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18 Best Places to Sell Used Electronics for Cash in 2024

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Are you looking for a way to earn some quick cash while cutting down on clutter? Consider selling your used electronics for cash.

The online resell market, including second-hand electronic devices, is experiencing significant growth in the United States. With more consumers opting for resale to save money and scarcity in the global supply chain, there is a growing demand for second-hand electronic devices. This trend presents a great side hustle opportunity by buying and reselling used electronic devices.

The good news is that selling used electronics is faster and easier than ever. There’s a huge variety of sites to try, including classic markets like eBay and trendy services like Decluttr and Swappa. 

In this article, I’ll highlight the best places to sell used electronics, what you can sell, and how you’ll get paid. I’ll also go over some tips to help you get the highest offers and avoid scams. 

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Best Places to Sell Used Electronics for Cash

Our list of sites covers resellers and aggregators, along with places to set up in-person sales. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re selling a like-new iPhone or a PlayStation that’s seen better days. 

1. Buyback Boss

Buyback Boss is an online service that buys used electronics. The site offers a price-matching guarantee, so if you get a better offer elsewhere, BuyBack Boss will match it. They also accept broken and damaged electronics. 

To sell a device, start by answering a few questions, including the model and condition. You’ll get a quote in less than 30 seconds. 

If you accept, Buyback Boss will send a prepaid shipping label to your email. Package up your device and mail it in. Once the company receives the device and confirms its condition, you’ll get your payment. 

What Can I Sell: Sell your iPhone or Android phone, iPod, tablet, or smartwatch. Items can be new, used, or broken.

Payment Method: Sellers can opt for either a PayPal deposit or a physical check. You can also donate your payment through BuyBack Boss’s Giveback program.

Check out our Buyback Boss review to learn more about this service.

Buyback Boss Website
Source: Buyback Boss

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2. Decluttr

Decluttr is a reselling service that offers cash for electronics, movies, CDs, books, and more. They’ll even buy your old LEGO®. 

To sell an item, visit the Decluttr site or download their app for iOS or Android. With the app, you can use the barcode scanner to identify your product. Enter a few details and get a quote instantly. 

Once you accept their offer, Decluttr sends a free shipping label. Simply pack your stuff in a box and mail it back. 

One of Decluttr’s best features is that they pay within one business day of receiving your shipment. 

What Can I Sell: Decluttr accepts smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, wearable devices, and other tech, including broken items. They also take CDs, DVDs, games, and books. 

Payment Method: Choose between a direct bank deposit, PayPal, or a charity donation.

Check out our Decluttr review to learn more about this site.

3. Swappa

Swappa is a platform that connects buyers with people looking to sell used electronics. The site doesn’t buy items directly, but it screens listings to ensure they’re legitimate. If you’re selling a phone, Swappa makes sure it works and isn’t locked by a carrier. 

To sell on Swappa, you’ll need to register for a free account, and then create your listing. The seller doesn’t pay any fees, but you do need to cover shipping. 

What Can I Sell: Swappa accepts a vast range of electronics, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, games, and cameras. Items must be in working condition.

Payment Method: All payments are through PayPal.

Check out our full Swappa review to learn more about this service.

Swappa for selling electronics
Source: Swappa

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4. Gazelle

Gazelle is another popular reseller. They’re a bit pickier than others about the devices and brands they accept and they focus mostly on phones.

Selling your tech to Gazelle is easy. Choose your device, answer some quick questions, and get an offer in minutes. The company will send a free shipping label. Once they receive your item, they’ll pay you within about a week. 

Gazelle also operates kiosks, called ecoATMs, where you can sell your old phone or tablet in person. 

What Can I Sell: Gazelle buys iPhones, Samsung and Google phones, iPads, and Macbooks. They accept damaged or broken devices.

Payment Method: Choose a physical check, PayPal, or an electronic Amazon gift card.

Read our full Gazelle review to learn more.

5. ItsWorthMore.com

ItsWorthMore.com buys a wide variety of electronics, from smartphones to GoPros. If your device isn’t listed, you can request a custom quote. Otherwise, simply select the tech you want to sell and get an instant quote. 

Once you accept, download your prepaid shipping label and mail in your package. The typical review process takes one to three days, plus 24 to 48 hours to process your payment. If you need cash fast, you can pay $15 to ship your item in two days and have it processed in 24 hours.

What Can I Sell: Sell smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, iPods, Mac computers, tablets, headphones, cameras, and gaming consoles.

Payment Method: ItsWorthMore.com offers payment via paper check, PayPal, or Zelle. 

6. QuickSell

QuickSell features a simple process for selling your used electronics. They primarily accept Apple products, along with Samsung and Google phones.

To sell your device, select the model, carrier, and capacity, and the condition it’s in. QuickSell will give you an immediate offer. If you accept, you’ll get a free shipping label. Mail your package within 14 days. 

What Can I Sell: Use this site to sell your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy, or Google phone. Broken devices are acceptable. QuickSell doesn’t pay extra for accessories, like charging cables.

Payment Method: Payment options include PayPal, physical check, or eCheck, which you receive in an email.

QuickSell Website
Source: QuickSell

7. SellCell

SellCell is a reseller comparison site. They compare prices from more than 35 buyers to find the best price for used electronics. The site’s Best Price Guarantee states that if you find a better price elsewhere, they’ll refund you twice the difference. They also vet buyers to ensure they’re legitimate.

To get started, select your item. You’ll see a list of potential buyers with prices to compare. 

The next steps vary, as each buyer picks shipping and payment methods that work best for them.

What Can I Sell: Use this service to compare prices and sell your smartphone, tablet, Apple products, wearable tech, gaming systems, and more.

Payment Method: Since SellCell is an aggregator, the payment options depend on the buyer. Typical methods include PayPal and paper checks. 

8. uSell

uSell is similar to SellCell. The site lets you compare offers and screens their buyers to make sure you get paid without a hassle.

Unlike SellCell, uSell handles shipping. Once you’ve chosen the best offer, they send a shipping kit or prepaid label. Mail your device in and the buyer will issue a payment. uSell requires buyers to pay within five business days.

What Can I Sell: Use this site to sell your iPhone or other smartphone, tablet, laptop, Apple Watch, tablet, camera, and more. You can even sell drones and vacuum cleaners. 

Payment Method: Payments are by check or PayPal. 

9. Buy Back Pros

Buy Back Pros is a reseller that operates similarly to Decluttr or Gazelle. Select your device and get an immediate quote. Mail your item in with a free shipping label to receive payment. 

One perk of this site is the payment tracker, which lets you see where your device is in the selling process. 

After Buy Back Pros inspects your device, they pay within two business days. 

What Can I Sell: Sell your phone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, smart home devices, and more.

Payment Method: You can choose PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, or a physical check.

Sell Used Electronics with Buy Back Pros
Source: Buy Back Pros

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10. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld is an electronics reseller that buys phones, tablets, and much more. If the item you’re selling isn’t listed on the site, you can get a custom quote. 

As with other resellers on this list, you can get an instant quote after answering a few questions.

If you accept, you’ll get a free shipping label. Mail your device in, and BuyBackWorld will inspect it and pay you within four business days.

There’s also a Quick Pay feature to get paid faster. If you choose this option, an expedited processing fee is taken from your payout.

What Can I Sell: BuyBackWorld takes most electronics. Use it to sell your phone, tablet, laptop, wearable tech, camera, gaming system, and more. You can also sell gift cards.

Payment Method: Options include paper checks, PayPal, bank deposits, prepaid debit cards, and BuyBackWorld gift cards.

11. SellBroke

SellBroke specializes in refurbishing and reselling broken electronics. To use the site, select your device, describe its condition, and get a quote. If you accept, you’ll get a free shipping label. Mail your device in and get paid. 

Unlike some other resellers, SellBroke wipes your data from your device for free. You don’t need to worry about your private info getting into the wrong hands. 

What Can I Sell: SellBroke takes working or broken phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, iPods, and more. 

Payment Method: Choose from Google Pay, PayPal, or a Bank of America check. 

Source: SellBroker

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12. OCBuyBack

OCBuyBack is an electronics reseller based in Orange County, California. The selling process on it works the same as it does on other sites. Choose your device and answer some brief questions to get an instant quote. If you accept, mail your device in and get your payment within two business days. 

All the resellers on our list perform an inspection of your device. A unique feature of OCBuyBack is that you can request a second inspection if you disagree with the first. If the results are the same and you choose not to proceed, they return your item for free.

If you can’t find a box to mail your item, OCBuyBack will send you one. 

What Can I Sell: Use this site to sell a smartphone, iPod, tablet, smartwatch, or GoPro camera.

Payment Method: Sellers can choose either PayPal or a check.

13. SellShark

SellShark is a reseller that focuses on Apple devices, although they take other electronics. 

To get started, select your device and its condition to get a free quote. Mail your item in using a prepaid shipping label. Once SellShark completes its inspection, you can get paid the same business day. The extra-fast payments are one thing that sets SellShark apart from its competitors.

What Can I Sell: SellShark takes iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple accessories, Galaxies, Pixels, and gaming consoles. Broken items are okay.

Payment Method: Payments are via PayPal, bank transfer, or paper check.

SellShark Sell Used Tech
Source: SellShark

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14. GadgetGone

GadgetGone is another site that focuses on Apple products but also accepts a few other items. 

The selling process is simple and works the same as with other resellers. Select your device from a list and indicate its condition. Get a free quote right away, then mail your device in to receive payment. 

If you use this site, consider printing a pic of your pet and mailing it with your device. If you send an especially cute photo, it might end up on the Pet Wall of Fame.

What Can I Sell: GadgetGone buys Apple, Samsung, and Google phones, tablets, smartwatches, MacBooks, and gaming consoles. They accept broken or damaged devices.

Payment Method: Choose PayPal, an Amazon e-gift card, or a check.

15. Amazon Trade-In

Trading in a device on Amazon works similarly to other places on this list. Search for an item, then enter any relevant details, such as storage space and condition. Amazon will give you a quote. If you accept, they provide a free shipping label. 

The one drawback is that payments are only in the form of an Amazon e-gift card. But if you’re trading in for a newer model and plan to buy from Amazon anyway, this is a great option. 

What Can I Sell: Trade in your cell phone, Kindle, tablet, streaming media player, wireless router, gaming system, and more. 

Payment Method: All payments are via electronic Amazon gift cards.

Amazon Trade-In
Source: Amazon

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16. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace lets you connect directly with potential buyers. This is a great option if you want to find someone local to sell to.

There are very few restrictions on items you can sell, so don’t worry about having the wrong brand or a damaged device. You can always post it and see if anyone is interested. There also aren’t any selling fees. 

The flip side of Facebook’s lack of restrictions is that you have to watch out for scammers. 

What Can I Sell: Use Facebook Marketplace to sell just about any used electronics, working or not. 

Payment Method: Choose the payment method that works best for you and your buyer. PayPal and cash are some of the safest options.

17. eBay

eBay is among the most popular online sales platforms and with good reason. It’s easy to list your item and get a competitive offer. You can choose whether to sell via auction or set a fixed price. And, there are few limits to what you can sell. 

There are selling fees, so keep them in mind when you set your price. You choose whether to pay for shipping or charge your buyer.  

What Can I Sell: Sell almost anything on eBay. Phones, computers, tablets, and cameras are all good places to start. 

Payment Method: Sellers can accept PayPal or credit and debit cards through eBay. If you offer local pickup, you can take cash. 

18. Craigslist

Craigslist is another option for people who prefer to sell in person. Like Facebook Marketplace, the site helps you find potential buyers. You choose your price, payment method, and other details. 

As with Marketplace and eBay, there are few restrictions, but you have to watch out for scammers. 

What Can I Sell: Craigslist lets sellers list any electronics, from smartphones and Kindles to drones and video games.

Payment Method: As the seller, you can choose your payment method. Be careful and avoid handing over your item without receiving payment at the same time. Cash and PayPal are relatively safe options. 

Sell Used Electronics on Craigslist
Source: Craigslist

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Tips to Consider When Selling Used Electronics

Selling used electronics online can be a great way to make extra cash, but it’s important to be cautious and avoid scams. Here are some tips to help you sell your electronics safely and for the most money:

  • Be Honest: Many sites on our list offer upfront quotes. To make sure you get the total amount, be honest about the item you’re selling. If you say your phone is in better shape than it is, you’ll probably end up with a revised (lower) offer. You might also end up with a bad review on your account.
  • Newer Tech Sells Faster: People buying used electronics want to save some cash, but they also want the latest tech. You’ll have better luck the newer your device is. If you do have an old model sitting around, you should try to sell it ASAP. With each year that passes and the more newer models come out, the less money you’ll make. 
  • First Impressions Matter: Whether your device works or not, looks make a difference. Make sure your used items are clean and presentable. If you have a nice case, including it might get you a better offer. 
  • Take Good Photos of the Product: No matter how great your product looks in person, a bad photo will hurt your resale chances. To take a professional-looking picture, use bright, natural lighting. The background should be neutral and uncluttered, with the item in focus. 
  • Include Accessories: Most buyers pay more if you include any original packaging, along with chargers, cables, and other accessories. There are some exceptions: Quicksell is one site that doesn’t pay extra for accessories. 
  • Compare Fees Between Services: Fees and shipping costs eat into your profits, so make sure you consider them. Sites like eBay charge fees once you complete a sale. While most resellers provide free shipping labels, you’ll still need a box and some bubble wrap. Also, don’t forget that some payment methods also include a fee. If you select PayPal, there’s typically a seller fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. 

FAQs on Selling Used Electronics

Here, find the answers to some common questions about selling used devices. 

What Is the Best Place to Sell Used Electronics Near Me?

If you don’t want to deal with mailing your item, there are several options closer to home. Check out Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay’s local pickup option. EcoATM has kiosks in a variety of locations where you can drop off a device in person. 

Where Can I Sell Used Broken Electronics?

Many of the sites on our list, such as SellBroke, accept broken electronics. Just make sure you’re honest about your device’s condition to get an accurate quote.

Is Selling Used Electronics Online Safe?

There’s some risk involved with selling anything online and electronics are no exception. Luckily, there are ways to avoid getting scammed or ripped off.
Make sure you’re working with a reputable site. Look for reviews from other users and sites like Trustpilot. 

If you get an offer that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Where Can I Trade In Used Electronics?

Several of the services above accept trade-ins. Amazon Trade-In is a popular option since they take a variety of used items and sell all the latest tech.

What Kind Of Used Electronic Devices I Can Sell Online?

Some of the most popular and profitable used electronic devices you can sell online include:

● Cellphones
● Tablets
● Laptops
● Desktop computers
● Gaming consoles
● Cameras
● Drones
● Smartwatches
● MP3 players
● E-readers
● GPS devices
● Virtual reality headsets
● Blu-ray players
● Portable speakers
● Smart home devices

The value you can expect for your devices is determined by many factors such as their age, brand, condition, and the inclusion of accessories like chargers. To make the most money, make sure you sell in on the best platform for that particular device.

Final Thoughts

Selling used electronics is an easy way to get some cash fast. This is especially true if your stuff is newer and in relatively good condition. 

We hope that the services and tips we’ve listed above help you get a good offer. There are options for everyone, whether your device is new or old, working or broken. Good luck!

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