicate with their Shipt Shopper while the shopping is being completed. This can result in a customer adding additional items to their list that they forget, as well as allowing the Shopper to ask about substitutions for out-of-stock items. This provides an opportunity for the Shopper to go above and beyond expectations, which can result in happy customers and potentially bigger tips. 
  • Prioritize Your Days: Since Shipt Shoppers have the opportunity to pick when they work, it makes the most sense to work days and times that typically have the most orders available. Shipt’s busiest shopping days are Sunday, Monday, and Saturday (in that order). 
  • Focus on Small Orders Too: Don’t make the mistake of disregarding a small order because it doesn’t look like it will pay much money. With small orders, you may be able to accept multiple orders to complete during the same period. Also, even orders with a small number of items can add up to a high-priced order total, and lead to a great tip. 
  • Deliver During Peak Hours: Similar to focusing on the busiest days for Shipt, it’s smart to work deliveries during peak hours to maximize your profits. Shipt’s busiest hours are between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. 
  • Track Your Miles: Shipt does not offer mileage reimbursement for its shoppers, so it’s important to track your miles so that you can earn a mileage deduction on your taxes from the IRS.

Shipt Shopper Pros Explained

  • Be Your Boss: You set your schedule, decide when you want to work, and pick which orders you want to accept. The flexibility to work as much or as little as you want is up to you. 
  • Free Shipt Deliveries: As a Shipt Shopper you’ll have access to a free membership with Shipt. After you’ve spent your time shopping for customers, you can have someone else do the shopping for you! 
  • Potential for Good Pay: Experienced Shipt Shoppers can earn from $16 to $22 per hour. Plus you keep 100% of the tips.

Shipt Shopper Cons Explained

  • Car Usage and Expenses: Since you’re working as an independent contractor and are responsible for your gas, taxes, and other expenses, you’ve got to account for these costs when considering how much money you are making.
  • Struggles with Customer Communication: Shipt offers its customers the ability to communicate with their shopper during the shopping process. This can be helpful, but it also can mean that the shopper is wasting time while waiting to hear back from the customer about potential item substitutions.
  • No immediate payouts: Paychecks are delivered every week on Fridays, which means you can’t request immediate payments.

How Does the Shipt Rating System Work? 

Shipt Shoppers are rated by customers on their performance on a one to five scale, with five being the best. A Shipt Shopper’s rating affects how quickly a shopper is given access to available jobs. According to Shipt corporate, if you drop below a 4.7 rating, then you are required to take refresher classes to improve, and if your score is too low it can cause you to be dropped from the Shipt Shopper program.

The Shipt Shopper rating system is a common source of complaint for many 

Shipt Shoppers. Often customers think that a rating of four out of five stars is a great rating, however, Shipt expects an average rating for its shoppers to be above 4.7. Also, one low rating by an unhappy customer for things that may have been out of the shopper’s control, can quickly bring down your overall rating and severely affect how many new orders you are offered. 

Perks and Rewards for Shipt Shopper
Source: Shipt

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Shipt Alternatives for Shoppers

Many people who deliver for Shipt also make deliveries for other similar companies. It’s a great way to increase your income and ensure you always have deliveries available when you want to work. 

Shipt vs. DoorDash 

DoorDash is the largest food delivery service in the United States, by market share, and it focuses on fast food and restaurant order deliveries. Shipt, on the other hand, specializes mianly in grocery delivery.

Both platforms offer flexible schedules and do not require prior experience or a degree to join. DoorDash is known to be busier and pays slightly more on average, while Shipt puts fewer miles on your vehicle.

DoorDash has easier sign-up requirements and is available in more cities, making it accessible to a wider range of drivers.

Shipt requires a car for deliveries, whereas DoorDash allows deliveries by bike, car, or scooter.

Both platforms require applicants to be 18 years old and pass a background check. Drivers for both apps schedule themselves for shifts and keep 100% of tips. Overall, DoorDash offers more earning potential and a wider range of delivery options, while Shipt provides a specialized grocery delivery service.

Check out our full DoorDash driver review to learn more.

Shipt vs. Instacart 

Both Instacart and Shipt offer opportunities to earn money by delivering groceries to customers.

Shipt hires independent contractors, known as Shipt Shoppers, to shop for and deliver groceries to customers. Shoppers are paid per order and can choose instant pay or direct deposit. Shipt estimates that experienced drivers can make anywhere from $16 to $22 per hour.

On the other hand, Instacart offers two types of shoppers: full-service shoppers and in-store shoppers. Full-service shoppers shop for and deliver groceries, while in-store shoppers only shop for orders which are then picked up by another Instacart shopper for delivery. The average rate of Instacart Shopper ranges between $10 to $18 per hour.

Instacart delivers to over 14,000 cities across the US and Canada, while Shipt operates in around 5,000 cities just in the United States (Shipt is not availabe in Canada).

Instacart offers options for shoppers without a car, but Shipt requires a reliable vehicle. Overall, both services provide opportunities for flexible part-time work.

Read our full Instacart shopper review to learn more.

Our Rating




What You Will DeliverGroceries.Meals from local restaurants.Groceries.
Age Requirements18+ years old18+ years old18+ years old
Vehicle RequirementsA reliable, operable vehicleHave a car, scooter, or bicycle with relevant insurance.Have a vehicle with relevant insurance.
Earning Potential$16 – $22 / hr$15 – $25 / hr$10 – $18 / hr
Working HoursDelivery windows depend on the stores you work with.24/7 on-demand.Delivery windows depend on the stores you work with.
Rating SystemDriver rating (0 to 5 stars).Driver rating (0 to 5 stars).Instacart customers rate shoppers on a scale from 1 to 5 stars
What We LikeGreat flexibility to schedule your ordersAbility to see minimum earnings for each jobOption for in-store shopping if you don’t have a vehicle.

Shipt Shopper FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to driving for Shipt as a side hustle.

How Does Shipt Make Money?

Shipt makes money in three primary ways: yearly Shipt Everyday Membership fees, Shipt Pass fees, and slightly increased pricing on the products offered for delivery through the Shipt app.

How Much Does the Average Shipt Shopper Make?

According to Glassdoor and Indeed, the average Shipt Shopper makes between $12 and $14 per hour. An experienced Shopper averages between $16 and $22 per hour, according to Shipt. 

How Does a Shipt Shopper Pay for Groceries?

Shipt Shoppers pay for groceries using a prepaid card that is provided by Shipt. The card will be funded with enough money to cover the amount of the order plus a little extra to cover any unexpected expenses. 

Do Shipt Shoppers Deliver Alcohol?

Alcohol delivery through Shipt is available in select cities. A $7 delivery fee may be added for the customer and the Shipt Shopper must be 21 or older. 

In A Nutshell

  • Make money delivering groceries & other goods
  • Work on your own schedule
  • Shopper perks and rewards
  • Earn up to $22 per hour

on Shipt’s website

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy having a flexible job that allows you the freedom and independence to work when you want, then becoming a Shipt Shopper may be for you. 

Remember, a high customer rating has a significant impact on your ability to make the money you want to make with Shipt. Being a good communicator and keeping your customer as happy as possible are key indicators of a successful Shipt Shopper. If you’re motivated, self-driven, and enjoy shopping, becoming a Shipt Shopper can be a great way to add additional income in your free time.

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